What Walden Farms products do you use during Medifast?

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I found a ceaser dressing at Target and I like it. It doesn't taste like ceaser but it is very good and creamy...

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Your question was: What Walden Farms products do you use during Medifast?.

I LOVE the Honey Dijon salad dressing!!!! No fat, no calories, no carbs and yummy!..

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Hi! Yes, I love quite a few of the WF products, and there are some that I really don't like. As said by others, the WF peanut butter spread is really nasty. The mayonnaise spread is almost as equally nasty. If you crave peanut butter, look into PB2 made by Bell Plantations. (See below for where I order my WF foods - they have the PB2 also.) One serving of PB2 is a snack like the soy crisps. Definitely save it for a day when you are eating lower calorie items, since it does have lots of fat still left in it..

My most favorite is the chocolate syrup. I add some to the diabetic chocolate shakes and I recently put some into the banana pudding. I also put it into hot instant coffee for a "mocha." The trick is not to use too much. The next favorite is the strawberry syrup. I add that to the diabetic strawberry shakes. Really pumps up the flavor! Then, the blueberry syrup.

I've melted a spoonful with the pancake syrup and used it on apple cinnamon oatmeal or on AC waffles. I cooked some pork tenderloin and used it as a side condiment, as you would applesauce with pork..

I bought the caramel dip too. It tastes weird to me straight out of the bottle. I use it when I make vanilla diabetic shakes - a good tablespoon to start with, mixed with instant coffee. Sort of a "caramel machiatto" taste... well, at least I can dream! Same as the other syrups - don't use too much!.

I like the honey BBQ sauce. I dip chicken breast bites in it so that the meat isn't dry. I tried baking the chicken with it on, but it doesn't thicken up like regular BBQ sauce. I haven't tried grilling or broiling with it..

I've tried some of the salad dressings, and I do like the raspberry viniagrette and the creamy italian flavors. The balsamic viniagrette is sort of blah tasting to me. I've mixed it with some other dressings, like Newman's light, so that it stretches the fat portion a little thinner. I probably won't buy that flavor again. My cousin says the bacon ranch and the thousand island flavors are good. I'm waiting for my order now!.

Oh yes, I order my WF farms products from Their prices are great, and you don't have to search for coupons. I think all the products are $3.67 or thereabouts, and you only pay approx. $5 for shipping via ground - any size package!.

I hope this helps!..

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I love Blue Cheese dressing. How does WF's Blue Cheese dressing taste? Has anyone tried it?..

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Ive only tried the marshmallow and caramel sauces. Marshmallow was vile to me. caramel was eh. I never finished using either and tossed them after a couple months. I found both at Jewel by the ice cream toppings...

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Have not tried the blue cheese, but the Balsamic is yuck!..

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Between 2 stores, I managed to find quite a variety of salad dressings and a bottle of pancake syrup. I couldn't wait to make the Medifast pancakes and have my new syrup but I couldn't get past the 2nd bite...not sure which I disliked morethe pancakes or the syrup. Many people like it, so you'll have to try it for yourself.

I have only tried the Thousand Island dressing so far and I like it. It's a nice change from the Newman's Own Balsamic that I've been eating. I plan on trying the Honey Mustard tonight as a dipping sauce for my chicken. I wasn't able to locate any of the other products. I was hoping to find the caramel sauce to try with my cinnamon pretzels, as someone else suggested, but no luck!.

0 calories, 0 fat, 0 carbsgotta try them all! Just be aware that the creamy bacon dressing does contain some calories and fat...

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Ohhhh good ole "Walden Farms"!!! I buy mine at.


We don't have Walden Farms available even at our local "Henry's" (they used to have Walden Farms at my "Henry's" but not the EXACT flavors I want)... and I dont see them anywhere else around my other stores either...

So this is just as easy and very reasonable sh&h too! They deliver REAL QUICK to me since I'm very near the outfit here in California... where this outfit is based anyway....

My faves are their sryup because I make pancakes with the Medifast oatmeal and then use the Walden Farms pancake syrup for that... then I love Walden Farms sauces for my chicken and steak I use with it that too... I just love Walden Farms all BBQ sauces! Just perfect and works well with MF.....

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I've tried the WF Blue Cheese Dressing. Imagine a watered down, a little sweeter tasting grocery store blue cheese dressing. It's not to bad, and when you toss some iceberg lettuce with it topped with chicken in hot sauce, you have a pretty good buffalo chicken salad...

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Right.. and I was also told by a Medifast dietician on the boards anyway that even though they say zero calories, zero carbs.. sometimes they can be hidden by even a few grams.. So I am still limiting all this too...

Also I like their BBQ sauces much more then their dressings....

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I LOVE the pancake syrup!! I feel like I've tried just about everything they have and the pancake syrup is definitely my favorite. I also really really like the spicy bbq sauce. The strawberry & blueberry syrups are good as well. I use the mayo to make tuna and I have no problem with it. Chocolate syrup is good in shakes & pudding. Creamy italian dressing is great - ranch, not bad but not my ranch. Jellies are good too...

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The fruit jellies aren't bad, to me they have less of a chemically taste to them. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the peanut butter. Seriously, I am a peanut butter lover, and I was highly offended when I tried it. I actually bought a whole bunch of their product direct from their website because I had a buy 5 get 5 free coupon. Then I was out shopping at Henry's Farmers Market and found a few things there..

I think the consensus if you talk to people who use walden farms is that the pancake syrup is good (I like it) and the peanut butter is bad. I'll also add that from the dips I like them in this order: caramel, chocolate, marshmallow. The marshmallow has the most chemically taste. Chocolate is alright, but still has a little bit of the icky taste, and caramel I can barely taste the chemicals, and it is very close to tasting real caramel (I dip the cinnamon pretzels in the caramel...yum!) The chocolate syrup is better than the chocolate dip (I usually put some on a frozen shake and it almost resembles a sundae)..

I've also tried the asian and the raspberry vinaigrette dressings, and I like both of them. I have a few other products but haven't tried them all yet. I hope this helps, and wasn't too wordy..

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I LOVE the Honey Dijon salad dressing!!!! No fat, no calories, no carbs and yummy!..

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