What to reward yourself during Nutrisystem diet?

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I am new, starting today, and noticed many of you reward yourself with material items for weight loss. I know that I reward myself with food and need to change that. Can you tell me what you used to reward yourself with? I am looking for small goals, like 5 pounds or even less. What did you give yourself?..

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Your question was: What to reward yourself during Nutrisystem diet?.

I am getting a pedicure every 10 pounds. But you could do it for 5 pounds too.

I figure the bigger goals (40 -50, etc) will require new clothes, so that's all I can afford and will be rewards themselves..

Comment #1

New clothes, tattoos, concert tickets, new cds, dvds, books, your favorite "trashy" magazine, did I mention new clothes? LOL - I frequent my local thrift store & Goodwill!!..

Comment #2

I reward myself at every 5 pound loss with something for my Wiccan rituals (i.e. gemstones, crystals, candles, incense, books, etc.) that IS NOT bought from Wal Mart Also, usually when I lose 10 pounds, I have to buy new clothes to wear, so I also reward with something new (a necessary reward for that)...

Comment #3

Clothes, makeup, music, fitness-related stuff (new running outfit, etc.)...

Comment #4

My rewards area just about anything but food. (ute (lothes, spa treatments, mani/pedis,makeup makeovers hair (uts/dos, dan(ewear,& travel all work for me!..

Comment #5

I rewarded myself by flying to Texas to meet and have lunch with Dogma, (Robin) Jenni and Terri...they were even kind enough to let me buy!..

Comment #6

My first week I bought two cds and the second week I bought new shoes/flip flops. I'm thinking for the 3rd week itll be a pedicure.....

Comment #7

I just deleted my goal stuff from my siggy. I can remember all but my first goal.

10 lbs... ???.

20 lbs ... mani pedi.

30 lbs ... new jeans.

35 lbs ...vacation.

40 (goal) ... lots of new clothes because nothing fit..

Comment #8

Clothes, clothes, clothes!.

I tend to get particular compliments on my Victoria's Secrets. Sweaters and blouses, don't think dirty!..

Comment #9

At 20 pounds, I splurged on a pair of NYDJ (Not Your Daughters' Jeans). $98.00!!! And the way they fit, worth every dollar! My husband ALWAYS has a compliment for me when I wear them! (he leers at me!) When I wear the "cheapy" jeans, never!!.

I want another pair soon!!.


Comment #10

Maybe I am strange and a party pooper (well I know I'm a bit strange or at the very least eccentric) however, to me, being smaller, healthier, more fit, looking better, feeling better THOSE ARE REWARDS. So that's how I reward myself...

Comment #11

I mean really LatinaMommy LOOK at you unless those aren't your pictures. You need MORE than just looking like that?..

Comment #12

SandyGirl, LOL, I got some "skinny" jeans a size smaller and oh yeah, DH, really does like me in them. The way he responds to me in those jeans is all the reward I could want...

Comment #13

I do the same, Robin, with the exception of clothes -at least not yet. But I have bought a whole new wardrobe of lipsticks and nail polishes. Great stuff. I bought the Ninetendo Wii Walk it Out, spa time for the works, and nordic tracks poles for walking in the wilderness.

Actually, buying stuff is a close second to losing weight these days...

Comment #14

* blush * Thank you..

But when I showed off magenta pink panties at the doctor's office because my pants fell down when I stood, yes, I did need more.

But other than that, yes, feeling fitter and having more energy is a huge reward...

Comment #15

For every 20 pounds I lose, I have promised myself luxury purses. My first was a Prada bag. In another 10 pounds, I'm going to buy myself a Louis Vuitton I've had my eye on.

It's highly motivating for me to get something for myself that is pricey and sort of keeps me accountable. I consider these material things as trophies I've acquired during my journey toward health. You just need to find what motivates you other than food. For me I salivate for purses as much as I do for any food...

Comment #16

Thrift stores are GREAT, especially those like Goodwill or Salvation army where the money goes to help others. Also if you are still losing there is no sense paying full retail for clothes that will not fit when you go down in size again. (actually I guess I am renting the clothes because when this happens I donate them back to a thrift store.)..

Comment #17

Awww. Maybe everyone should do this as their reward. Fly to Texas and take us out to lunch!..

Comment #18

I do the same thing - donate them back again once they're too big..

Comment #19

Clothes - lots and lots of clothes. Consignment stores have outrageous deals on very small sized clothes (guess there aren't a lot of 2s and 4s out there) - many with tags still on them. Probably people buy them with the intent to shrink into them...

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