What to expect from Murad Acne Complex?

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Hey everyone,I just started using Murad Acne Complex and I'm on my 7th day. Im taking a low dose of only 30mg a day and I hear all this shit about how your skin gets so dry and your lips get dry and you break out(which I would rather have NOT happen) but I'm experiencing nothing. My face gets a little dryer than usual after washing but thats it. Is this because the dose is to low? Is it just to early in the game? It sounds wierd but I want my skin to get dry so I know this stuff is actually working!..

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Your question was: What to expect from Murad Acne Complex?.

Cant tell you what to expect I'm on day 101 and sometimes I look god sometimes look like crap. lol..

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Yeah, it really varies for everyone how they react the the medicine, but from my personal experience thus far... On the 7th day I believe I was an oil slick and then after 2 days my face/lips progressively got drier and drier. I started on 40 mg a day and had mild IB's. Hopefully you have smooth sailing from here on out, but don't be shocked for some dry skin/lips! I think getting on the moisturizing band wagon earlier(before it starts) rather than later is preferred!..

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Well to be honest, in my experiences, it took around 10 days for my skin to get dry. I think i've always had oily skin though, more than most. I had mild-moderate persistent acne and I'm currently on day 30.If you do get an initial breakout, bear with it for about 2 weeks. Mine started around day 10 and subsided around day 23 -25 ish.I'm not sure if this is a miracle cure or not, but I did notice that my mild acne is not coming in at all. The areas where I would have a little bit of breakouts has not broken out in 2 1/2 weeks. I don't want to jinx it , but i've deliberately been eating greasy / garbage fast foods (I'm normally strict on my diet) and I haven't broken out anywhere except the upper sides of my head, which have always been the real battle...

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Thanks everyone. Yea I really hope I dont break out. That would suck. Im just playin it by ear right now. Im really worried about the pschological issues to. Ive been diagnosed with depression by a couple of doctors since I was little.

I think I just gotta tell myself I'm alright and I will be...

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