What's the best facial hair removal you buy in Vitamin Shoppe?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: What's the best facial hair removal you buy in Vitamin Shoppe?.

My 2nd question is: Oh my..............Now that was good.............. I loved my breakfast. If you want something sweet and you like cinnomean you will love this... It looks small at first because we are not use to seeing a scone so I placed in micro for 30 sec and placed some SF marmalade on top oh don't need any jelly......Maybe if some like FF cream cheese it would be good, but it is fine just as...I would warm it up for sure. I had then 1 orange and 3 flat egg whites with 1 slice LF melted cheese on my eggs. (Protein from lunch) never do that but I thought I might be hungry and coffee....

I am returning my am bars for these.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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Your question was: What's the best facial hair removal you buy in Vitamin Shoppe?.

Oh good. I hope I like it too, because I ordered a couple to try them out...

Comment #1

Looking forward to getting these I hear they are real good...

Comment #2

Do they give you gas like the old baked goods?..

Comment #3

I just started Nutrisystem on Friday and that was the first breakfast item I tried, LOVED IT! I ordered more for my next shipment next month. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's very filling and tastes great!..

Comment #4

I didn't have a gas problem with the scone. I was waiting for it to happen, but it didn't - I had a toot-free day. Enjoy the scone, they really ARE good...

Comment #5

I had the scone for breakfast this morning and it was soo good! I microwaved it for 20 seconds and it was nice and warm and kinda gooey inside. Delicious. It's quite small, so I was afraid that I'd be hungry very quickly, but that wasn't the case!.

I didn't have any nutritoots issues with it either! Yeay!.

I just wish I had more of them!..

Comment #6

Absolutely the best breaksfast item. After the muffins in the past, I wasn't expecting much but boy it tastes so so good. I immediately ordered 5 more "a la carte"..

Oink Oink..

Comment #7

Yummy! My order arrives tomorrow, so on Thursday I am going to try the scone for brekkie!..

Comment #8

Happy New Year All.......

Started my NY with pancakes with beries ...It felt like a treat...........I also ordered more of these........Interesting you askes about the gas. I didn not have that problem thank God..........I had this and other horrible GI problems in the past but not now....I hope it has passed...........


Comment #9

Yum, yum! I just had the scone for brekkie! I split it in half and toasted it. So good - even DH wondered what I was making, the kitchen smelled so good! I just spritzed it with ICBINB. It's not too sweet and goes wonderfully with coffee!..

Comment #10

Thanks for the tip. I did not have the scone as an option on my first 3 orders. I selected one on my next shipment but I think I will go back and up the quantity...

Comment #11

I am so glad I found this thread. I ordered some of the scones with this order and will try it tomorrow. From what i'm reading I should have ordered 28 of the little beasts! Thanks for the info!..

Comment #12

Java-queen, just wondering how many of them you could have eaten?..

Comment #13

Sounds like that one is a hit! That's great, cause I'm kind of getting bored with the breakfast stuff..


Comment #14

Well - I could have eaten 2, however, it actually filled me up more than I thought. If I had eaten 2, I would have probably been over full. There is a lot of fiber in that scone!.

Oh, and no side effects like with the muffins..

Comment #15

Beware of the cranberry orange pastry....i read that they gave you gas AFTER I had tried it for the first time that day and they werent kidding. it was really yummy, but I would eat it only if you knew you were going to stay home and not have company over where you could embarrass yourself lol!.

The scone IS really good though! had it for my first breakfast too and it was a great start to the program!..

Comment #16

I tried it this morning for the first time. The apple strudel scone is delicious...

Comment #17

The cranberry orange pastry was reformulated, and members claim to no longer have gas issues after eating them!..

Comment #18

I just added it to my order...the carb/protein ration seems a bit high for me but I will use it as a treat..

Comment #19

Hey there Pam,.

I was wondering how these tasted. I have an order being sent out on the 15th or something......I think I have some in line to come, maybe I'll make it more!.

Thanks for the review!..

Comment #20

Thank you for all the info on this one! My next order goes out on 1/24, and I was just going to order 1 to try it, but I think I'll up the order on this one! Can't wait!..

Comment #21

Hi Kris.

LOve your horse...My brother road in horse shows ...i remember all those weekends and he hunted. We had 2 horses. They give you so much pleasure and love....Well it looks like NS has a hit. I already ordered more. I as well thought it would not be enough but it was. I tried it yesterday with a touch of FF cream cheese on top with white eggs..Great Breakfast....


Comment #22

I ordered some of these. I get my first order Monday...

Comment #23

I guess I'm the only one who thought it tasted like cardboard. yuck. this was my first breakfast nad y'all are saying it's the best. doesn't look good...

Comment #24

Cardboard? I thought it was a little piece of cinnamon Heaven...

Comment #25

It puts the blueberry muffin and cranberry breakfast items to shame - it is REALLY good .... I heated mine on 20 secs at half power and put a little Brummel yogurt butter on top to melt - and it was heavenly ! Almost like eating an Entemmans breakfast treat. Highly recommend them .....

Comment #26

I agree, scrapcrazy. Unfortunately, I put mine in the microwave for a few too many seconds so the texture was a bit rubbery (my fault - I heated it too long) but the taste was great. I may try my next one unheated so I don't make that mistake again...

Comment #27

Does anyone else have concerns that the sugar content is so high on this scone. I know, I know......NS has developed these products and they are designed to work, but I want high protein and low sugar content. I'll actually be trying the scone in the morning, so I am hoping to enjoy it as much as most of you have...

Comment #28

Note how much fiber this scone has - that helps mitigate the higher sugar amounts, as does the protein. When formulating low GI foods, it's the total effect the item has on blood sugar, not necessarily the individual ingredients...

Comment #29

I have not tried the scone yet, but have found with other foods that after being on NS for a while things taste better, takes a few days for our taste buds to calm down, we are so used to high fat high sugar and in the first couple days our system goes in shock and our brains reject change...give it about a week or so then try it again, if you still don't like it...change your order to not include them. you will find things that you do love, and order those instead...

Comment #30

I've had it twice, oh, it's soooooo good! Yum!..

Comment #31

I had the scone for the first time this morning- and absolutely loved it! I heated it for about 15 seconds, didn't put anything on top- and it was awesome- I had several people pop into my office to ask me what I was having!..

Comment #32

I agree, yummy. I love the scones, they were soooo good..


Comment #33

Great News because I just changed my menu and added them. Good to know. Thanks!..

Comment #34

I ordered some for my next shipment. Can't wait to try them! Yum..

Comment #35

Thanks everyone for the scone review, I just started this past Monday and have not tried it yet, but plan on having it in the morning after reading all of your posts. I have a VERY long way to go, but these boards sure help me to want to lose it all..

Thanks again!!!..

Comment #36

The scone is excellent. I'm glad that I tried it on my 1st day. I'm glad that I customized my 1st order with all the foods I wanted...

Comment #37

Yes, I have always wondered why NS uses high fructose corn sugars (and alcohol sugars).

I also am not pleased that they use mostly white rice and non-whole wheat pasta. I even called and emailed NS when I started........but got nowhere. They didn't want to hear about it...

Comment #38

Just take it a day at a time and you'll get there!.

I dunked my heated scone triangles in vanilla yogurt this morning... mmmmm! On it's own some might think it's a little bit dry...

Comment #39

I had it this morning for the first time. Nuked it for about 10 seconds. I thought it was really good but a bit "bland" - next time I'm going to sprinkle it with some more cinnamon mixed with a little splenda, or brown sugar splenda...

Comment #40

I had it this morning for the first time too, and thought it tasted good. I sliced it cross-wise in half and put the two slices into the toaster, and that worked well. I was dying to put some butter on it, though. A little extra cinnamon with splenda is not a bad idea...

Comment #41

I haven't gotten any scones yet, but for "icing", I always use FF cream cheese, Starbuck's FF/SF Vanilla Syrup (no calories), and some Splenda. It is exactly like regular icing. Yummmmmmmy! Can't wait until I get my next order!..

Comment #42

It was the first breakfast I tried as well. I love it. Omg. It tastes so great! I have one more of these and I'm sad I didn't order more. I also love the blueberry muffins!..

Comment #43

We're hooked, too! I like to slice in half, toast and add a scrambled egg beater with a bit of ff cream cheese. Yummy breakfast sandwich! I bet it would rock with turkey bacon or ham. Hmmm......

Comment #44

I had the scone today for breakfast - excellent! I'm going to find that recipe for the cream cheese stuffed. Definatley going to get more of these with my next order...

Comment #45

I had one today...microwaved it for 15 seconds and it was delicious! And NO stomach distress at all!! That is the best part. I may try the new version of the cranberry orange pastry and see how I do with that. Does anyone know how many grams of sugar alcohols it contains? The apple strudel scone has 3.5 grams so if the cranberry orange pastry has around the same amount I will try it...

Comment #46

I will have to try the scone since everyone is raving about it. What else is really good?..

Comment #47

I had the Apple Strudel Scone for the first time today it was DELICIOUS! It is now my favorite breakfast...! (Until reading about it here, I hadn't even thought about the fact that I'd safely made it through the day without the infamous nutritoots. (Uhoh! I better watch out I've been a "bread-a-holic" all my life so I hope I don't like this TOO much...!)..

Comment #48

Just had my first scone. Yes, I liked it. It satisfied my pastry craving. I am really glad I took a chance and ordered 6..

Comment #49

Hit it with a few squirts of ICBINB! I did that to it and yum!..

Comment #50

I love the scone. It is my favorite NS food so far. I would buy these if I weren't on NS and that's the litmus for me. In fact, I swapped them out for a dessert. Since the calorie counts are the same and the dietician advised somebody to switch their desserts for breakfasts, I really wish NS would offer the option of ordering "either or" on desserts and breakfasts. I would order 56 scones a month.


Comment #51

I had the Apple Strudel Scone this AM for the first time! (well it's only day 5 so...) Loved it. I put a little bit of smart squeeze on it! YUMMY!!!..

Comment #52

I have been on the program since last June. I wonder why these aren't showing up as an option on my autoship order page...

Comment #53

I posted a recipe for apple cream stuffed scone in the recipe section.


Comment #54

That's what I think about the fudge graham lunch bars. Yuuummy! They tase just like a candy bar and no weird artifical sweetener taste...

Comment #55

Oh good. I hope I like it too, because I ordered a couple to try them out...

Comment #56

Yum.. so far this is my favorite!! I look forward to having this again...

Comment #57

They just showed up on my list last week so I'll get mine next shipment..

Comment #58


Hi..I was just reading what you wrote and noticed that since your joining in aug of 2007 you've lost 76.4 pounds? if this is accurate I would love any tips you may have. I am waiting for my shipment to come in and would love any advice. I am starting at the same weight as you did and hopefully will have the same results. if you have time to send advice/tips my email isthanks ! penny..

Comment #59

I didn't lose all that since August - that is just when I started NS. I was losing weight on my own and got on a long plateau, then gained some back. I started NS to get some control back.

I have lost a little more than 30 pounds since the end of August, which is actually pretty fast weight loss for me...

Comment #60

SSSSHHHHHHH!!! If you tell everyone how good they are, we won't be able to get them anymore!!!..

Comment #61

I tried mine this morning for the first time. YUM! Thank God after last nights fiasco with the chicken patty from you know where.I think I will limit it to once a week, though. It appears to have more carbs and sugar than most items...

Comment #62

I love the Apple Scone. Put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. YUMO!..

Comment #63

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