What Vitamin Shoppes sell Hydroxycut Hardcore??

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What Vitamin Shoppes sell Hydroxycut Hardcore??.

My next question is: Help please!! just ate the chicken patty 4 the 1st time.... ewwww. any suggestions to help? I found it salty with an odd flavor.

Also, it says on the pkg to include small wheat roll do we have to enter the roll as a seperate meal item? or not? many thanks!..

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Your question was: What Vitamin Shoppes sell Hydroxycut Hardcore??.

I chop it up and toss it into my salad and instead of a roll, I have a handful of fatfree croutons... yummy..

Comment #1

Bunni has a great recipe for stuffed chicken parm-it was on todays recipe board...

Comment #2

If the package calls for a bun to eat with the entree, it is not considered anything extra, but is part of the entree. Same is true if the package calls for milk (with the cold cereals). It's included as part of the entree...

Comment #3

I had mine last night on a pita.I honestly cannot eat that thing again. GROSS!!!..

Comment #4

I cut my chicken patty in half, stir fry 1/2 of it (no oil) with a few peppers and onions, herbs & spices and use it to top my flatbread pizza. Totally delicious. That works as a protein serving. I reserve the other half for the next day's pizza dinner...

Comment #5

Gross! I hated the chicken patty. It had the consistency of tuna, and smelled like cat food. My cat liked it, but there is no way I can eat that thing again. Bleh..

Comment #6

You are SO right longhorngal! no reorder for me either! too many other good things to choose fromi could dr that thing for 2 days & it just aint happening..

Comment #7

I washed it off and grilled it a bit. Toasted my wheat bun added ff miracle whip, a tad of horseradish, and lettuce and it was good. They are a bit different but good. Have to consider that I used to be a spam eater too, grilled was my fav. Now you know what era I came from. lol..

Comment #8

I think it's one of the more filling dinners, esp. with the bread it requires adding...

Comment #9

It reminds me of spam yuck, my husband brings that into the house. I cooked the chicken in then oven and cut it up in my salad, not to bad that way...

Comment #10

I threw mine on the grill with my families steaks. I sprinkled a little Mrs. Dash on it. I cut it up in little pieces and threw it in my salad. It wasnt so bad that way..

I think I will look at the recipe boards though and look up that Chicken Parm recipe...

Comment #11

The only way I can stomach it is to drown it in picante sauce. However, I actually kind of like it that way now...

Comment #12

These are soooo good if you take some time with them. I spritz my Forman grill with olive oil spray, then put onions and peppers on the grill, then grill the chicken patty with it.

You can also dice it up and put it in chicken stock with wild rice or barley and make a great soup! I also add it to tomato basil soup and make my version of minestrone with it. Or my absolute favorite is grill it with fresh rosemary, lemon zest, and squeeze a little lemon juice on it..

Just play with it!..

Comment #13

I love it. I slice it into 1/4 in thick strips on the diagonal. Then I stir fry it with veggies. I like my meat kind of dry or crispy or toward over well done..

Then I take 2 corn tortillas (70 cals each, and one is the free "bread" included with the meal, the other tortilla I count in the daily meal planner)..

I spray both tortillas with pam and then heat them on a skillet. This softens up the tortilla so that I can roll it and make 2 enchiladas with the veggie/chicken stir fry..

I sometimes make chicken tacos but I prefer the enchiladas. Don't overthink the 2nd tortilla. Just eat it and enjoy...

Comment #14

Carolyn, I'm not sure what you mean by this?..

Comment #15

I tried it during the week for the first time and also found it bleh..

And there's another one in my box..

I tried to doctor it up a bit with some Lite mayo, Lettuce and tomatoes also put some Steak seasoning on it.

I read some where on this board that the bread is included in the meal count..

I purchased some Thomas Lite Multi-grain english muffins to put it on..

It was edible but barely...

Comment #16

I chop it up and toss it into my salad and instead of a roll, I have a handful of fatfree croutons... yummy..

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