What to order for 2nd time on Nutrisystem?

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I started Nutrisystem a little over a year ago and lost over 44 pounds in six months which exceeded my goal. In fact I never thought it would happen! I was always on the flex plan, and only had a couple of months worth of Nutrisystem food; the rest I have done on my own (with the help of these boards and Christina's cookbook)..

I've maintained for several months, but would like to lose 20 more pounds and then maintain. For some reason it can't be done, even with all the tricks I know..

So I am going on Nutrisystem again (with Costco).

I've done the QVC version before with the food they send. So, I would appreciate some suggestions on what to "custom" order..

Thanking you in advance for your advice and recommendations!..

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Your question was: What to order for 2nd time on Nutrisystem?.

Here you go! Worth reading through!.


Also, I found another thread that talked about how high in protein the vegetable fajita was but not so great on it's own. I had a few sitting around and I really loved the ideas. I've mixed it with the sloppy joe and I've mixed it with the chili beans. And on the thread I was reading, some mix all 3 together to get the right mix of flavors and textures. It's good on a sandwhich thin, or a tortilla, or a pita. I also liked it in an egg beater omelet!.

Ok, I could blather on and on. These are my bigger suggestions with the most protein punch!..

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Wow - that is great! My faves are the pizzas, cheesy potatoes, fudge grahm bar, peanut chocolate lunch bar, bbq pork wrap, chocolate chip scone, blueberry muffins, egg frittata! Good luck to you!!..

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That is a tall order - and pretty impossible. What I love you may hate, and vice versa. Example, Krista's favorites were "the pizzas, cheesy potatoes, fudge grahm bar, peanut chocolate lunch bar, bbq pork wrap, chocolate chip scone, blueberry muffins, egg frittata".

None of those are my favorites. I like the lasagnas, and for breakfast, the scrambled eggs we can no longer get, and now the new chocolate muffins (banana's good too). For dessert I like anything chocolate, and also the cheese puffs, and for lunch my favorite is the trail mix bar..

You will just have to try them all, dropping those you do not like from your next order, and trying everything at least once. Have fun!..

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I couldn't have said it better. You'll be surprised which ones you find good and which ones you find bad. As she said, just give each one a try and see how you feel about them. If you don't like something... just change it.:-)..

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Mmm all the dessert bars and the lunch bars are a must have! Freeze them for an extra special treat. Soy chips and cheese puffs are also fantastic as is the tuna salad. I love the wraps, beef patty, and chicken for dinner 'cause you get to add a carb serving of your choice to it. Mostly, everything i've had is a win (minus the chicken salad...but everyone else seems to adore it)...

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Thanks for the suggestions! I was going to order based on what I liked from my orders last year, but I think I like the idea of ordering one of everything I haven't tried to find some new favorites. I'm getting excited!..

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First off, let me say CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic that you have met your goal. I think that you can lose that 20 lbs that you want. Just stay motivated, follow the plan, maybe add exercise or crank the exercise up a knotch. You can do this!..

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I like 99% of the food and for a change you might give a week of the frozen select a whirl. I really like those. I don't get them all the time but every once in awhile I treat myself, but there again, some like them some don't. Good luck to you, Nancy..

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