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I'm going to have a massage! For years I have longed to have a massage by a professional but have been too embarrassed to have anyone touch or see my fat body in that way. I was sure I'd end up grossing a massage therapist out and she'd talk about me with her friends (insecure, much?) Heck, I might still gross someone out when I get to goal because of the extra skin and wrinkles, but I don't care. It's just been one more thing that my weight has kept me from doing all these years. The longer I'm on this program, the more I keep realizing just how many enjoyable things I've not been able to do or not allowed myself to do. It's time I started doing those things..

Anybody else felt the same about massages?..

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Nope I weigh a lot more than you and get them when I can. I actually prefer facials, but now I have a place where she does 45 minutes facial and 30 minutes massage. Believe me at 175 lbs she/he has seen much bigger bodies, but it's a great reward for goal regardless! (I have a friend who did not get a pedicure until she was 33 b/c she has what she calls a weird toe, everyone has their hang ups).

When you do get one enjoy every minute..

Comment #1

Wow I could have written what you wrote..I feel the exact same way as you!!! It's so bad that my husband got me an hour massage for our last anniversary and I never used it He kept asking me when I was going, but I just kept making up's so crazy! That is definitely going to be one of the very first things I do Nicki..

Comment #2

Let me tell you girls I am a Massage Therapist and seriously all body's are the same when your massagin. I don't notice a "fat" body to a so called "normal" body ( oh except those hot muscular ones) haha So PLEASE don't let that stop you from getting a Massage they are wonderful for mind and body... And your not laying naked on the table with no cover,they unfold one body part at a time... DO IT!!!! Merry Christmas..., Mia..

Comment #3

I say DO IT!! I was given the gift of a professional massage before my wedding years ago, and let me tell you, I had no idea what I had been missing! I never treated myself to something like that for the exact same reasons. I was embarrassed of my body and insecure about anyone seeing or touching all the fat I was carrying around. Boy was I wrong! Once you get over the initial awkward feeling of only wearing a towel in front of a stranger, you'll forget all about it and melt away into sheer bliss. Can you tell I really enjoyed the experience?!..

Comment #4

I too am a massage therapist and esthetician. Trust me, we are NOT judging you on your body! Esp when I'm fat myself. If it makes you uncomfortable find a heavy massage therapist! LOL. But seriously, we do not go and talk about you to our friends. And getting a massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself and MAY even help you lose weight along the way...

Comment #5

My mother has been getting massages for years and so last year about this time I decided to try a new place that opened near us. It is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. You are covered by a sheet at all times....your back is exposed while they do the back. One arm/leg is exposed at a time while the area is worked. Do not put it will be thrilled with it. Now I have two or three different therapists I ask for, depending on which one is working when I want the massage and I feel totally comfortable.


Comment #6

My DH gets a massage once or twice a week and has been trying to get me to go for years. I never would because of my weight, even though he explained the process and that they never see your whole body at once and your covered with a sheet, etc..

Finally, this year, after being on Medifast for four months, I felt like I had lost enough to brave the massage therapist, so part of my DH's birthday gift this December was a couple's massage. He was so happy I went and now we're going to schedule one together every other week. They really don't see your whole body all at once (I even wore shorts instead of just underwear to make myself more comfortable), and I really don't think they care, but I know EXACTLY how you feel...

Comment #7

Do it now!!!! I got massages at every weight. They're not grossed out at all. They work with all kinds of different bodies, and I've never gotten the slightest hint of dismay or judgment from any massage therapist, in any culture/modality/setting. Not the spa, the foot reflexology places, the mall, the salon, or the therapeutic places. Not with US-trained therapists, Mexican masseuses, or Chinese chair massage people. Not men or women.

Do it! You'll love it!..

Comment #8

I have two 90 minute massages every month and have done so for 20 years now. That's how I spend my "health dollars." The massage therapists I've used, for years, are all professionals and they are there to HELP me, not judge me Sure, my body has not always been air-brushed perfect, but that's why I go to them, I consider them to be healthcare providers!!.

I'm excited for you to try a massage. You could always speak to the massage therapist ahead of time and share you are a little nervous if that would help alleviate some of your apprehension. Good luck!!..

Comment #9

Even at 300lbs, I WILL ONLY SEE A Male Therapist! Unless there aren't any available. I've had more massages then I can count obviously and The best are always from men. They have a different touch and are much stronger. I guess if you like your massages light maybe stay away from Men, but please Try a male therapist...Once you do you'll never want to go back! LOL..

Comment #10

What Freya said. I had massages (not nearly as many as I should have had) at every weight and by every type of person. I never once felt judged and at the end of the massage - I am too relaxed to judge myself!.

If you want to warm up - try a facial at a nice salon. Most do a small amount of massage (hands and feet) along with the facial work.

Speaking of which - I am overdue for my facial reward for hitting 175......

Comment #11

You people are wonderful. You just helped me set my next goal and reward. I'm almost to my first one: below 300# by the New Year which is reward enough for me.

My next goal is to be at 250# by the end of April, and my reward will be a massage!.

Yes, my skin will probably be very saggy, but you all have convinced me that no one will point, stare, and giggle. Thank you!..

Comment #12

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