When Medifast recipes go bad?

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So I decided to try my own twist on the awesome muffin lady's cowgirl muffin recipe.

Bad bad bad idea, I didn't use the SF syrup since the last bach tasted way to sweet to me and splenda gives me a headache and I used to much real lemon.

So they are dry lemon blobs that I really really really don't want to eat, I chocked the first two down with about 16oz of water..

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Been there, done that! I've made some experiments that even my rats wouldn't eat ! I just chuck it in the garbage and start a new one!..

Comment #1

That's why I call my three gorgeous black lab dogs MediPets...They get all the failed experiments......

Comment #2

You're lucky, Bettina! My furbabies need to get on board and become MediPets !! I swear, I don't know what it is but my dog and my rats are the pickiets little brats you ever saw. And my cat...forget about it!! He won't even stoop to even thinking about touching any human food at all!.

I remember when I messed up the cheese crackers with the tomato soup. I thought "well, at least the boys (my ratties) will love them" Wrong!! The little bRats just looked at me like, "What, you seriously think WE are going to eat THAT??"..

Comment #3

Well all I can say is that my gorgeous babies will eat anything, ANYTHING that you put in front of them. I had some sad mishaps with the Shiratakis...They loved them. They eat any human food Mommy gives them...We never have leftovers in this house. I must be doing something right. They are 9 and 10 years old and look and act like puppies. Shiny, healthy happy babies who eat all the Medi-Boo-Boos...

Comment #4

Aww, your babies sound precious <3 !! I hope my dog is like that when she's that age. She's almost 7 and so far so good! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Just curious what dog food you use. I'm always looking for the best nutrition possible for my girl...

Comment #5

I can relate to your recipes gone bad... I too need a dog to eat my bad Muffins lol.

I need a dog like BETTINA's.. =0)..

Comment #6

My babies are soooo gorgeous. And my little girl Lulu sleeps in my arms like a little human baby. Everyone LOVES my dogs...I have never, ever had to put them in a kennel because people will come stay with them when I travel just to hang with them. And, they have NEVER in 9-10 years, NOT EVEN ONCE, had an "accident" in the house. I am soooo lucky. Phoebe and Lulu (littermates) and Spenser eat Beneful.

They love Beneful. And plain ole Pedigree. But a lot of times I cook them eggs and their own tri-tip roasts, etc. Spoiled ROTTEN babies...

Comment #7

Bettina when I die I want to come back as one of your dogs!!.

My puppies are beagles. Therefore they will eat anything (including paper, books, garbage, Medi-Booboos, etc). They especially like to try to get my muffins....I have had to tell them that since I am Medi-fasting, it's every man (woman or dog) for themselves..


Comment #8

I also have beagles (2 of them) and they will eat anything. My little 2 year old beagle ate a whole box of chocolate bars!! It was a MESS but she was fine! She ate through the shipping box to get to them! My husky is more civilized!!..

Comment #9

Oh girls...Beagles are sooo cute. And yeah I myself would like to come back as one of my DOGS. So spoiled...

Comment #10

I do love my beagles (I have 2 also) and they are the cutest (which I used to think about my chocolate lab and liver&white german shorthaired pointer....why did all my old dogs have food in their names?). But they would hand over the family silver for just one treat.

So easy. My fiance calls them food whores. It is sadly true..

Comment #11

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