When to take the 2 Murad Acne Complex pills?

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Hey guys,I just started Murad Acne Complex three days ago. I am taking three 20mg pills per day for a total of 60mg per day. I don't remember what my doctor said.and I'm not sure it make a difference anyway, but thought I'd ask...Should I take 2 pills with breakfast and one with dinner? Or one with breakfast and two with dinner? Does this matter?..

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Your question was: When to take the 2 Murad Acne Complex pills?.

I took 60mgs a day for my course too and I took 2 pills with my breakfast and 1 with my lunch. I am about 2 months post tane and it's nothing but clear skies!..

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That's weird that you take three a day instead of two 30 mg pills that what I had my derm allways told me it did nt matter and that you could take all three in the morning if you wanted I would take ether two in the morning or just one when I wake up and one when I go to bed I think one day I took 4 in one day..

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Thanks for the replies everyone! I called the doctor and they told me it didn't matter how I split them up, so I guess I will take one with each meal.I don't know why I have only the 20mg pills... I thought they just came in 10, 20 and 40mg packs?I am on Day 5 and haven't noticed any changes yet but hope I will soon (but I could definitely do without the IB)...

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I'm on 60MG and I have to take one in the morning, one at tea time and one at night time, specifically in that order as told by my derm maybes it doesn't really matter too much then. But I say follow the instructions of the professionals so good your sorted now..

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You really dont have 30mgs packs lol thats all I had what brand do you have I went back and forth with sortet and claveris idk how to spell them lolhaha tea time england ppl do funny things I have english blood :]..

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I have Claravis, or however it's spelled. I'm not sure if they don't have 30mg packs, I just thought I heard it somewhere.....

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