What vitamins can I take with Murad Acne Complex?

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Back on 10mg a day since the doctor told me too..can I take omega 3,6,9 while on Murad Acne Complex? will it make flushing/redness worse?what other vitamins should I take?..

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Your question was: What vitamins can I take with Murad Acne Complex?.

If I heard correctly, some fish oil brands may contain vitamin A. I take Carlson's brand and it contains none. Make sure to use a brand without it...

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Definitely don't confuse cod liver oil with fish oil .... cod liver oil is very high in vitamin A...

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I just checked my Fish Oil Concentrate 1000mg. It says nothing about Vitamin A in the Nutritional Facts. May be a stupid question, but ya never know. Since it doesn't say anything about Vitamin A, does that really mean there is no Vitamin A?..

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Yes.So far as I know, there's really no reason why fish oil should contain vitamin A, unless it's something like cod liver oil...

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Ive heard fish oil is very good for you... but my problem is... I HATE FISH or any type of seafood.... I wont touch it. I talked to one person that said when she burped, she could taste the fish oil. does this happen to anyone else? I'm interested in trying it...

Also, ive heard vitamin E is good for the skin. advice anyone?..

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I also hate seafood, except tuna fish and fish sticks. I like the fish oil though. And no, when I burp I don't taste fish oil...

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So there is no fishy taste at all? I might try it then. ive been drinking green tea lately cuz I heard it was good for your skin (and lots of other health benefits)... i'll try anything to help my skin..

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I get those fishy taste burps if I take fish oil. but if I take them in capsel/pill form and swallow it with a meal, that problem's gone..

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You're pretty much free to take whatever you want except vitamin A. Avoid multivitamins that have a high daily dose of vitamin A and foods that are high in vitamin A as well. You should be fine with everything else...

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What's considered high in Vitamin how many milligrams?..

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What are fish oil tablets good for while on the Murad Acne Complex?I wanted to take a certain vitamin to make my hair grow, but it showed it had vitamin A in it, so I guess i'll have to wait until I'm done with the Murad Acne Complex...

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Murad Acne Complex weakens the epidermal lipid barrier, which protects your skin against bacterial invasion and against water loss thru evaporation.Supplementing your diet with fish oil helps to reinforce that barrier...

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My doc told me avoid vitamins that have 100% of your daily value. I also avoid anything like V8 that also has like 60% of your daily in it. I'm not a doctor but I try to stay with foods that are less than 30% of my daily intake of vitamin A...

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