When can you buy Xenical at a over the counter Vitamin Shoppe?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: When can you buy Xenical at a over the counter Vitamin Shoppe?.

My main question is: I'm having trouble getting my one fat allowance in at night with dinner. Is it crucial that I have it?..

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Your question was: When can you buy Xenical at a over the counter Vitamin Shoppe?.

Fat's easy. Full fat dressing, olive oil, cheese, nuts, avocado. Just add any of them to your salad, or sautee some veggies in the olive oil...

Comment #1

A teaspoon of peanut butter is an easy one. 5 black or green olives sliced on your salad or pizza is good..

Important? Ummm...wanna keep your gallbladder? Wanna keep your hair? Want to help your skin "bounce back?" Wanna "go" regularly?.

Yup, it's important....

Be well...

Comment #2

My highlight after dinner for fat serving is PB2 (the powdered peanut butter from Bell Plantation) - yummo!..

Comment #3

Snowcat: Check the stats on the PB2. To get enough fat to count as a fat serving, you go over the calorie allotment (a fat serving is 45 calories and 5g fat). The Dietitians have posted before that 4 Tablespoons' PB2 mixed with the appropriate amount of water = 1 Protein and 1 Fat Serving...

Comment #4

... and I want to keep it I don't have a gallbladder any more (was unusually small anyway and functioning only at 8 percent), so that's not a concern but I do like the idea of my skin bouncing back, and because "going" is a daily essential - I'll eat my fat serving a day!.

Thanks for all the great tips and reasons why the fat is important. I love PB so I figure a teaspoon at night will be a treat..

Thanks again!..

Comment #5

Pam - I mix only 2 tablespoons of PB2 and water - now I'm not sure if I'm getting too many calories or protein? I don't want to go over my calories cause I'm soooo wanting to get to goal! Maybe I should ask a counselor/dietician or if you can help. Thanks!.


Comment #6

But that will not qualify as a fat. Not enough. Need to make up for someplace else. I use light salad dressing and some PB2 most days...

Comment #7

Hi Laurie you are my hero... Melted Peanut butter and chocolate... VERY NICE! Thanks!!!!.


Comment #8

Your fat serving doesn't HAVE to be eaten with dinner. I've had it for breakfast before, adding nuts to my oatmeal. You can have any of the foods at any time of the day. Some people break up the meals when they get hungry between meals. You have to get in all the don't have to get them all in at the times that the planner says...

Comment #9

Thanks Birdie. I looked at the PB2 label and realized just what you said. Too many calories in 4 tbsp, not enough fat tho. Will get a little more fat from somehwere else...

Comment #10

I almost always use nuts for my fat (cashews). It's easy to just pop those in your mouth at any time. You don't need to save the fat for dinner. I actually tend to eat mine a bit before dinner if I am feeling hungry - just to take the edge off of the hunger...

Comment #11

I try to use 1 tsp of real mayo on my NS burger as my fat or Thousand Island dressing to make a Big Mac! Yummy!..

Comment #12

I have PB2 for my fat every night. At lunch, I have dressing with 2g fat (I couldn't stand the FF stuff) so I make up for it there. PB2 is the highlight of my day! OK that's a bit of an exaggeration, and kind of pathetic...but I really do love the stuff!!..

Comment #13

Yes, it very well can be. I have to watch it and keep in the guidlines...

Comment #14

Oh, I totally agree with you... Since I've been eating healthier and not so much junk, the PB2 now tastes like cake frosting to me! Strange how things change, huh?..

Comment #15

Yeah - don't skip it. Some people say that their hair starts to fall out without it.

Drizzle a teaspoon of olive oil over your veggies or eat a few nuts. I use my teaspoon of peanut butter melted with my NS chocolates almost every night!..

Comment #16

I keep cold baked salmon on hand and eat some to augment any number of meals. Personally, I think NS doesn't provide enough protein, so it helps in that area too...

Comment #17

Fat's easy. Full fat dressing, olive oil, cheese, nuts, avocado. Just add any of them to your salad, or sautee some veggies in the olive oil...

Comment #18

I love almonds. When out of almonds, I use cashews. I usually have my fat serving after my dinner but sometimes I move it up earlier in the day...

Comment #19

I usually have almonds or a tespoon of peanut butter in celery for a mid-morning snack. I go work out at lunchtime so it gets me through my workout until I get to eat lunch!.


Comment #20

I love, Love, LOVE 1 tsp of sunflower seeds on my salad at dinner time. DELISH...

Comment #21

I love avocados I will either slice up 1/8th of one with some red wine vinegar and salt or make homemade guacamole with some onions and spices to use with my soy chips or in the veggie fajitas. Another fat tip is artichokes either steamed fresh ones or canned hearts or bottoms dipped in mayo...

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