What to feed kids while mommy is on Medifast?

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My first question is What to feed kids while mommy is on Medifast? Many thanks for any response. My other question... I've been on Medifast since dec. I didn't weigh myself for the fear of getting compulsive. I started with a 39" waist and now I am at 32. I decided to weigh myself.

So..4 pounds....are you serious???? I can't believe it..

Also, I went off Medifast two weeks ago and because of finances, but am eating every few hours lean and greens, etc 100 calories, balancing carbs and proteins..etc.....I even lost another inch since then and have started running 2 miles every day. I feel great. I have been getting compliments. I just can't believe my body. I don't want to weigh 172, I am only 5 feet 2. I thought this would work, I followed it.

Thinking about giving in to do the hcg diet, to lose...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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No at the most I was 180. thats it. I also didn't really go down a total size but my stomach does not hang over my pants at all and they are really really super loose. I know for a fact I was 180 or less and even if I lost 6 pounds, it's still weird to me that I can lose that many inches and not see the scale move like you guys. I do have to say I am not really big anywhere on my body except for my stomache, so It is a success that I lost inches and I am thankful, but still.......

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Zenga - You are dropping inches like crazy! Does it really, actually matter what the scale says? I once new a trainer at a gym. Little skinny thing that cane about to my shoulders. She looked to weigh all of 90 lbs. Then she stepped on the scale and weighed almost 140 lbs! Her comment, that I still remember and try to live by is that "It's not how MUCH you weigh, but how much you LOOK like you weigh". Could it simply be that you may need to change the batteries in your scale, or if it's not digital, that the scale isn't calibrated correctly?..

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Re: HCG I have a neighbor who started HCG about 2 weeks before I started back with MF. I have already lost more weight than she has and in less time. I have dropped a size in 3 weeks, she is still the same size. I wouldn't, nor could I, do HCG - 500 calories a day plus a daily shot? No thanks. I'll take my 6 meals a day, chocolate for 5 of them, and losing weight quicker..

When I was on Medifast previously my weight loss slowed down tremendously when I started working out. I was still losing inches but the weight stalled. I had to start eating more in order to lose was a very strange concept to me. But really, what's more important the inches or the pounds?..

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Muscle weighs the exact same thing as fat, but your volume statement was correct. The same number of pounds of muscle will take up less space..

OP: It sounds like your original weight was off. I know you say it couldn't be off more than a few pounds, but even in replacing fat with muscle it's unlikely that a 4 lb or even 8 lb loss translated to a 7 inch loss in the waist. Especially since you've likely lost some inches elsewhere as well. BMI isn't necessarily the best way of tracking what's appropriate for your size, but if you aren't a heavily muscled individual it is an adequate way to gauge it. It is possible that if you're over-exercising and under consuming in calories your weight loss has stalled as your body has a minor freak out...

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I'll bump a thread called, "Why am I not losing..."..

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Thank you everybody for your support. Most of my friends are skininy minnies and they don't get anyways....I am NOT going to do hcg, and after thinking about it, I am not seeing I failed (focused on scale)....the inches I lost really surprised me and I am very proud of myself. I'm going to stick with it..

I do have to add MOST of my weight was in the middle...

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Zenga....don't get discouraged by the numbers on the scale. I have been on Medifast for almost 7 weeks now, and I have only lost 23 lbs. However....I have lost 3 inches on my waist and 5 on the hips....I am fitting into jeans and clothes that I haven't worn in more than 5 years. It just takes time....keep your chin up......

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