Where can I purchase Pro Active like a Vitamin Shoppe instead of buying it over the internet.?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Where can I purchase Pro Active like a Vitamin Shoppe instead of buying it over the internet.?.

My 2nd question is: I just started the program a couple days ago and really want to get optimal results. However, I am having trouble eating all that is listed in the daily journal. I usually eat 1 meal a day(evening) So I was wondering if I will still see the same results if I just eat the packaged dinners and no or limited add-ons. I am trying to have some milk or OJ with my breakfast , lunch has just been the NS lunch, and Dinner I had a salad last night before my dinner and I was too full to finish the NS dinner.

Any tips !!..

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Your question was: Where can I purchase Pro Active like a Vitamin Shoppe instead of buying it over the internet.?.

Thanks for the tips!!! I will find a way to get it all in.....

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How was that 1 meal/day working for ya? I'm guess not too well, since you're here....

There are ways to fit all of the food in...mainly by using less bulky ones. Raisins or 1/2c juice for your fruit. Parmasean cheese on your salad, or tomato based meal for your protein/dairy. V8 juice for your veggies/salad. 1t olive oil for your fat, etc.

As you get used to eating more often, you can start bulking up your meals a bit, but the above is all on plan..

Good luck!..

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It is your brain/emotions telling you that you are dieting and you are "full" with minimal food. DON'T listen to this bad advice from yourself!!! You NEED, NEED, NEED to eat ALL of the is only 1200 - 1500 calories a day and the minimum you need for good health and wellness.

PLEASE listen to me on this, it is a serious problem with a lot of well-meaning dieters and only gets you more and more into the dieting yo-yo. Your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to each and every calorie for fear you are starving it to death...AND, you will get hungry at some point and blame the diet for making you tired, frustrated, not losing, etc.

The way this plan works is to eat ALL of your food, drink ALL of your water (and then some), and move your tush with at least a bit of exercise (i.e. walking).

If you are "full" and don't want bulk, then have 3 prunes instead of a whole apple for your fruit. Have one stick of string cheese instead of 8 oz. of yogurt. Have a glass of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of 2 veggie servings. Have 1/2 cup of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of a salad. Spread your meals out and eat a little every hour or so (not everything at once). But, whatever you do...EAT!!!..

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You need to eat ALL the add-ins as well as your NS entrees..

You need to drink ALL the water and then some (think of your eyeballs doing the backstroke for a few days / weeks).

If you don't get in all the food - your system will go into starvation mode since you will be consuming no more than 800 calories - the program is optimized at 1100 - 1300 for a woman with less than 100 lbs to lose..

If you don't get all the water in - your system can't flush out the "fat" and "yuck" that is being metabolized with the program and exercise..

Spread out your meals/add ins so that you are eating about every 2 -3 hours - and you will get to the point where you can eat all the food and drink all the water and see some GREAT results..

Try to have V8 juice for some of your veggies - add the juice to some of the entrees (lunch) to make either a bigger bowl of soup or turn some of the non-soup entrees into a soup. trust me you CAN do it...

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Thanks for the tips!!! I will find a way to get it all in.....

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