What would be the Vitamin Shoppe version of clinque powder foundation??

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What would be the Vitamin Shoppe version of clinque powder foundation??.

My main question is: Was wondering what everyone uses for the hamburger bun and the taco shell..

Didn't know what we were allowed to use. Does anyone out there have the information I need as far as calories, fat , etc. Any suggestions on what brands are the best? Thank you!..

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Your question was: What would be the Vitamin Shoppe version of clinque powder foundation??.

As for the tacos, the shells are included in the box...

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Thanks for the advice. The food isn't too bad. I ordered everything that is to be put in the microwave and stayed away from the powered stuff. I really like the pasta's, beef patty, the chicken entree's, breakfast bars and muffins. The lunch choices are my least favorite. The food isn't what I am used to eating, but when we are eating it for a good can learn to like almost anything!! Good luck to you! I am also in a "newbie" group called "thin by spring" are more than welcome to join us. Everyone is very supportive...

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I found an awesome tortilla from La Tortilla Factory. I got it at Kroger and it is only 50 calories, 2g fat and 8g fiber. It is the whole wheat, low carb, low fat tortillas. Best of allthey taste great, too!..

Comment #3

I haven't had my burger yet, BUT I have heard such good things about it that I went out and bought some sliced mushrooms and a fresh onion. I am going to sautee them in PAM, put my burger in a 1/2 whole wheat tortilla and use one of my dairies for a piece of cheese on it..

I am sooooo excited!.


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I'm confused about the tortillas. My whole wheat tortillas have 6g of fat in them and my regular 94% fat free ones only have 2.5. So which one am I suppose to eat?..

Comment #5

I can't answer exactly but I would check the fiber on the whole wheat one. That's what balances it out. I bet it's a lot higher than the regular. Not really sure which is best but I think more fiber is what they are looking for. Hope that helps...

Comment #6

Wonder and Sara Lee make great tasting whole wheat hot dog and hamburger buns. When the meal calls for one of these, I've never had a problem eating them. I also use Western Bagel for bagels, pitas and english muffins. Thomas has come out with a new english muffin called something like '100 calories' in big letters. I had tried the Thomas lite whole wheat but they were crumbly and not very tasty. Haven't tried their new 100 calorie muffins but at least they are out there...

Comment #7

I use Light Whole Wheat Burger Buns (SHAW's store brand), La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Tortillas (come in 2 sizes - one is 50 cals, the other 90 cals), Thomas' 100 Cal English Muffins, and Flat Out Light Bread (flat bread like a tortilla - comes in a variety of flavors)..


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Hi, I'm new to NS, started 1/7, wondering about bread servings. When can you have an english muffin or piece of bread on NS (other than the hamburger bun and tortilla)? Do you substitute it for a NS entree?..

Comment #9

For burgers I use the Peppridge Farm whole wheat hamburger rolls. Or I use the salad stuffer pita bread (80) calories...

Comment #10

Check the boxes. Some entree's call for bread/rolls. Try to keep them under 100 calories or so. NS used to provide (nasty) rolls and they were around 120 calories.

Chicken/tuna salad calls for melba toast but you could really use low cal bread if you want...

Comment #11

I had my burger on Weight watcher's bread. 90 calories for 2 slices...

Comment #12

I just rec'd my order yesterday. Starting the plan on Sunday. The back of my package for the burger says to use a whole grain roll...I bought some whole wheat rolls at my Walmart bakery today. For the fajitas, the package says to use a whole wheat tortilla. Our walmart sells a Whole wheat tortilla, lo in carbs & fat. You can find the tortillas on the bread aisle.

By the way, is the food really good? Haven't tried any yet. Starting Sunday! I'm anxious to start, but I want to be totally prepared. I still have a few items to purchase at the market b4 starting...

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As for the tacos, the shells are included in the box...

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