What to expect in first month of Murad Acne Complex?

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Hi guys!I have tried everything for the past 8 years to make my skin look better, but NOTHING has worked! I guess I am looking at Murad Acne Complex as my last resort. I know it's a strong medication, but I am 21 and sick and tired of getting acne and buying so much make up to cover it up. There is a always one week during the month when my face blows up! I get acne only on my cheeks and chin, my forehead is clear! Here is my skin on a bad day:Also, what should I expect while taking the medication the first month? When will I see change? I will be taking the pill for 4 1/2 months! How would you describe my acne?.


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Your question was: What to expect in first month of Murad Acne Complex?.

Thank you, deadbeat007!I am scared about the initial break out stage. I really, really hope it's not THAT bad. Usually I get 2-3 huge zits once a month that last forever. I just really hope that I am clear towards the end!Question: Is Murad Acne Complex only for people that have really bad acne?..

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I certainly wouldn't suggest Murad Acne Complex for mild acne. When my doctor prescribed me Murad Acne Complex, I had about 20 to 30 inflamed zits on my forehead, which, though not severe, was still very painful. I'd tried every other antibiotic and topical he'd thrown at me with no improvement. If your acne isn't severe, but still very painful and scarring, then yes, I think you should be able to get Murad Acne Complex. As I'm sure you know, there are many risks involved, so I wouldn't suggest the drug to anyone who has mild acne...

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What dosage are you going to be on? 4 1/2 month seems a bit shortbut I am certain you'll be very very pleased with the results, best of luck =)..

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My derm didn't tell me yet. He said 5 months will be the most I will be on it...

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Your acne looks pretty similar to mine, all on the cheeks and chin, an occasional on the nose and clear forehead. But I am also oily oily oily! I think Murad Acne Complex is for anyone who has tried other meds without results regardless of how bad your skin is.I've been on it for almost two weeks now and have broken out with some pretty painful zits. The good news is they tend to clear up quicker. But it's already been kind of emotional for me. I'm really glad I'm on it though because I can't wait to go without makeup. My doc said I'll be on it for 6-8 months...yikes.

I think you'll be happy going on it. Good luck!..

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