What's on the Medifast meal planner?

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First off, What's on the Medifast meal planner? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... Would love to hear what Medifast foods are your favorites..

Mine are smores bar, peanut butter bar and chili nacho cheese puffs..'re it........




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Van. pudding made into a coffee drink, pb bars, and brownies...

Comment #2

Chocolate mint crunch bar.

Chocolate mint soft serve blended with hot coffee.

(See a chocolate mint pattern emerging??).

Both pretzels.

Cream of broccoli soup..

Comment #3

Right now... the dark chocolate and the dutch chocolate shakes followed by the smores bars... and of course, the brownie!..

Comment #4

Dark Chocolate Anioxidant Shakes, Chocolate Pudding, Peanut Butter Bars, Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs, and Chicken Noodle Soup made with low sodium Chicken Broth...

Comment #5

Choc Shakes.



I love the bars. But they give me too much gas. Lol..

Comment #6

Dark Chocolate shake, maple oatmeal, cc pancakes, chicken noodle soup, parm puffs, brownies, my daily staples......

Comment #7

Lemon Crunch and S'more Bars rock. The Ranch Soy Crisps are good too. For shakes, the orange creme and dutch choc are two I can't do without...

Comment #8

Not in this order.

Parm Cheese Balls.



Smores and Strawberry Bars..

Comment #9

#1) Lemon Meringue Bar.

#2) Vanilla pudding blended into my morning coffee.

#3) Peach Oatmeal..

Comment #10

Calorie burn Cappuccino (put in 2nd cup of coffee), CC pancakes, Peach Oatmeal, Brownie, Smores bar. I was on a cin pretzel kick (but got over it) Chicken noodle soup 3 tbls water, microwaved and made into chips <3. all puddings made into soft serve. thats all..

Comment #11

I cannot get enough of the hot cocoa - I'm absolutely addicted to that stuff! For the last few months of 5&1 I drank it for between 3 and 5 meals a day. I still have it for the majority of my Medifast meals as I transition - yummy!.

My other meals tend to be S'mores bars, Brownies and Cinnamon Pretzels...

Comment #12

1. Chocolate pudding.

2. Vanilla Appetite Suppressant Shakes (I can add all kinds of flavors to it).

3. Chocolate Crunch Bar.

4. Beef Vegetable Stew.

5. Pancakes.

I haven't tried the brownies yet, but y'all have me interested seeing that they seem to be the crowd favorite!..

Comment #13

In no particular order:.

Hot Cocoa.

Dark Chocolate Shake.


Chocolate Mint Bar..

Comment #14

Oatmeal (blueberry and peach).

Choc app. supression shake w/ diet choc soda.


Both puffs.

Frozen choc pudding or pb soft serve at night..

Comment #15

Peanut butter crunch bars and Maryland Crab soup !! :-D..

Comment #16

I love ALL the cold drinks: Tropical Punch, Cran-Mango, Peach Tea & Raspberry Tea..

HATE ALL the shakes except the orange, which when made with iced coffee tastes like a tootsie roll! (I only order 1 box of orange shakes a other shakes)..

Comment #17

Caramel bar, chocolate pudding, and I think i'm the only person in the world - hot chai...

Comment #18

1.Dark chocolate shake (blended w/ice in bullet).

2.Chocolate pudding.

3.Chocolate mint bar.

4.brownie (only if made w/diet soda & under cooked).

5.Banana pudding..

Comment #19


Chocolate Mint Bars..


Dutch Chocolate Shakes..


Oh, and brownies...

Comment #20

Right now, I'm loving the smores bars! Chocolate mint, chocolate, peanut butter, lemon, are my other favorite bars. I also love hot cocoa made as fudge, pancakes as a muffin, chili nacho cheese puffs, chocolate pudding made as a Wendy's-like frosty, and BROWNIES!!!!!.

OK, I'm guilty of eating only yummy stuff, LOL! But it's working! 25 pounds down as of this morning!!!!!..

Comment #21

Hot Chocolate.

PB Soft Serve.

CC Pancakes for rare and special occasions (They have soy in them)..

Comment #22

In no particular order:.


Hot Chocolate.

PB Bars.

Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs.


Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

The only thing I've had that I really don't like is the Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal. It leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I got Blueberry this time to see if it is any better, but I haven't tried it yet...

Comment #23

Chicken noodle soup.


Peanut butter crunch bars.

Plain pancakes.

Cream of broccoli soup.

Hot cocoa.

Any of the fruit shakes (I miss fruit)..

Comment #24

How does making the brownie with diet soda change it/make it better? I've never tried it.....

Comment #25

In order, my faves are:.


Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Parm Puffs.

Chili Puffs.

Peanut Butter Crunch Bars.

Chicken Wild Rice Soup.

Chocolate Pudding..

Comment #26

Mine are Hot Cocoa and chocolate pudding. I could live on them because you can make them so many ways!.

Hot Cocoa:.

Flavored with sf syrup or cinnamon or mint extract.

Made with coffee as a mocha, with or without flavorings.

Made as a mocha and then iced.

Plain and iced as 'chocolate milk'.

Made with 3T water into a paste and frozen as "truffles".

Made into a shake with ice and any sf flavors.

Chocolate Pudding:.

Cold as pudding.

With cinnamon, mint extract or sf flavors.

Nuked or baked with a few T egg beaters as custard/warm pudding.

Made into THE BEST shake with 1c water and 1/2 c ice.

Made into a shake with flavors.

Made into a shake with coffee as a mocha frap.

Made into ice cream/frosty with 3/4 c water and 3/4 c ice.

Made into a frosty with 1T peanut butter... PB cup ice cream.

I have more tips and recipes on my blog, but by far these 2 foods get me thorugh many a day!..

Comment #27

I've never seen mention of making the pudding with coffee - does it wind up the pudding consistency made with coffee flavoring? Or do you wind up with a liquid drink still?..

Comment #28

If you use 1/2 cup cold coffee will get the pudding consistency..

If you use 1 cup cold coffee and 1/2 c ice you get a shake...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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