Where can i find a Vitamin Shoppe that sells the 16 ounce size jar of fototar cream?

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I got a quick question: Where can I find a Vitamin Shoppe that sells the 16 ounce size jar of fototar cream?.

I also got another question: I have only tried the Chips so far. The BBQ ones were good, but the Package of Sour Cream & Onion Chip had next to no flavor. I have eaten plain rice cakes with more flavor. I hope NS doesn't have a quality control problem with the new foods. I can't believe the Sour Cream & Onion Chip are suppose to be so blah...

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Your question was: Where can I find a Vitamin Shoppe that sells the 16 ounce size jar of fototar cream?.

White Cheddar Soy chips are some of my favorites.....

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I must have defective taste buds because I don't really taste a difference. The cookies are softer...

Comment #2

Check the FAQ regarding sodium levels in the foods. You can call them and get a list of the lower sodium entree's. But they are all within the guidelines...

Comment #3

Just finished my first week and this is my first post so please forgive me if I make mistakes here..

My order consisted of many of the Advanced products and so far they are surprisingly good. I did like the BBQ Soy Chips and also the White Cheddar Soy Chips. The Wedged Potatoes with Sliced Beef Steak was also very good..

My biggest concern is the sodium levels. They seem a bit high to me...

Comment #4

I am very pleased with the new formulas and foods...

Comment #5

White Cheddar Soy chips are some of my favorites.....

Comment #6

Thank you, I will check with them. I tried to look at the levels on each item and juggle the breakfast/lunch bars with the higher sodium dinners. I really love the dinners and don't want to give any of them up. I have stayed within the daily recommended sodium levels for "normal" people, it's just that my cardiologist wants me at around 1500mg a day instead of the normal 2300..

Yet, he is happy I am dieting and approved of Nutrisystem so I guess it will be OK.

Thanks again!..

Comment #7

FYI, I saw in the interview on the newsletter today that the new food plan averages about 1800 gr of salt, as opposed to the Nourish plan that averaged about 2200. Hope that helps too!..

Comment #8

I am so far happy with the new foods although the orange cranberry pastry tastes a bit strong for my tastes. I actually liked the previous ones better, but I will not complain because I want the weight loss more than I'll worry about taste! (call me crazy!)..

Comment #9

Haven't noticed that much of a difference either except with the cranberry muffins, I agree, don't think they are as good...

Comment #10

BUT the new cranberry pastry, while now having 130 calories (which makes it no longer qualified to be a dairy/protein) no longer has the sorbitol/maltitol combination that was so "distressing" to many people while it still has maltitol, it's way down on the list of ingredients (as opposed to being the 3rd ingredient - with sorbitol being #2 after water, the first ingredient).

I'll wager that a lot of tummies (and family & co-workers) are going to like THAT part of the new pastries.

By the way - the new apple scone has a similar list of ingredients, so it also should be gentler on those people who can't have sugar alcohols except in tiny amounts.


Comment #11

Lmao well the order form info on the BB muffins does NOT show a change in ingredients - still has sorbitol & maltitol as numbers 2 & 3 ingredients maybe they aren't being revised??? or the tech folk haven't gotten the new info up yet???.


Comment #12

I have tasted the new fudge graham bar. I really liked the previous one, but I must say that the new one is way better. It also has 30 less calories. You just can't beat that!..

Comment #13

My order came with the new foods so far I'm into day 2 and loving it...the foods are so much better then last time, I had the c cake last night and put a mocha spenda in it and it actually tasted good...curious what the eggs are like, that is my new experiment tomorrow for breakfast...

Comment #14

The eggs cook fluffier, so they might actually cook up OK if made as directed in the micro. I never take the chance though - I nuke it for 10 seconds at a time and stir in between still...

Comment #15

I thought the NS breakfasts were equivalent to 1 protein + 1 carb, what do you mean by the dairy/protein comment?..

Comment #16

Simple they were an NS breakfast entree that at 100 cal's & 7 gr protein & 1.5 gr fat also fit the guidelines for a dairy/protein serving (as do some of the snack/dessert entrees)....

And the meal equivalences are just that - rough translations to use when eating your own foods- and it doesn't mean that each and every NS entree is exactly equal to the translations, just that if you are not having NS foods, that's a guideline for breakfast based on the days off meal plans for the Weekends Off plan... check the NS eggs some time - barely a carb in sight and it's a breakfast entree or the NS cereals which are very heavy on the carbs by comparison (check the stats of the meals versus the grocery addition guidelines)... rule of thumb, nothing in stone....


Comment #17

How is everyone getting the new foods. When I order (I am on auto delivery) the food choices are the same as the previous months. None of the new foods are on thereI order by computer. Do I have a defective computer?..

Comment #18

Most of what folks are talking about as "new" are the existing items on the order form - many lunch & dessert and a few breakfast & dinner have been reformulated (the order form used to have a notice when you clicked the item - it's gone now for the revised items)... come in new packaging whether new, reformulated or old w/ no change.

Only actual NEW item on the order form at present is the breakfast Scone and a few items have been returned after being on low inventory for the past few months.


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Normal sodium is 3,000 mg a day. Low sodium is anything 2,000 mg and under. You have to add on the additions that you are adding to the plan. I stayed low sodium on the NS diet and lost 130 pounds. You should call for the lower sodium diet here. I stayed at 2,000 mg as I was and still am on a lot of prednisone.

Good luck .. cheri..

Comment #20

Thanks Lynn,.

I have competing parts of my personality - one part wants to microanalyze everything and know exactly how it works, and then sometimes I just want to go with the flow and and not ask questions. It surely seems best to follow the latter with NS. Just follow the program and not over analyze - there isn't enough internal consistency to the individual parts of the program. But overall it works!..

Comment #21

The foods that came for me were different then what I had a year ago when I was on the program, the foods were nasty, this time around they seem totally different. I had the eggs this morning, and they were different, I wouldnt even eat them last time, dont know if it's the goal I want to reach or that actual food tasting good, but either way it's all good since iv lost 2lbs since starting three days ago...

Comment #22

Hi, new to ns this past week. For the folks who have been here longer, how often have new foods been rotated in, in your experience?.

Thanks in advance-..

Comment #23

I don't taste any difference either in the foods...they all taste awesome to me..

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