What's your favorite Nutrisystem food for fat?

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Since joining Nutrisystem in January I have eaten only walnuts or pistachios for my fat serving and since I was recently diagnose with diverticulitis I'm trying to find something new.

So, what's everyone's favorite?.


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Your question was: What's your favorite Nutrisystem food for fat?.

My favorite fat serving would have to be 1 tsp of peanut butter. I melt it and dip apple slices into it, add it to banana smoothies, spread it on the chocolate Nutrisystem dessert cakes, etc.

I could probably eat dirt if I put peanut butter on it...

Comment #1

My most common fat servings are almonds or a tsp of olive oil for cooking some of my veggies. My husband loves it when I cook zucchini in a little olive oil and seasonings to brown the medallions up, so I'll make the zucchini that way with a tsp and a half and we share it..

But my FAVORITE fat is when I have a carb I can combine with it for a half a Mr. Goodbar or a bag of Pretzel M&Ms! That is a wonderful treat that makes it all worth sticking to the plan!.


Comment #2

I use olive oil to saute my veggie serving at dinner - OR I will splurge and have a light/low fat salad dressing serving (rather than FF) that fits the FAT specs.

Sometimes I will add cheese (2% mozzarella, LF parm, or LF cheddar) to an entree but will do so only sporadically since cheese is not typically considered a "healthy fat" -.

What-ever you choose - be sure to monitor to ensure it fits the FAT specs...

Comment #3

I use peanut butter. I have it in the pantry, and it is easy and quick. I have also had almonds or like Pygmalion above, I have switched out the FF salad dressing for Lite dressing on occasion, but almost always, I just go for the PB...

Comment #4

That definitely doesn't sound right. Carb servings are supposed to be low GI and candy doesn't fit that criteria. Not to mention all the sugar..

I like to use olive oil for my fat serving as well, occasionally nuts...

Comment #5

I almost always use black olives. But I may have to get PB soon.

Yah I also would like to know how the Mr. Goodbar works into this..

Comment #6

Wow! If we can find a way to work a Mr. Goodbar in, I'll be ecstatic! LOL..

Comment #7

Regarding using non Low GI carbs and just hitting calorie counts without watching the makeup of the foods, I really think this post by LuvsCharlie (Judy) explains it best:.

This was posted by a very successful NutriSystem member, LuvsCharlie (Judy), about the importance of the Low GI, NutriSystem plan:.

Sometimes I see people talk about subs, and I cringe ... items like 100 calorie packs and no-pudge brownies come to mind. Just because an item is similar in terms of calories, doesn't make it Nutrisystem friendly! 100 calorie packs and no-pudge brownies just don't have enough protein, and too many carbs (& sugar), so they are not a good sub for low glycemic index (LGI) NS!.

Another resource that I see some use for picking out subs is I'm not disputing that it can be used as a resource for comparing grocery items with Nutrisystem items ... it can, and Joyce did a great job on her comparison site. But, just because an item that is available in the grocery store is compared to a similar Nutrisystem item there, does NOT mean that it compares FAVORABLY. Many of the items there DO NOT compare favorably to Nutrisystem items, if you look at the stats. (Some do compare favorably, but most don't)..

If you don't care about following a LGI diet, and only care about calories, then knock yourself out. Heck, if you don't care about LGI, you can eat devils food cake every day, as long as you only eat 1200 calories worth. But anyone who does that (regardless of whether it's devils food cake, 100 calorie packs, healthy choice frozen meals, etc) is short-changing themselves and it WILL take longer for them to lose the weight.

When you eat high glycemic index items, even at the 1200 calorie level, your liver will NOT be as efficient at getting rid of fat. When you drink alcohol, your liver will not be as efficient at getting rid of fat. When you don't drink enough water, your liver will not be as efficient at getting rid of fat. I happen to believe that sticking to the Nutrisystem foods and being very strict about staying low gi (along with walking and drinking enough water) is what made my weight loss so steady and consistent.

When FIRST magazine did an article on "The Nutrisystem Sensational Six," there was a small article on the next page on "why low glycemic index diets work so well." A study found that when someone eats low glycemic index, their liver produces more of an enzyme that turns fat into energy. When someone eats high glycemic index items, even at the same calorie level, the liver STOPS making that enzyme for a while (the article didn't say how long)..

Additionally, when someone doesn't drink enough water, then the kidneys don't work as efficiently to get rid of waste, so the liver has to pick up the slack. When the liver has to the job of getting rid of waste that the kidneys can't, then the liver can't devote those resources to metabolizing fat. Ditto for drinking alcohol it is metabolized in the liver, so that also gets in the way of the liver metabolizing fat..

So subbing in high glycemic index foods, not drinking water, and drinking alcohol, even if consuming at the 1200 calorie per day level, will get in the way of your liver's efficiency and slow down weight loss. Follow the Nutrisystem plan, and let your liver do it's job efficiently!..

Comment #8

I had to switch from PB to olive oil. I found out I couldn't keep PB in the house - for some reason I never got all the number of servings out of a jar, and I would have to buy a new jar, 3 weeks before I should have<G>..


And the black mini poodles..

Comment #9

WOW..great ideas!.

Thanks everyone. I'll try the olive oil in my stir fry tonight...

Comment #10

A chocolate treat is just that, a treat, not something I do all the time, maybe once a week..

When I eat the chicken or burger, I seldom do it as a sandwich. Same with the tuna salad. I'll usually do fiber gourmet pasta, by the way, it's GREAT with the tuna salad or chicken salad as a pasta salad at lunch. But sometimes, I don't add the carb.

The Mr. Goodbars, my favorite candy bar, are 250-something in calories. My husband bought me one that he said was for a "treat day" some time in the future. I talked to a counselor about breaking it in half and using the fat and carb for a half bar. I was told that was okay, but no more than once every one or two weeks..

That was golden information for me. If the dieting part doesn't fit with the me part, the maintenance never will. I can do the chocolate bars every week or two as long as I'm not giving them up all together. Aslo, if I CAN have them, I won't cheat or binge!..

Comment #11

I'm so glad you're in touch with the counselors on this. Way to go, girl!.


Comment #12

Unshelled unsalted roasted sunflower seeds, have had them since I first started Nutrisystem and have never gotten tired of the. Very yummy IMO, specially when first out of the bag...

Comment #13

Wow! I'm really surprised that a counselor would say that was okay. It seems like Nutrisystem seems to be bending their rules even more just to make people happy. They seem to be changing a lot of things on the plan lately from when I was on it (I'm on maintenance now)...

Comment #14

I always end up using olive oil and my other favorite is avocado..

Comment #15

I think some Counselors say what they think someone wants to hear. Absolutely amazing...

Comment #16

Olive oil, peanut butter, avacodo, and pistaschios are my faves. I like almonds too, but right now I am going through a conainer of pistaschios I got, and it's going to last me a year apparently with only 15 at a time lol..

Comment #17

Glad to see that post again Pam, I think I should read it once a week! It has made sense to me from the first time I saw it, but somethings I need to repeat things like this over and over just to remind myself of why I'm doing Nutrisystem and low glycemic, etc.

My favorite fat lately has been olives or avocado. I have been loving mashing up avocado, mixing with greek yogurt and cumin. I use it on my sandhwich thin with the burger or grilled chicken or tuna. Basically anything that I get a bun with.

The olives I've been putting on pizza or putting in the cheesy potato lunch that I've been making into cold potato salad lately...

Comment #18

Y'all have reminded me of olives. I forget about them I love olives, and they would be yummy on my pizzas! <adding to grocery list>.



Comment #19

Maybe I can get them to work in a Big Mac and fries for me...

Comment #20

I love peanut butter, but what I have on hand is actually low fat and I'm scared to eat it because I'm not sure how much I need. Haven't gotten around to either doing the math or calling the counselors about it yet..

So I'm working on a giant jar of raw unsalted almonds my BF got his mom for Christmas.. and she forgot to take home...

Comment #21

I love kalamata olives with a purple passion!.

Pam... I have a really hard time getting through to DH re: the importance of low glycemic carbs with regard to how the liver functions. He keeps wanting to buy "cheaper items with the same calorie count", when it comes to bars, yogurt, etc. I finally had to say, "If the item doesn't have the proper amount of protein in it, don't buy it, because I'll refuse to eat it. It's not about "cheaper" & "calories". It's about low glycemic carbs & protein." Sigh!..

Comment #22

Hmm...favorite fat servings? Almonds or sunflower seeds on my salad, olives on my pizza, peanut butter on my dessert entree, and sometimes olive oil for cooking my vegies...

Comment #23

My favorite (and usual) fat items are:.


Sunflower seeds..

Comment #24

Roo: How are you counting PB2 as a fat? A fat serving should be 45 calories and 5g fat...

Comment #25

What is the serving size and how many calories and fat are in it?..

Comment #26

Artichoke Lover.

Your name, as well as your thread last week about artichokes, has got me craving artichokes....

Jus' sayin'..

Comment #27

Dmw - It's the Skippy reduced fat pb. 2tbsp has 180 calories and 12g of fat..

Justme - That's how I feel all the time. Indulge!..

Comment #28

Hmm. I was trying to figure out how much you could have. 1 1/2 teaspoons would be 45 calories, but only 3 grams of fat (you want to have 5). 2 teaspoons would make it 60 calories (you want 45) and 4 grams of fat (only 1 gram difference of the fat you should have). That's a toughie. Maybe occasionally have 2 teaspoons, which would put you 15 calories over, but close to the fat amount. Anyone else have any suggestions?..

Comment #29

Now that it's tomato season, my favorite fat serving is sliced tomato drizzled with olive oil, minced garlic and fresh basil. So yummy!..

Comment #30

Peanut butter spread on to my dessert cookie or cake. Yum!..

Comment #31

Almonds. I've had really good restraint with them too....shocking...

Comment #32

The best is when I have a turkey dog link for lunch or chicken for dinner. I'll use a sandwich thin and make a PB 2 sandwich. So far it's been easing my real PB craving.

I hope there's a loophole, because if there is then I'm stocking up on Mr Goodbars. I prefer Twix or Kit Kat though....hopefully if the math works out this thing can work. lol..

Comment #33

Just combine it with your salad. Dressing is good. Chopped olives. Nuts. etc. But combine it with vegggies or salad.

Having 5 macadamias or a teaspoon of PB is too dangerous...

Comment #34

I think people sometimes create their own loopholes to have things that they still want to eat. They say, "Nutrisystem said I could have this." I think Nutrisystem needs to re-train some of these counselors so they won't give out information that could potentially hurt a person's weight loss...

Comment #35

Hmm.... I do love the pistachios LOL.

What about some avocado ? Olives are also a good MUFA , sunflower seeds ? Pesto or pine nuts (which are not really nuts, I don't think)..

Comment #36

Mine alternate between Benecol margarine for my veggies and olives for my pizza...

Comment #37

You may hate me but I can't stand FF or LF mayo. So for my fat for the day I use a very small amount of real Hellman's mayo...

Comment #38

You could use a teaspoon of smooth peanut butter...

Comment #39

My favorite fat serving would have to be 1 tsp of peanut butter. I melt it and dip apple slices into it, add it to banana smoothies, spread it on the chocolate Nutrisystem dessert cakes, etc.

I could probably eat dirt if I put peanut butter on it...

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