When do you start seeing results with Nutrisystem?

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I'm starting my 3rd week on Nutrisystem and I feel like I haven't seen any weight loss I've been following my Nutrisystem diet and going to the gym about 2-3 times a week...burning about 400 calories on the elliptical. I'm getting worried there's a detail I'm missing or something?!.

How long does it take to see results?!.

Any tips or feedback is greatly appreciated!..

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Your question was: When do you start seeing results with Nutrisystem?.

What people are saying about taking your measurements is true, especially if you are working out. Also, and this might just be me, but I'm not diabetic, but have been doing the diabetic plan and have been losing weight really fast. Once of the 4 times I've been on NS, I didn't follow the diabetic plan, just did the regular women's plan and for whatever reason, I didn't lose as fast as all the other times.

Like I said, I don't know if it is just me, but that small change seemed to have made a world of difference. Just trying to offer what I can...

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1. If you're using the machine's numbers to determine how many calories you're burning on it, be aware those things are notoriously wrong..

2. You say you "feel like" you haven't lost weight. Have you actually weighed yourself?.

3. Have you spoken to a counselor at the 800 number or posted a few days' worth of food intake here, to make sure you're following the program correctly? Many people think they're doing it right, when in reality they're not...

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If you are working out regularly- make sure you get your measurements taken. I lost a total of 8 inches this month! I felt it in my clothes, yet the scale wasn't exactly agreeing with how my clothes were fitting. The measurements today just confirmed what I thought (and gave me some needed motivation to keep on goin!).


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It sounds to me like you might be shorting yourself some of your food. With the Woman's Basic program you should be averaging between 1100 to 1300 calories. You really don't want to be down at 1000. You need all those calories to keep your metabolism burning. How fast you start burning is due to so many different things, what you were eating before starting NS, your level of hydration before starting, your previous dieting history, your age, exercise level, monthly cycle, etc.

Have you all been to PamSB's home page. She didn't loose anything at first either, but has gone on to loose over 100 pounds. She talks about that on her page and gives lots of information for those just starting out. Here's the link:..

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Those who need to lose a lot of weight will noti(e faster, larger losses during their first few Nutrisystem weeks. Those who have 20ish lb.s to lose will lose it more slowly.

Measurements will definitely let you know you're losing something, even if it's not lb.s. so it's a good idea to measure upper arms, bust, upper abs, waist, lower abs, hips, & thighs regularly, as well as to step on the s(ale...

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Welcome to Nutrisystem.

You'll find all the support here that you need! We have many new groups starting all the can view current "challenges" and support thread here:.


Have a nice day!..

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Ok I've Been on for four days and I've gained weight ok so is it beacuse I use to hardly eat and now I'm eating all this food that I'm required to I mean seriously I wAs dow. Two notes on my belt going on three before I startedand now I've gained an inch on my belt and bloated with gas any ideas?? Anyone else gain the first week??.


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Folks depending on how you were eating when you came to NS, your body may take a little while to figure out you are going to be feeding it healthy food in proper portions. Your metabolism needs to check in and get that you are fueling it properly now.

I didn't lose much at all my first 3 weeks, then started consistently dropping about 1.5 a week..

However, you are all new. So PLEASE call a counselor to ensure you are indeed following the plan EXACTLY.

Are any of you drinking alcohol? That is SO counteproductive to weight loss..

Are you skipping things because you think less calories is better? Cuz it's not - that'll slow you down..

Call a counselor!..

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Hey thanks I thought of that today to at work I was thinking hey I only ate what 600 cal a day before and now I'm eating 1300 around there and it's only normal to gain and your right my body just needs time to catch up to my new eating habits. So I'm sure in a few weeks it will make some changes. Thank you I needed to hear that :-)..

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I have a bit of weight to lose and have been steadily losing 1 pound per week when I work the plan and am maintaining the loss when I go off. Call a counselor for some advice. I have heard that if you are not far from goal, it takes longer to lose. Good Luck All!..

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This is a great thread because I lost a couple of pounds and now at a standstill. I work out at Curves at least 3 times a week and ride my horse 3 times a week as well. I do see that alot of the food items have too much sodium, so if one has a problem holding water, that could be a concern One thing I know for sure is that I DON'T drink enough water. This is my 7th day!..

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