When do you get the initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex?

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Hi there everyone,I'm currently into my third week of Murad Acne Complex. The first two weeks were wonderful - I completely cleared up and there wasn't a spot in sight.Then, in the last 5 or 6 days, I've been breaking out harder than ever before. I get these big, red, painful cysts that hurt so bad it's painful to smile.I'm so ashamed and embarrassed and self-conscious I don't even like leaving my room and find myself skipping class. My girlfriend claims she doesn't care but I know she's just saying that because she loves me.My question to you: when did you get your initial breakout and how long did it last before it subsided or completely went away?..

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Your question was: When do you get the initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex?.

I believe I am seeing my IB. This is my third week, and I am breaking out a lot on my chest, back, and a little on my face. It sucks, but I am keeping my head high because I know I will be clear. You need to do the same...

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Thanks for the kind words, guys.How long does the initial breakout last for most folks? Anyone know, in general terms?..

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My initial break out seemed to begin almost immediately and I broke out worse than ever before with a lot of whiteheads and nodules up until my 3-4th week. After that, I was still getting 2-3 papules a week for 2-3 weeks after that. After 8 weeks of treatment I stopped breaking out completely - minus one nodule that randomly formed in my 10th week of treatment. It is now week 20 (day 133) and I have not had a pimple of any kind since then. My skin has come a long way, but it still has a ways to go The initial break out is not fun to go through, but I remember reading posts from those who had passed that stage, telling me things were going to get better. At the time it was hard to see past all of my despair, but now that I'm here words cannot even express how grateful I am...

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Most people's IB only lasts a few weeks.... but mine lasted TEN! I didnt think my skin would ever clear up!! I'm starting week 19 now and my skin has been 99% clear for the past 2 months. so hang in there! it is sooo worth it! just be SUPER careful if your skin... dont pop your pimples if you can help it. your skin will just slide off if you push on it and make it even worse. the first few weeks are the hardest..

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Yeah...i'm now on the week 9 and the IB is still there on my was the Lunar New Year of Chinese but I didn't go anywhere...just stick in my room..thx to my parents...they couraged me a lot... and now I feel better....the bad thing isn't's my it's no need to be ashamed or embarrased....hope you so......

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Thanks for the replies everyone.It seems people generally IB during the first two to three weeks and continue for generally up until the 2 month mark.It's really comforting to hear that other people are going through what I am. It makes me feel a little less alone. Sometimes I'll be in a class looking around and thinking "look how clear EVERYONE is. Do they even realise?"..

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I got a few more pimples than usual about one or two new cysts it lasted about a week or two then it was over...nothing explosive like you hear on these boards...

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Just taking it easy....staying's usually getting darker before the dawn...don't give up....

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Amanda, Smellytaco, HU4Rollz, how are you guys doing with your IBs now? We're all kind of at the same point in time in our Murad Acne Complex prescriptions.Mine has died down a lot for now...

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My IB seems to have died down a lot! I hope it stays this way! I really like how my skin is not as oily anymore and I don't have any cysts right now...I can be in class all day and not have to worry about a big cyst whitehead thing appearing!! Haha How is your skin doing?..

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My cysts are all completely inactive. Everything major that was active has now died down and is drying out insanely looks like I'm clear for now and I hope it doesn't break out again. Doesn't it feel good?..

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Man I musta missed this thread....I'm on day 15 and I'm all irritated with my current IB. I was thinking the same thing as to how long I should expect this....and yeah It has NEVER been this bad, so bad that I find myself not wanting to meet up with friends and go out. I cannot wait till this ends........

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Mine is worse then ever I was almost totally clear when I started, so now it sucks. I picked at alot of them which had to do with it... hope your doing better.....

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Around day 15 was when mine was the worst. I'm on day 23 now though and it's almost completely died down and dried out. I hope to GOD it's over with and I'm crossing my fingers. I know what you mean though - I didn't want to go outside of my room, either. But the sun WILL come up eventually, you've just got to deal with the dark as best you can for the time being.Keep me updated on how your course goes man...

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Thanks man, i'm looking forward to NOT doing anything this weekend. Day 23 feels like forever though. I'm assuming that since we are getting these side effects (cracked lips and IB), is it given that the medication is working for positive results or you get side effects no matter what? What do you guys think?..

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It's not a good idea to pick them....that will make a lot of scars and red marks on your face...just letting it go...don't try to look for the improvement everyday by looking in the mirror and picking me...after avoiding picking them, my skin was getting better...hope you so...PS : what will be will be, just letting it naturally go and taking everything easily.....

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Well heres a funny story.. in coming up to the month two mark.. and it's a bit of a horror show... the acne on my face....has got this huge mother acne on my forehard...split into 3..with little ones around it... it's like a beacon. and it's taking ages to ripen and pop or clear.alas...theres no much we can do..but ride the storm and hope we find land ho!so cheer up.. our day will come!..

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I'm on these time right now...i have more than 5 large cysts on my face and my jaw line... seem they have no changing day by day...and i'm trying my best to not picking them....keep waiting....right ?...thx for your experience..

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How bad was your acne before you started on Murad Acne Complex, if you don't mind me asking?..

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I'm on day 23 now and the IB is mostly going away, except for this GIANT cyst on my chin hehe. So I am thinking that the IB kinda tapers off. So don't be discouraged if you keep getting acne, because even though I feel gross with this cyst, lately people have been telling me that my skin looks great! So hang in there! Good luck people!..

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My IB is basically completely gone, too. I have one tiny little spot but no cysts anymore. I hope so much that my IB is over with and there won't be another. I'm glad you're doing well - you and me in this together!..

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Hey Everyone....Just wanted to say thanks for the about to start week 3!!Thanks to everyone for the info...i hope everything works out great..

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