What to do about the chunks in Medifast hot chocolate?

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I hear everyone likes the hot chocolate but after I stir forever I still get gross chunks in my hot chocolate. Any ideas for me? Does anyone else get that?.


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Your question was: What to do about the chunks in Medifast hot chocolate?.

I use a hand blender, add hot water or coffee...and blend works every time...

Comment #1

Change the way you mix it. I love mine with coffee, but you can do this with hot water too..

Add JUST ENOUGH to get the powder liquidy, and stir the heck out of it. You want it about the consistency of oh, pudding. When it's thick like that, for some reason stirring it gets the lumps out better. Then, add a little more liquid, stir some more, then finish adding your liquid. That works for me with all the hot drinks...

Comment #2

I mix mine with cold water in my Magic Bullet then nuke it for about 90 seconds - it comes out all smooth and creamy and yummy. I have it every night and sometimes I even add 1tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder (counts as 1 condiment per Nutrition Support) to make it really boost that cocoa flavor!..

Comment #3

I use the Medifast shaker with room temp water, no lumps, then pour in mug and nuke for 2 minutes. Or I stir fast while pouring the hot choco powder slowly into my hot coffee (carmel machitto), no lumps...Mmmmmm, decadant !!..

Comment #4

I shake mine in the blender bottle first, then pour it in my mug. Gets the lumps out alot better..

Comment #5

This is my favorite thing to have in the magic bullet - smooth, creamy and frothy - I have to use an oversized mug or it bubbles over in the microwave..

Comment #6

What a difference a word makes, I keep reading the title and seeing CHUNKS, and for some reason think of chocolate chunks, and thinking actually doesn't sound bad. LUMPS on the other hand are gross, and I go for the adding just enough liquid to mix it to a paste then add the extra, nice and smooth that way..

Now goes off to think, would like be easier if they had to use the word lump, instead of chunk on products, would I buy 'lump cookies' or 'lump ice cream'..

Comment #7

I doubt you'd get a job in the ice cream or cookie marketing departments. ROFL!!!..

Comment #8

I, too, start with about 1/2 cup of cold water or less and mix it with a spoon or small rubber spatula.....then I throw in a couple of hot shots of espresso and nuke it for 30 seconds...

Comment #9

What I do:.

First I use just a little cold water (about 2oz) and a small whisk to stir it. This gets the lumps and chunks out easier. Then I add the rest of the water. If I don't have the whisk handy I use a fork instead...

Comment #10

I use a hand blender, add hot water or coffee...and blend works every time...

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