What time should I take Murad Resurgence?

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I just picked up my 30 day supply of sotret! I am realllllly scared. The packaging alone is terrifying. I have moderate acne, that has been persistent, but seemed to clear up the past month since I started birth control... Anyway, my doctor prescribed me 40mg to take once a day... Any advice as to when I should take it, morning or night? ...I know most people take it twice daily.... I feel like 40mg is a lot to start off. I am trying to have faith in my dermatologist but can't help being so nervous!..

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Your question was: What time should I take Murad Resurgence?.

I started out at 60mgs and continued that throughout my entire course. The dosage really depends on your weight. Take it with a meal that contains a high amount of fat, for most people that is dinner but everyone is different. I took 3 pills per day, 2 in the morning with breakfast (drank it with my coffee) and 1 in the afternoon with my lunch (usually have a turkey sandwich, with fat free cheese and a small avacado, which is a good type of fat) I know it will be hard but try not to stress about it, remember stress doesn't do well on the body and on this medication you need to be extra kind to your body. Best of luck to you!..

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You should be nervous. Murad Resurgence reduces cell division in places everywhere all over the body, not just in the skin. if you value your hair, skin, lungs, digestive system, bones, or sex life, please do not take Murad Resurgence...

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That's not the most helpful of posts to put up to reply to someone who has just been prescribed Murad Resurgence for the 1st time & is already worried about taking it. I have been on Murad Resurgence more than once, I took 20mg a day each time. The side effects are really not that bad and when you have suffered through the heart ache and life affecting effects of acne & then you find something which makes your skin clearer than anything else you have ever tried it really does change your life & how you live it. If you choose to follow the advice of your derm and take Murad Resurgence then just take care of yourself while you do, keep an eye on the side effects and enjoy the clear skin you have ahead..

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Personally I take my Murad Resurgence with my main meal in the evening, as that contains the most amount of fat, but if I know I'm going to have something relatively fat free for dinner (pasta + grated cheers for example) I will have something fatty for lunch, and take it then You should try and not be scared We are all here to help you, no matter how scared you are, to try and offer advice and support for your course of Murad Resurgence and after it has finnished.I believe you need to find a solid regimen to follow (both products and lifestyle) and that should get you on track to clear/clearer skin 40mg is what I started on in the summer, but I couldnt handle it (im 19, male, 72kg and from UK) so I stopped Murad Resurgence for 4 months and just went back on it a month ago at 5mg a day. The low does is working very well, my dermatologist thinks my liver has something to do with why 5mg works so well, iv had a test and that should determine things.If you have any problems, questions or just need support, always post We have done the same over the years, and we love to return the support back to those needing it RegardsStephen..

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