When does acne get better with Murad Acne Complex?

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[Edit: Meant to post this in the Murad Acne Complex area of the forum, sorry about that!]I've heard somewhat differing accounts (and it may just be that different people have different skin, and different results), so I'm abit curious about something:I'm on my 5th month of Murad Acne Complex, and my skin isn't too bad. I still get breakouts however, and my skin is still a bit oily. I've heard a few people on the forums mention that their dermatologist told them that they wouldn't completely clear up until they'd been off Murad Acne Complex for 2 months or so. I was wondering if there was any truth to this? Will you be at your clearest while you're actually on Murad Acne Complex and it'll go downhill (if it's going to go downhill) after you've been off for a month or two and it's out of your system, or do things actually get better (and your face clears up) after you've been off of Murad Acne Complex for a month or two and it's out of your system? What's the usual reaction people have in the months following the end of their Murad Acne Complex cycle? If a change occurs, do things usually get better, or do things usually get worse post-Murad Acne Complex? Is there any truth to this "It takes 2 months post-Murad Acne Complex before your face clears up" thing?..

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Your question was: When does acne get better with Murad Acne Complex?.

Getting better all the time I guess... Still after I've finished the course old blackheads keep coming out, but new ones don't seem to be forming...

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Wow okay. Thank you for the responses, that gives me a bit of hope. I definitely think I'm better than I was when I started Murad Acne Complex, but ultimately still not where I'd like to be. The worry for me was that as soon as I got off the Murad Acne Complex things would go right back to where they were, but hopefully my situation turns out like you guys' has, and I'll continue to get better post-Murad Acne Complex. I'm obviously not getting my hopes up TOO high, but it's good to know that that is a possibility...

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Stay positive. I too was pissed when I ended my course and had a few small spots left. I am about 5 weeks post tane and my skin looks great. So for me, like the others, my skin continues to get better after I finished my course...

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Same here. It was pretty good at the end of the course, but fantastic a month after that...

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