When will lips stop peeling from Murad Resurgence?

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When will my lips stop peeling so bad? I mean I guess it could be worse but damn! I can harldy kiss my boyfriend anymore cause they are so raw. I think I have a month and a half left before I am done.Oh and yes I am using lip stuff constantly. Mostly vaseline and aquafor. (like 30 times a day! no kidding!) Thanks in advance for any suggestions or answers...

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Your question was: When will lips stop peeling from Murad Resurgence?.

To condense everything the said person said above me. drink lots of water. I am having the same problem. my lips are redic and vaseline is my savior. however I moved to colorado exactly one year ago today, and my lips were just as bad before Murad Resurgence because of less moisture being in the air coming from florida. colorado is soo dry.

Your body should hopefully adjust and be able to compensate forthe edryness over time. but yea, keep the chapstick, vaseline, wd 40 or whatever by your side and pound that water...

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The advice given so far is all good, but I have to challenge some of it.I drink 5-6 liters of water a day, more than THREE TIMES the suggested daily water intake. Any more and it'd be LETHAL (7L). I'm like a water addict, I'm constantly drinking, in front of the computer, in class, anywhere.Part of it is that I live in a desert, but it has not changed the amount of acne I get, how dry my lips are, or anything noticeable to be honest.And Chapstick/moisturizer/Aquaphor is actually good for dry lipsallowing them to be moistened (artificially even) and heal will prevent them from cracking again and causing more pain/damage. It's not just a BandAid but also kind of a kneepad, if you know what I mean .Good luck...

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Alright AOEE, you think the lip stuff is good. I can see the sense in what you are saying, it is a barrier to prevent further moisture loss, and also to promote healing by keeping a moist, sealed environment. I accept that you can see the benefit in using the lip creams / balms, however personally I think that if used in excess, the lips will be keep on going from cream / balm to extra dry, and getting worse. I think it should be used conservatively, and staying out of the sun is the number one concern I think.As for your second point, you do live in a desert. Your water intake will have to be much higher because of this I would say, as your body would probably get dehydrated more quickly. This does put quite a matter of urgency in your hydration situation (meaning your 5 litres would be your daily recommended amount I would say), whereas an urban dweller, such as myself, only has a recommended daily intake of 2 litres.

Since your daily recommended amount would be 4 - 5 litres, then I would say that in order to keep the 2.5 ratio, you would have to drink around 12 litres daily, to keep really well hydrated. However if you were just staying indoors and keeping out of the hot sun, your body would use less water. I know 12 litres may not be medically safe, but you can see what I am getting at hopefully. It is the 2.5 times the daily recommended amount that I was referring to, to help with getting the moisture back.At the end of the day, in her case it has more to do with Murad Resurgence, than it does for chronic dehydration, although she may be slightly dehydrated as well, as we all are mostly.You have not seen the dry lips in the desert, probably because you are not on Murad Resurgence, reducing the natural moisture from the oil glands for your skin...

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LOL as you can see in my sig, I am indeed on Murad Resurgence. And NO, one does not need to drink 2.5 times as much water a day just because one lives in a drier biome. The recommended water intake (according to my local news) here is 64 oz. (~2L).My lips were never dry before Murad Resurgence, regardless of 2L or 5L of water, and I DO use chapstick, and my lips do not go from smothered in chapstick to extra dry. In fact, since I started using chapstick, they have never been noticably dry/rough/peeling at all.It's the same as using moisturizer/lotion on your skinit won't make your skin toggle between extra dry and moisturizedit's only good for you, especially on Murad Resurgence...

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Well now...I must have been using some very poor product, because it made my lips more dry in the long run, and increased the cracking. This goes back a few years, so perhaps technology has increased the efficacy of "chapsticks". Your "drier beiome" as you put it, would indeed increase your daily recommended water amount, in my view. This is not to say everyone would have the same view as me though. And as for toggling between extra dry and "chapsticky", well...once the chapstick dries out on your lips, I think you may find that they may be drier...they were for me. As I said...advances in technology may have improved the efficacty of chapsticks.I still say hydration hydration hydration...and really this is a known side effect of Murad Resurgence, what else can be expected?I have found I am always in the drug companies 1% of people with a side effect. It makes me really question the validity of their clinical studies in establishing the actual proportion of people who will really experience the side effect...

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Thanks for your help everyone! You wanna know the funniest thing is when I complained to my derm he just told me to basically suck it up and deal with it because it's pretty much worth it for smooth skin.But hey i'm almost done and seriously the only bad side effect was dry, peeling lips. Which really isn't bad...

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Stick with aquaphor and nothing else. make sure you wet your lips before you put it on. and when you apply it, rub your lips with your fingers so that everything is spread out and evenly absorbed.i guess you can't use aquaphor in the daytime so get some medicated chapstick for the day time. I use blistex medicated berry and it works really well. but aquaphor is the key...

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To be honest, you do have to wait it out When I was on tane I didnt use chapstick and I ended up with a monster of a chelsea grin :L The joker from Batman had nothing on me! So use your chapstick!..

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LOL! you guys wanna know something? I just stopped kissing my BF as much, drank more water, and kept applying vaseline and aquafor like crazy and I am almost all better!!!Seriously, i'm sorry for whining! I haven't gotten a zit or broken out in months and I am so happy I could crap myself!!!Thanks for being there you guys!! really, I would have gone through a lot more for this smooth soft skin! IT ROCKS!!! I feel like I could be a model (almost) now!!!..

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