Where can I buy Medifast other than the Medifast site or Ebay?

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First of all Where can I buy Medifast other than the Medifast site or Ebay? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Dip the grilled chicken in it? Bake it in the hot sauce? Ideas for green on the side?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Yes that is what I would do. I love Franks! I love wings! LOL..

Comment #2

No, but I have to stop at Target on the way home. Which do you think is the better choice??..

Comment #3

Goober, EMTFreak has a great recipe for Buffalo chicken wings. I made it..yummy. You dip strips into franks (I marinated mine in it) and then roll it in ground up puffs. I used my coffee grinder that I use for spices..don't do that. They are too fine. Next time I would use my rolling pin or something to just smash them.

THEN, I dipped them in WF blue cheese dressing. Delish!!..

Comment #4

I have made the Buffalo chicken susan is talking about- YUM FYI I baked mine on a baking rack to make them crispier. (I think EMT does this too?) Really good- I served them over a bed of lettuce, I love buffalo chicken salads...

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I always make a franks chicken salad sort of a thing. cut the chicken into smaller chunks/ strips. Let them sit in franks for a while. I wok them with a bit of pam (you could pan fry) until cooked, I like the sear the wok puts on the chicken. Put over salad greens with a serving of sour cream (HF) and some cheese (taken from the lean). YUM! The sour cream and franks mix together to make a yummy sauce/dressing like thing. It's my favorite...

Comment #6

I like Sandy's Creamy Buffalo Chicken Bake..


When I have it I eat mine with celery. I also mix the cheese into the sauce instead of putting it on top. I will warn, though, that it's a little sodium heavy (mostly because of the hot sauce) and so I only have it every now and again...

Comment #7

Yep Bobbie..I said "bake on a rack that has been sprayed". Don't forget the spray part..oh what a mess I had to clean up. Bleh...

Comment #8

Make a hot wing pizza using the cauliflower pizza crust recipe..

I did this the other night..

No one knew it was "Mom's diet food".


Comment #9

On the mmm... recipes site, google "Creamy Buffalo Chicken Bake" by Sandy (sugarspice.) She has two versions, one crockpot and one not. Everyone raves about it, and I've been dying to try it myself!.



Comment #10

I was going to suggest this. Its to DIE for!!!! I look forward to eating it on friday nights when my family has pizza night. I feel like IM eating the better dinner lol!..

Comment #11

Yes- haha I read that and thought of the OVEN rack- Now THAT would be a mess. So be sure to SPRAY the rack and then put a cookie sheet UNDER the cooling rack- it will kinda drip a little- and oh boy YUM!..

Comment #12


, oh wholy smokes (pun completely intended) yes, I meant a baking rack set over a 1/2 sheet lined with something (I use parchment). Glad you clarified that so nobody tries it on their oven rack...

Comment #13

You are so smart! Never thought to LINE the baking sheet- I bet that made clean up a breeze! Oh and by the way I see you only have 5 lbs! WTG you will be there in no time..

Comment #14

How much of this hot sauce can we have?..

Comment #15

[quote=particularwave]I like Sandy's Creamy Buffalo Chicken Bake..



Ooh yes, this is delicious..

Comment #16

I make this.

Buffalo Chicken Salad.

At least once a week... Super low in everything. I've made it with shrimp, too!.


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I'd slice the chicken thin, then saute it quickly in a hot skillet (use no-stick spray), sprinkling it with hot sauce to taste as it cooks. Then put it on a pile of salad greens and veggies, and dress the salad with some low carb salsa, and call it a chicken taco salad...

Comment #18

I made a double batch of Buffalo Chicken tonight to serve over spinich. I was going to eat one serving and freeze one. My teenage daughter started nibbling on it and decided she was having the same thing for supper. It's good!..

Comment #19

That sounds really good! I am going to try that! I but it would be good with the chili cheese puffs. Is that what you used?..

Comment #20

Sandy, yes, that is exactly what I used. I also did the same thing with shrimp. I love love roasted shrimp...

Comment #21

Just started filling out the myplan for the day... guess I know what to add for my L&G.....

Thanks for the reminder... yummie..

Comment #22

I make Chicken breast with franks buffalo sauce all the time! I usually top a salad with it and drizzle with some OP blue cheese dressing! YUM!..

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