What workout program to do while on Nutrisystem?

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Major setback I have found so far are my headaches. I did recieve so good input, but alas the soup nazis cut me down!!.

Does anyone have a favorite workout program that is under 40 minutes??.


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Your question was: What workout program to do while on Nutrisystem?.

Outside when the weather is nice (been too hot and muggy lately) or inside like at the local Y's indoor track or at the mall before hours. If I had a treadmill it would just be collecting dust I'm afraid. It seems like I get lazy the moment I'm home..

Of course cutting the grass also is a great exercise (and right now also causes me to lose a lot of water weight at the same time!)...

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Darn soup nazzis... no soup for them!! LOL... yes, POSITIVE. My workout routine has simply been going for walks as much as possible, on my lunch hour and after work. I got a couple new exercise DVD's but I found out very quickly that I'm not quite ready for those yet. My current weight adds a difficulty level for lunges and squats that makes my thighs end up screaming at me for 3 days.

I'm bad and take cigarette breaks every now and then, and I've told myself that if I'm going to do that, I HAVE to walk at the same time, and not just sit there. I'm a very light smoker, but I'm still aiming to quit soon because it's not in line with the rest of my goals for getting into better shape and better health... not to mention that it'll make it hard to do bigger and better workouts down the road.....

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MUCH better BT!.

If you are already working out and want to take on a challenge..P90X dude..

All the modules are right around 40 mins...

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P90X is great but pretty advanced so it depends on your fitness level right now..

30 Day Shred is intense but has 3 different level AND modifications within each only 20 minutes it still gets me sweating..

I prefer running but have been at it for quite some time, it is probably the fastest way to lose weight if you can do it..

Walking is cheap and "easy"...if you can, challenge yourself with some hills. And I am a BIG advocate of yoga, and yes, it can get your heart rate up!! Stretching will keep you young!!!.

What are you doing for your HIIT workouts?..

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Do to an affected left side UE weakness I am unable to do PX90 as written. I need to modify most lifts on my left..

I was doing a BFL workout but became bored...

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20 minutes 3 times a week 2 minute warm-up and 1 minute cool down. I either increase speed or incline on treadmill. I increase speed on the bike...

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Just as a side note and not to be argumentative but I started P90X when I was pretty out of shape and I am 52 (started at 50) and you can do it the best you can in the beginning...just go as long as you can KWIM? It gives you something to shoot for in just eventually finishing the whole workout and gives you a measuring stick on how you are progressing.

I had never done yoga before P90X and I LOVE it now..

I didnt wanna buy 20 different programs as I progressed and it is definitely one that can be used for life..

Just my experience...

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For a switch try some short burst cardio. You can do this on bike, elliptical or treadmill (I can't run..knee surgery). I do it by warming up two minutes moderate pace, then 30 seconds ALL out and cool down 90 seconds...and keep doing this for twenty or 30 minutes. To spice it up, I use the "hill" program on the machines. YOU WILL SWEAT!.

I too become easily bored at the gym I get some fitness magazines and brow beat my sister (who is a trainer in another state) to write me some program..

I am a total gym rat and work out six days a week (I lift and do cardio five days a week, one day a week cardio only and rest on Weds.)..

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If you got just 40 minutes, I would split it 20 minutes weights, then 20 minutes of cardio. But if you can do this every day, you could alternate 40 minutes weights, 40 minutes cardio every other day..

I'm a work-out-aholic. Work out about 5 days a week, 3 different routines for the last 26 years, just alternate each day to a different routine..

Back/Bis (30 sets total) then elliptical(if it's not hot, walk/run outside).

Chest/Tris (30 sets total) then elliptical.

Legs/shoulders/abs(no cardio, that's enough) 56 sets total.

Each of my workouts last about an hour and a half, except leg day might take longer...

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PX 90's a little too intense for me. I'm 62. I walk an hour, yoga breathwork/stret(h & strength train with weights an hour daily, & I belly dan(e & flamen(o 2 hours a week. I have the (ore Rhythms (Ds & am figuring out how to (ram one a day into my s(hedule...

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Oh I totally agree, I LOVE the P90X and the yoga is fantastic! I am very active...running, boxing, crossfit...and P90x kicks my butt. I workout to failure, which may not be all that long...sometimes I feel like I could throw up because some of the DVD's are pretty hard if you go balls out.

But I love the workouts and you can definitely get great results. I just wanted to mention that it was intense to Beyond Therapy because I thought I had read in a previous thread that he may have some restrictions.

And you are right on about the advantages of the multiple DVDs with won't get bored and you won't have to buy anything else...

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