What your favorite Boca Burger flavor?

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I've been wanting to try Boca Burgers and I noticed there are many different flavors..

Does anyone have a favorite?.


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Your question was: What your favorite Boca Burger flavor?.

A dairy/protein should be 100 calories or less, 3g of fat or less and a minimum of 7g of protein. Some will fit the stats, some won't..

If you want to sub for a dinner, then you have more leeway on the stats...

Comment #1

Losingw8now, can you please explain why you said there would be more of a leeway if I had it for dinner than say lunch?.


Comment #2

I like the MorningStar Farms Prime Grillers. I haven't tried their other flavors yet but I did pick up a bunch recently that I can't wait to dig in to! I use them as the entree part of a flex meal and add veggies and stuff to go along with it...

Comment #3

Are you looking to substitute this for a Nutrisystem entree or use as a dairy/protein? If a dairy/protein, then you follow the stats above.

The 100 calorie ones are reasonable substitutes for the Nutrisystem burgers. The burgers are one of the lowest calorie dinners out there (100 for the burger plus ~ 100 for the bun). I think that would work fine for lunch as well..

Many of the dinners have higher calories. Some of the boca burgers have 160 calories. They probably would work fine for a dinner sub after adding a low GI carb. I don't know the stats of all of the boca products off hand, so you need to check the protein, fat, carbs, etc. in addition to the calories. Many are not very friendly despite them being non-meat...

Comment #4

I love all the flavors, but you really need to try them all since we have different preferences on flavor. I absolutely love the Asian Veggie Patty, but it has a little more fat. Doesn't seem to affect my weight loss. This one almost reminds me of egg fu young! Very different and good, not like a hamburger...

Comment #5

The morning star sausage links (2) are a tasty great side protein and fit stats. I like adding them into soups...

Comment #6

I really enjoy the Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean and the original veggie burger. Yum! Great on a salad. Great with a bun for a flex meal...great on the side as an added protein! Delish..


Comment #7

Deb, do you ever make the riced cauliflower? The Asian burger, warmed, broken up, and mixed in with the riced cauliflower is delicious!..

Comment #8

Mainly for a dairy/protein for lunch. Thanks for explaining. I'm just tired of eating the same thing for my protein and was looking for something new..

I agree, went to the store and read many of the stats and I was amazed how much fat and carbs there was on a veggie patty...

Comment #9

The Asian is to die for. It's slightly spicy and only 100 calories...

Comment #10

I love the Boca burgers. I have had the original only. My mom used to eat these years before I tried them last winter. She was eating healthier than I was!.


Comment #11

The Bocas are good but I really love the Morningstar Farms grillers (also love the MSF sausage patties). MSF also has a really good entree - BBQ riblets, and either Boca or MSF has a tasty lasagna entree...

Comment #12

I *LOVE* the spicy black bean burgers from Morningstar Farms..... My sister and her husband are vegetarians and they brought these on our 4th of July camping trip... I preferred them over regular burgers! They're 140 calories, 4 gms fat, 3 gms fiber. Totally worth every bite...

Comment #13

I like the morning star farms garden burgers. They are really good- they have shredded veggies in them- carrots, mushrooms, waterchest nuts.

They are good with out the bun, I may break them up next time I have one and put it in 3 Cheese and Chicken lunch cup...

Comment #14

Tastes differ. I love the boca flame grilled and original but can't stomache the morningstar burgers with the carrot and veggie chunks..

I also recommend MRS DASH hamburger seasoning to any of the boca products...

Comment #15

I made the riced cauliflower last month, but it didn't turn out real great. I am not a fan of cauliflower, and guess it still tasted like it to me. I'm sure the Asian burger would have made a difference. Thanks!..

Comment #16

I have tried the Original flame broiled and I also have tried the spicy chicken. They were both good...

Comment #17

I like the Savory Mushroom Mozzarella. If I'm going to have the Nutrisystem hamburger, sometimes I'll save a protein from earlier and make a big, double burger with the Boca burger..

The Morningstar Farms Asian Veggie Pattie is good too. I think it has 4 grams of fat, rather than 3, but I don't use them that often so I don't worry about that...

Comment #18

I would start with the original then experiment. I made these for my DH and DS and my DS said it was a little bite of heaven. I guess it is paying off having them eat healthy too...

Comment #19

They all sound really good. I know the original burgers fit with the stats for NS. I was wondering does the "flavored" burgers also fit into the stats?.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to trying something new!..

Comment #20

A dairy/protein should be 100 calories or less, 3g of fat or less and a minimum of 7g of protein. Some will fit the stats, some won't..

If you want to sub for a dinner, then you have more leeway on the stats...

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