What to drink in morning during Medifast?

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Hi, what do you drink in the morning instead of coffee. The cappuccino hot drink is horrible I love the shakes and the bars...but can barely choke down this stuff...How do you like the hot chocolate and or the chai...any suggestions......

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Your question was: What to drink in morning during Medifast?.

Hi I don't like the cappucinno or the chi. However I love the cocoa. You do need to be careful about lumps. To avoid lumps empty the packet in a cup and add about 1/4 cup of warm water stir until smooth and creamy. Then add the rest of the water or use coffee. I then nuke it for 1 to 2 mins.

It is great. I also love it with a few drops of raspberry extract...

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I only like the hot chocolate and cappucino cold, in the magic bullet with ice cubes. YUM!..

Comment #2

LOL, how sad is that, it wasn't until I read dd's post there, that I remembered that the cappucino is supposed to be hot.

I always have mine cold as a shake, never did get to like the chai latte, cocoa is great, hot, cold, as a cake, frozen with PB2 as a Reece style cake mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so may ways to enjoy..


What I have in the morning for coffee, is coffee!!! I've given up smoking, sugar, carbs, and everything else, you can keep your hands off of my coffee!!!!!!!! It's working OK for me...

Comment #3

Thanks for all of the help....yep I think "cold" is the key for me.... I hate fake sweeteners I am a sugar girl. Hello that's why I am overweight haha...I think cold, I don't get the aftertaste as much wafting through my tastebuds. I did stop for a skinny latte w/sf caramel that did the trick. So off I go to buy some sf syrups...and skim...

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I like to mix the hot chocolate with instant coffee and ice in my little blender. I also like to add cinnamon to the hot chocolate - served icy, too. In the fall/winter I don't mind the chai mixed with hot coffee. If you close your eyes and wish really hard you can pretend you are having pumpkin pie with coffee!.


Comment #5

I've always been a coffee snob -.

- but, I actually use Instant Coffee!.

Every morning I make a chocolate shake in blender with ice, and I add in a teaspoon (or two - or three if I'm really sleepy!) of instant coffee. (Sometimes I add a little bit of vanilla extract too.).

The blender whips it up & makes it texture actually like a real milkshake - and the coffee powder with the chocolate shake = mocha.... so, I start every morning with a delicious mocha milkshake!.

(btw - long before I ever started this diet, I learned from a friend whose "Iced Coffee" at a weekly event was always in demand (rated better than the big-names!), that the best way to make iced coffee, is actually to start with instant instead of brewed - the result is a nice smooth-but-strong tasting coffee, and no watering-down. She would mix the instant with only enough water to dissolve in, and then she'd fill the whole rest of the pitcher with milk or whatever. So to me, mixing coffee powder with shake mix just seems natural!)..

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I found the cappucino less than wonderful as well. My wife is also on the plan and added a teaspoon of Coffee Mate Sugar Free French Vanilla. It made a world of difference...

Comment #7

I actually love the cappucino with ice! But if it's not for you try the hot cocoa..i LOVE it! Mixed with a cup of strong coffee tastes like a delicious mocha..

Comment #8

I love Chai Latte's but the Medifast Chai didn't pass, it had a strange taste - yuck! I haven't tried the Cappuchino meal yet but the Hot chocolate is one of my favorites! I save two Medifast meals to have later in the day for dessert. I use my bullet blender and mix about 1 cup of ice, 8-9 oz of cold water, one Hot Chocolate packet and One Chocolate Pudding packet and blend. OMG - it taste so close to Wendy's Chocolate Frosty treats! It is soooo darn tasty!..

Comment #9

I didn't even realize the cappacino was supposed to be hot until a week into the program. Luckily, I love it as a shake. I also put the cocoa in my coffee. It sounds like I may have to get a Magic Bullet!..

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