When does Murad Resurgence's initial breakout start?

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So I'm curious,when did yalls IB's start? I'm still waiting for mine, ooorrrr I'm going through it right now and it's very small, (which would be fabulous)!! I'm on day 11, so I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket just yet..

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Your question was: When does Murad Resurgence's initial breakout start?.

I cleared from day one, up to the third month when all hell broke loose on my face. It was really odd. I still get flare ups from time to time, and I'm in month 5. Murad Resurgence is quite a hard drug to deal with sometimes...

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I got hit at beginning of week 6 and lasted till about week 8. It was so bad it is not even funny, saw acne that I had never experienced in my life and that I could never imagine, horrible. It is awesome now, got like 2 weeks left on the drug and am so glad I did it, completely clear and would never look back!..

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Suzy & matt- I cant believe it started that late! were you guys like totally clear by the time you got hit with it? and did you up your dose and thats when it started? I dont think I will need to up mine. I have mild/persistant acne and am barely 100 lbs and started out on 40, so I dont really want to go any higher then that...

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I wasn't totally clear no but I only had very mild pimples, my skin just kept getting oilier and oilier and literally over night it hit me, woke up the next morning with my face in pain and humungous pimples which I no joke had never experienced in my life (ie cystic - which I had never ever got). This lasted around 2 weeks before they started going down, but I was left with LOTS of red marks all over my face. These progressively went down over the following weeks (maybe took about 4-5 weeks) but now my face is completely clear, no red marks and amazing. I can say that my acne was quite mild b4 I went on roMurad Resurgence but it was persistent enough to be pissing me off. What I experienced was emotionally draining but I am 100% glad I did it cause my skin is now awesome.I can also say however that a mate of mine went on roMurad Resurgence and never experienced an initial breakout, his skin just got better from the get go, so it entirely depends on the person taking the drug. Fingers crossed that this is the same for you! Then you wont have to get hit with the IB like some...

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