What types of foods should I buy for Nutrisystem plan?

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Hi Everyone-.

So I figured that by the time I get back from being out of town from work, I would most feasibly be able to start the program on Monday July 5th. That being said, I would like to do any grocery shopping I need to do on the 4th so I am totally prepared to start off on the right foot come monday morning..

As I read some of the other posts, I am understanding that I need to add in some store bought foods. I purchased the Women's Basic plan and have approximately 30 lbs to lose. Could you guys help and let me know what types of foods I should buy? I just don't want to wait until I pick up my BBB (see?! I have been reading your posts!!!) from my parents house and then rush to read the meal planner and then have to do grocery shopping at midnight (I enjoy sleep way too much.).

It would be a HUGE help. Thanks! You guys are the best!.


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Your question was: What types of foods should I buy for Nutrisystem plan?.

Nancy what a great list!.

Janine, you'll get to add a fruit and a protein or dairy to breakfast, to lunch you get a protien and veggies, for a snack it is a fruit and a protein/dairy and to dinner veggies, fruit and a fat. You also get a limited amount of free foods (20 calories maxthree times a day I think). I use fat free cool whip and fat free half and half mostly, but see others using items like sugar free jello, sugar free syrup, etc..

Good luck!!!.


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Wow. Thanks so much!!!.

My food shipped today.....CAN'T WAIT!!!..

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Lots of veg..

Lots of fruit..

For protein/dairy - I have a hard boiled egg, slice turkey, light activa yogurt, or glass skim milk..

For Fat - I have either nuts, peanut butter (no sugar added kind), avocado, or cheese..

For liquid - I drink a lot of flavored Polar Seltzer. Just discovered vanilla seltzer and it's awesome. no calories..

Good luck!!! You'll do great. The structure on this program is amazing...

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Congratulations on making the commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle! Participating in the community is an excellent idea, as many members agree that there is a great deal of support, information and advice located here! It may also be helpful to note that we have a Recommended Grocery Foods list located under the Tips and Recipes tab, and you also have the option to search for ideas and suggestions in the forums by using the Search feature. To use the Search feature, click on Search and then Advanced Search, as many areas of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared Also, keep in mind that we have an incredibly helpful Dietitians Corner, where our experts will be more than happy to answer any program questions or concerns you may have!.

If you need any additional assistance while navigating your way around the site, we are here to help and can be reached in the Ask the Mod forum, or via email at ..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!..

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