What's the best Vitamin Shoppe FOUNDATION?

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I got a quick question: What's the best Vitamin Shoppe FOUNDATION?.

I also got another question: Are these considered 1 or more then 1 serving?..

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Your question was: What's the best Vitamin Shoppe FOUNDATION?.

Wow.. so your getting 3 servings per box!! Thats great to know!! Thanks!..

Comment #1

Those are 3 lunches. Fridge or freeze what you don't use for lunch on the first time you open them and have for 2 more lunches on other days...

Comment #2

LOL! Someone posted about eating all three ham slices because they didn't know.

They are kinda small and hard to separate. Sometimes I'd have 1 1/2 slices (make two lunches out of it) because I couldn't separate it very well and count it as my protein serving...

Comment #3

How would you say they taste? I havent tried them yet.. and since I ate the chicken breast which I did not like.. I am scared to try the ham and the hot dogs ha ha..

Comment #4

I don't like the ham slices, the hot dogs or the chicken breast with the ham being my least favorite and the chicken breast being my favorite of the three...

Comment #5

They sent me the hot dogs as part of my free week. They kinda grossed me out but I did try one just to be a good sport. Not too awful when grilled. Of course, I'd rather have just about any other lunch. I don't even like real hot dogs. Don't know if I'll eat the other two...

Comment #6

Obviously everyone's taste is different.

I think the hot dogs taste just like store bought low fat hot dogs.

The ham looks more like corned beef, but it's good chopped up in the split pea soup or in the scrambled eggs. Not sure I'd eat it plain. Its not visually pleasing...

Comment #7

The chicken patty is really fine and not at all like the smell and taste when eaten alone, if you wamr it and cut it up and put it atop a big green salad....It makes an awesome tasy salad for some reason....believe it or not, I ordered a bunch just for this reason, as I was getting tired of plain salads......

Comment #8

I've never had a NS hot dog but peoples complaint is just that the NS hot dogs are more expensive than the store bought ones, and the stats are pretty similiar......

Comment #9

You know I was thinking that myself.. that I could just get a pack of hot dogs for about the same amount of calories!! I will probably do that myself..

Comment #10

I use the 98% fat free Oscar Meyer. If you are watching sodium, they are a bit high..

You can have 2 of them compared to NS 1...

Comment #11

I had the hot dogs today, a little wierd but doable.

Good news I'm not starving today!.


Comment #12

I haven't checked but I read on the dietician forum that they are higher. The Oscar Meyer have 470 MG. per dog...

Comment #13

I use the Ball park turkey hot dogs and they say 420mg of sodium per dog. It's not that much less than Oscar Meyer, but last time I bought OM I didn't finish the package cause they seemed so salty.....go figure...

Comment #14

I stir fry the chicken patty with veggies and really love it..

I shred the ham onto a whole wheat pepperidge farm roll with a slice of tomato. Really love that also. I will miss the ham...

Comment #15

I do not think I will make it on NS without the me it taste like corned beef...looks like spam....but I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered 27 for lunches the last time....I use them in salads and sandwiches....if anyohe out there does not want them PLEASE I LOVE THE easy for work....I will buy them off of you..

Comment #16

Try the Fat Free Hebrew National Hotdog. It only has 45 calories and the sodium is low. I love them. You get 8 hotdogs for about $3.99..



Comment #17

I also really like the Hebrew National. They are much better than your average hot dog. More like a mini polish sausage...

Comment #18

The box says that you get one serving and there is 3 servings per box...

Comment #19

Wow.. so your getting 3 servings per box!! Thats great to know!! Thanks!..

Comment #20

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