What's everyone having for their Medifast Diet L/G today??

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I love these threads...they've been a life saver! I think I've tried almost all the recipes posted.

So, what's everyone having today for their L/G? I'm thinking about keeping it simple with 2 Morningstar soy burgers and some mashed cauliflower..

Also, I remember seeing a post about a salad at Moe's we could have (or modify), but can't find it now...does anyone remember it?.


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I had a tuna steak (marinated, then brushed with a little oil) grilled... Just a touch of lemon.. cooked medium.. and broccoli.. YUM.....

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I'm baking some chicken tonight marinated in a few tbsp of Ken's Buffalo Sauce with a tomato/cucumber salad on the side with a tbsp of Blue cheese dressing. I sort of eat it all together. Yummy!..

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I am splitting my lean and green for the first time in 10 weeks!.

At lunch I had a 3 oz pop-top can of tuna, white cheddar soy crisps,sugar free jello, and a laughing cow lite. ( This was a lot of ood at lunch and took a long time to eat, I think people were beginning to wonder if I ever ate anything but soup).

Tonight I am going to have shiritake noodles with another 3 oz can of tuna mixed in with a laughing cow cheese and some seasonings..

I just wanted to have a change at lunch and this seems to still fit in the plan, I think I will be over, by one 1/4 of an ounce of light laughing cow cheese....but heh! You've got to live..

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I'm playing around with creating a curried chicken salad made with Galeo's dressing... I'll have half for lunch as a sandwich in one of sarab's oatmeal pancakes and the other half on a bed of greens for dinner...

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I am thinking of Teriyaki chicken and a salad with galeo's sesame dressing...

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I'm having center-cut tenderloin stuffed with spinach and topped with a vinagrette reduction made from Ken's Lite dressing, served with chopped zuchinni, yellow squash & mushrooms....oh I'm HUNGRY!..

Comment #6

Where can one find Galeos dressing? I have never heard of it.....

Comment #7

Tonight we're having baked pounded thin chicken breasts stuffed w/sauteed chopped mushrooms, 1 lite Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese & a little Chardonnay wine in each & sprayed w/olive oil PAM and sprinkled w/a little almond flour on top then baked.

Served w/some roasted asparagus spears (put on non stick cookie sheet and drizzle w/ 1 tsp olive oil and roast. Finish w/ 1/2 tsp drizzle of walnut oil.

AND a small iceberg lettuce salad w/ Chardonnay vinaigrette (3 TBS Chardonnay vinegar, 1 TBS EVOO or grapeseed oil, ~1 tsp. Tuscan spices, a pinch of salt & some freshly ground pepper which makes more than enough for my little side salad and DH's big side salad)..

NOTE: I know having cooked and raw veggies together is a cardinal Medifast sinand I don't care 'cause I'm having it anyway!..

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I just gotta say, we MFers sure eat well!!!!!!!!! So many great ideas here...WOW..


The shipping costs a bundle, but it's worth it!..

Comment #9

I had lunch out today. I ordered the specialty salad it contained roasted chopped peppers, chopped cucumbers, celery, and shrimp. I used my own walden farms dressing on it. Yum. It was not quite 7 oz of shrimp, though, so I see an ounce of low fat cheese in my future for tonight...

Comment #10

I am having Basa fillets marinated in galeos dijonaise. Then grilled, add a few red pepper flakes to kick it up a notch. And a big butter lettuce and small sweet grape tomatoes topped with Galeos Ceasar dressing. I love Basa, it is my new favorite fish. (and I dont like fish) This fish does not taste fishy at all, is mild and flakey, and moist....And only 167 calories per fillet, which is about 6 to 7 ounces. Perfect.

So good!!!!!..

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Galeos dressing is what they use on "The Biggest Loser" TV show. I first heard of it there and then on these boards a LOT of people use it and LOVE it!.

I still have a lot of grocery-store dressings and I don't have salad so much in the cold winter, but I plan to order all of the Galeos flavors in a couple of months for the summer salad season!!.

P.s. it is available in some storesyou could check on their website and see if it's available near you...

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I never heard of Basa. Is that a west coast fish??..

Comment #13

I dont think Basa is just a west coast fish. I got it at a local grocery. And Orange Blood says his wife loves it too, and he isnt on the west coast. check it out. It is very good!!! I hate fishy smelling fish.....and this one has none, no fishy taste either. I wa eating orange roughy first till I found this one.

Not bad for California...

Comment #14

I made Taryn's chicken over the weekend. I used the chicken to make a faux lasagna with eggplant as the noodles. It was VERY good...

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I'm having tacos my shell is belgian endive, then trade out a little of my lean for whipped cottage cheese for 'sourcream'...

Comment #16

I had shrimp and veggie stir fry. Now, off to yoga class!.


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I grilled a chicken breast on my foreman grill sprinkled with Mrs Dash. Then chopped it up and threw it on top of a salad and had Galeos dijonaiase dressing and can you say YUMMY!Wow- that stuff is really good. I had the toasted sesame one the other day and thats good too!..

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I made fajitas tonight with flank steak marinated in garlic meat marinade made with water instead of oil, added a little lime juice, cilantro, and cumin, let it sit for a couple hours, sauteed it with some green bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and it was yummy. we found some 6 carb tortillas and we splurged and ate one. I drizzled on a little lite ranch dressing, and it was yummy, even better than sour cream...

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I had a piece of seared ahi tuna, very rare, with a salad of romaine and asparagus and I made a very spicy dressing with a little olive oil, some rice wine vinegar and a chipotle pepper. Yum!..

Comment #20

I had grilled salmon and some romaine with some nasty nonfat cesare dressing. Next time, no dressing...but that salmon was awesome!..

Comment #21

I just started yesterday and have been doing great, I actually like the shakes, oatmeal, and eggs, and cappichino..(these are the only Medifast foods I've used so far), I think I will stay clear of the recipes for a bit as I feel messing w/ the foods/ingrediants might be to much for me to deal with at the beginning. I think I'll get used to just the products first and then won't feel so overwelmed by the recipes! ( afternoon coffee drinks are my downfall, and the cappichino mixed w/ black coffee (instead of H2O), is perfect!! No need for cream and/or suger...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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