What's the best face wash to use with Murad Resurgence?

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K so I'm starting Murad Resurgence in a couple days and I am very nervous!! what are some helpful tips to not get a bad IB. I am only 98 pounds which means I should be on 40 mg. but my acne is no where near severe, just stubborn, I have maybe 5 small pimples right (a little bigger then the tip of a pen) 1 medium sized one, and red marks, but trust me it can get ALOT worse...and I really cant handle that. I'm going to ask to start out at 20 mg for the first month to lessen the IB, but I need some other tips to help out with it. any suggestions????what do you think the best moisturizer is? would jojoba oil be enough? also what would you say the best face wash is?..

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Your question was: What's the best face wash to use with Murad Resurgence?.

I recommend starting at the lower dose if you don't want an IB. Increasing the dose too quickly can affect that too. I started at 40mg the first 2 weeks and barely had an IB, then a couple of days after I increased the dosage to 80mg, my face went crazy. Don't stress too much about the IB because even if you do get one, your skin will be clear by the time you finish your courseFor a moisturizer, I use jojoba oil as well as CeraVe and Cetaphil lotions. You should buy a lotion in addition to the jojoba oil.I use Cetaphil face wash, I've heard good things about Aveeno face wash so I may try that eventually. Good luck starting your treatment, and know that you have tons of support on here!..

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My cousin went on Murad Resurgence 12-13 years ago now and hes been clear ever since with no problems at all.I went on (60mg) about a year and a half ago never had any problems since, I am on my second round and still only getting minor side effects and nothing major of any problems and i'm fairly confident about this drug. It reacts differently with different people so I dont see why some people say it's permanently damaging for everyone who goes on it when it just seems to effect a small minority, although definitely people should only go on this if they have major kinds of acne problems in my view because it still is a dangerous thing to take by all means.When on the drug I would recommend drinking plenty of water, keeping well moisturized and maybes having some supplements; I take zinc with mine. I'm 27 days in, had the dryness issues and initial breakout earlier on and i'm almost clear already (85-90% better)..

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Wow I cant believe how quickly I got responses! thanks! so it seems like people agree on cetaphil; I have always heard mixed reviews on it but I think thats what I'm going to go with.and moregano - I have tried EVERYTHING. peels, microderms, doxy and mino, BP's, vitamins, every wash cream ect. it doesnt help, so that is why Murad Resurgence is my last option...

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I take my above post back. No one can tell you if you will suffer permanent side effects or not, not Roche, not any dermatologists, not your parents, no one on this site, no friends that say it is a wonder drug, etc. They say that around 13 000 000 million people worldwide have taken the drug since 1982. Now if only 10% of people experience permanent side effects ( I would normally place that percentage much higher but let's be nice, and by permanent I mean starting to have side effects pop up up to 15-20 years post therapy. This means that around 1 300 000 people have been harmed. That is quite a large number.

This amount of money will make corporate f^&k heads do all sorts of tricky things. I wonder how many of Roche's CEO's or executive's teenage kids use Murad Resurgence? None at all I'd think.p.s. amanda since you've already decided to go on Murad Resurgence and I can't stop you PLEASE take my advise and lower the dose to no more than 20mg. This dosage is shown to clear acne just as well as higher doses and will lower the risk of long term problems. Your life may very well depend on it...

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98lbs.. I think 40mg is too much.After extensive research, the side effects on this drug are just too fucking outrageous and ridiculous. For ME anyway, but even though my acne is persistent moderate-severe at times, I still do not find acne to disrupt my life to a point where I am willing to put myself at such serious risk quite yet. I value my health, clear state of mind, the muscles in my legs I need to kickflip a 6-set of stairs, my digestive system, my full head of hair, and most importantly, I need everything functioning properly down there! I'm just not willing to risk it quite yet, and I've decided to seek every last alternative and possibly this summer I will start on tane.But it really is up to you.. I would at least lower the dose, I can't imagine how people would take anything more than low dose Murad Resurgence @ 20mg, even 10mg to start and possibly upping it to no higher than 40mg. Someone taking 80mg a DAY is exposing themselves to 560mg in one weeks time, while at 20mg you would have only consumed 140mg.

Surprisingly enough, I feel like plenty of people have successful logs using 20-40mg's.. and I suspect most people that have problems were taking 80mg over extended periods of time. Also keep in mind that a lot of people on here that seem like they are trying to "scare" you are not.. they could very well be trying to help, and I think many of them come from the heart, although others I think come out of frustration/spite and I am 100% sure there are at least some individuals that experience side effects are using Murad Resurgence as an excuse , and of course those out looking for lawsuit money. although I did a little of my own snooping around and already found that 2 of the biggest anti-Murad Resurgence users on here, made mistakes; One of them ordered Murad Resurgence online, and the other claimed in a thread a year ago that his bloodwork came back bad, yet he not only continued on the medication, but upped his dose from 40 to 80...

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People have developed permanent side effects from little doses as well, but I think the chances are definetley greatly reduced OBV..

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Don't feel like you have to explain yourself!! i, like you, am on Murad Resurgence (almost done) for mild/moderate persistent acne....after trying EVERYTHING, Murad Resurgence was a last resort. it's the best thing i've ever done in my life! oh and if it helps, I weigh about 114 and my highest dose was 80mg. I started out on 40 and never got an IB...

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Dont be afriad and stop because that guy said it's a cancer drug lol maybe it is but who cares just take it if you want to :] when I was on it for 6 months I never had I IB and if you do get one dont worry it's justs the last time your face will will ever have acne again the best moisturizer to get is aveno ultra calming night cream get that it's like 14 bucks and get dr dans corti balm for your lips and for a face wash I used nothing while I was taken Murad Resurgence o and jojoba oil sucks it just gives you more acne I have tryed everything I spent 100 bucks on this lotion for my face when I was on it and it sucked it did nt work half as good as the aveno stuff..

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So I picked up my perscription today and I found out it's 40 mgs. when I went to the derms yesterday for my 2nd pregnancy test, and I was only able to meet with a nurse so I couldnt tell my derm I wanted to start out LOW. I really think 40 is too high because my skin is really good right now, I am really tiny, and I dont want to have an IB. I got the generic version clavaris and each pill is 40 mg. so it's not like a I can split it up I'm about to start a log to track my progress, and mostly because writing helps me cope with things!!..

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I agree with Sophienayou do not need to explain yourself. These posters don't know you, and they don't know your situation. In fact, I think it is rather bold to post unsolicited warnings to a complete stranger, regardless of their intentions. It is your choice, and your choice only. That is why this medication is taken under a physician's care, let your physician be your source of information...not internet surfers who use scare tactics without any documented sources...

Comment #10

I would suggest that you stop the Murad Resurgence now. Not only will it dry your face out like you've never been dry before (making you even more selfs conscious with boyfriend), but it has very detrimental side effects. I tried it when I was your age and it was one of the worst things I have ever done to myself. Within a month I had an intestinal ulcer, migraines, and it did nothing for my skin except dry it out. I stopped taking it after 30 days, but the ulcer has never gone away. I still have rectal bleeding - and it's been 8 years.

Though I didn't find the information on this site, I tried something similar to Dan's Mineral Salt (natural deoderant) regimen.Contrary to what your derm and the consipracy laden drug and medical industry will tell you - acne IS a cause of your body purging toxins. Everyone's body purges in different ways hence not everyone has acne. We all take in toxins - there is no way to completely avoid them....but we can reduce the amounts we take in.1. Switch to a natural mineral salt deoderant so you are not filling your sensitive underarm pores and lymphs with aluminum and whatever else is in that crap. You must wash your armpits daily and apply the crystal stick or spray daily - you will be pleasantly surprised at how clean you feel, the lack of odor, and not having to worry about pit stains on your clothes.

Increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits you eat, and decrease the amount of meat and animal products. Meat and dairy turn your body & blood acidic - a state in which your body is unable to effectively process foods or correctly dispose of toxins (through your poop and pee). I am not saying to go vegetarian, but if you decide to, great!3. Take a multi-vitamin with calcium and vitamin A everyday. Increase your intake of Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s.

You can also purchase products like Udo's oil and spread it on salads or just eat a tablespoon every day. These are the correct oils that your body and especially your skin and brain need to thrive as you get older. If you are consistently putting cooking oils, butter, cream, or shortening into your system you are degenerating yourself.4. Drink twice as much water as you think you need - nothing flushes out toxins better than extra water.5. Exercise and sweat.

Put a little epsom salth in the bathwater. Not only does it have diruetic properties (it will not make you go poop by soaking in it), but it helps with sore muscles. You must raise your core temperatue for 10-15 minutes for this to work. If your face is beading up, you're sweating. A hot tub or sauna works even better.

Your facial skin needs to breathe in order to heal and cannot breathe under foundation.By following this regimen, I have changed from having large cyst-like breakouts to an occasion 4-5 medium size blemishes a month, tighter skin and smaller pores. Also - I don't breakout during my mensies cycle anymore - whew! I hope this helps. I understand your frustration and wanting to let the medication do the work while you get on with your life, but it's not worth the risk. You need to take care of the underlying issues. Also - if you are taking Murad Resurgence and not 2 forms of guaranteed birth control, you're being very ignorant.

Did you know that between 1989 and 2003, 72/216 drug related suicides in those under 18 years old were taking Murad Resurgence...that's what this drug can do to your brain. I bet your derm did not tell you that...

Comment #11

"Did you know that between 1989 and 2003, 72/216 drug related suicides in those under 18 years old were taking Murad Resurgence...that's what this drug can do to your brain. I bet your derm did not tell you that."way more than that, there has been thousands..

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To clarify - this was a US statistic. But hey, thousands is even more compelling!..

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Good luck with your treatment! what I do for moisturizer is cetaphil with 2 or 3 drops of jojoba oil and it works great, jojoba oil helps with the red marks as well... any more jojoba oil then that and itll leave a greasy lookI also started experiencing very dry hair, I use about 7 or 8 drops mixed in with my shampoo and it helps a lot... you can get creative with jojoba oil..

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I bought Cetaphil gentle cleanser and facial moisturizer, but the moisturizer STINKS. It smells just like Off! Mosquito Repellent. I'd recommend something else, though I don't know what because I haven't found it myself yet.On a side note, 70% of statistics are made up on the spot...

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Amanda, how about taking 40mg every OTHER day. That would be a far safer dosage and just as effective. PLEASE, I don't want anyone to end up like me. A 26 year old fcu*king cripple...

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Actually that really is something I will look into. I was actually going to post to see if anybody decreased their dosage over time.. once my skin clears up I want to try cutting it down to 20 mg a day because by the time I am done it will be during the summer, and I burn easily as it is...

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Good idea. If you get clear I would do that straight away as you'll be maintaining your clear status and FAR less risk to your health. A few people prefer a low dosage long term option of 1 x 20mg capsule a week. That could be something you may wish to discuss with your derm. I wish, I wish, I did that...

Comment #18

Sheefa - I do not at allllllllll want to do a long term one. I want to be done as quickly as possible. but I really am going to look around and see if anyone cut their dosage in half once they got clear. I am nervous though that the acne will come back.....

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I think it's a good idea to take a long term low dose course. I did that and I'm still doing quite well. You should ask your doctor about it. I think most people ended up going on high dose short term courses because they DIDN"T ASK their doctor for this option...

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Amanda: do you really prefer a short but brutal course being all the time tired, etc?! I'm not as extremist I'd say you shouldn't take the drug but I'd say you should take it wisely.I started to take the drug 2 weeks ago. My weight is 55 kg, my height is 1.70 m and I've medium sized bones but I felt so bad when I started taking just 10 mg per day although believe it or not I can eat almost everything without a problem but isotretinoin is very powerful and it's not easy to the liver.I decided now taking 20 mg each 3 days because doing it each 4 days is very slow in order to decrease your oil production so now my average intake is 6.67 mg per day since this Saturday, tomorrow.I can say to you 10 mg per day will work perfectly. My organism can't tolerate it so good but at least you can try 10 mg daily or 20 mg each other day or you can try my actual dosage. That's the best you can do. Do it for 2 months or even 3 months up you have very little oil in your face. The enough oil to don't worry to wash your face in the morning (or for a few days but this is nasty and I'd never recommend such disgusting thing, it's just an example I'm giving to you about you couldn't have troubles with a normal oil production like the rest of "normal" people with "normal" skin, that's why you can see a tramp who almost never get a shower haven't acne because a normal oil production can be managed by the body without the famous P.Acnes bacteria ruins your life), just in the night and even at this way can be an amount of oil which never allow a breakout.

It's just a pill of 10 mg each 7 days or 6 days if you've afraid to wait a whole week.This will be an ensured way to have your face clear forever and for many years without risk to your liver and your whole organism waiting even a better treatment in a future. The only trouble will be very slight dry lips. Don't lose a lot of money buying several grams of intake in a course and also don't waste time.I've taken 500 mg per kg of cumulative dosage without any permanent remission and I've had moderate acne not severe. Maybe you could do those killer courses but even after 5 years acne may back. Those killer courses could harm your joints forever or have other health problems..

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You shouldn't be taking this matters lightly amanda and it scares me that it appears that way. For your own sake, please don't take 40mg every day. At most take it every other day. Your under 100lbs for Christ sake.... and your a female..... and your very young..... Do you not care about your life? Shit.Best of Luck...

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Sowet- I'm not taking this lightly, and yes I do care about my life. thats why I'm taking this BECAUSE I want to enjoy my life without being upset all the time. I'm under the supervision of a doctor and if my blood tests come back bad, I'm obviously not going to continue taking this...

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I went to the derm today, and he pressribed me 40 MG Acctane since nothing has worked. He said it's a miracle drug. The only thing I'm worried about is the blood tests since I hate blood. They aren't bad, are they?..

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No they arent bad at all, but also I'm not botherd by needles. i'd say it hurts less than a shot in the arm..

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I dont mind needles and have had blood tests done loads of times yet last week I past out and became very ill while getting mine done haha, butt went back a few days later and got it done and I was fine , bit of weirdness occured but you knoww, i'm on 60MG and it's doing rather good for me. Was on it just over a year ago and was fine had no side effects or anything when I came off it. Just hoping results are permanent this time..

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Blood tests are nothing. I've had about 20 blood tests AFTER Murad Resurgence just trying to diagnose my sh*t that the drug caused.Have you discussed a lower dose with your Derm or are you still going to go down the 40mg route??..

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Sheefa- I need to make my one month appt. in about a week I'm going to talk to them then. I will probably continue 40mg until the 3rd month and then go down if my derm agrees..

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