What was your first Medifast meal??

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...and what did you think of it?? Mine was the strawberry shake mixed in a magic bullet with strawberry crystal lite. I thought it would be the worst and wanted to get it over with first. After reading some of the horror stories about the Medifast food I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I actually really liked it. As I do most of the Medifast food. As a matter of fact, 2 1/2 mos and 30 pounds later it's still one of my faves!..

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My first meal was the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal. And I thought it was horrible! I made it too thin so it was more like a soupy gruel. Ewww. Of course, I was used to McCann's Irish Maple Oatmeal, Quaker Instant Maple oatmeal or Maypo. This did not even come close and trying to "fix" it with SF Maple Syrup and a little SugarTwin Brown Sugar kind of made it worse..

I decided to try it again after about 4 weeks on plan and I really like it now! LOL..

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My first Medifast meal was the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal. I didn't think it tasted too bad. I wasn't an oatmeal person before MF, so I didn't have anything to compare it to. I also over prepared myself for the worst which might be partly why it didn't bother me and wasn't hard for me to stick to the Medifast plan...

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The chocoloate shake of course!! If I was going to change the way I eat, there is no way I'd eliminate chocolate. If the chocolate shake delivered, this was going to be easy!! And then I worked my way into some of the things I wasn't sure I'd like...and it's all good because I love the results! One thing I didn't think I'd enjoy was the variety. It really helps to mix up the flavors to not get bored. (And unlike so many on the recipe board, I'm not as adventurous to create food I far I've missed nothing...not even making "real meals".

California Candy..

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My first meal was the Chai Latte. I took a sip, and turned to DH and said, "WOW! This CAN'T be diet food!!!"..

Comment #4

Blueberry cookies. I had to have something portable. I made 2 envelopes as I spent the day away from home. So I needed something I could carry with me...

Comment #5

Chocolate's been a favorite of mine ever since!! I am all out at the moment so I am ading DaVinci SF chocolate to the Swiss Mocha!!..

Comment #6

My first Medifast meal was the orange shake. I was not sure how it was going to be. Orange flavored things can be pretty nasty so I decided to try what I thought could be the worst meal first. It turned out to not be so bad...

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I don't even remember... Sad, huh? I had ordered the 4 week pack (and haven't done so since). I'm sure it was a shake, but I don't remember what flavor. Banana, maybe?..

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The chocolate shake! Didn't even unpack the rest of the box when the delivery came, just grabbed the box and let 'er rip.!.

Aloha, Tracy.



Comment #9

Mine was the Peach Oatmeal. I thought it was so sweet I could hardly stand it..

These days, the Peach and Blueberry oatmeals are amongst my favorites..

Comment #10

Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal. I'm a big oatmeal fan anyway, so I thought I'd start with something I would have a chance of liking. It's still my favorite, even after almost 12 weeks!..

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My first Medifast meal was oatmeal. I didn't like it at first and I had to add a half a packet of Splenda. Now I love eating it without it. I didn't like any of the shakes. I didn't like the after taste. Hopefully, it will grow on me...

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My first Medifast meal was the strawberry shake...nasty, next was the oatmeal (I gagged). Thank heavens for the bars or I would not have made it thru the first week And to this day, I still can't stand either of

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Mine was the oatmeal. It overflowed all over the turn glass plate in the micro....

I now consider myself an expert Medichef..

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Mine was chocolate pudding done in the shaker jar. I was not particularly encouraged or discouraged by it. It was okay..

I like a lot of things now (but I still HATE HATE HATE the ministrone and fruit drinks and teas)..


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ROTFLMAO!!!!! Bettina! You made my day with that!!!!!!.


Me? The peach oatmeal, of course, and it's been the "BT breakfast" ever since!..

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My first Medifast meal was chili. It was horrible! I did everything "wrong". I just added the packet to the water and heated in the microwave. Of course, it boiled over... I didn't add any seasonings or even let it sit a few minutes... I literally gagged it down and thought, this is going to be a long 5 weeks (that's how much food I'd just ordered).

Then I got on the message boards and learned some tricks for the food and never had another meal that I couldn't stand. Chili even became a favorite.

I'm on maintenance now, and still have 3 Medifast meals/day.


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