What skin products to use with Murad Resurgence?

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Just wondering what kind of products people are using while on Murad Resurgence or just in general...Here's what I use...Face Wash: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. It's the orange stuff in a pump bottle. I have no problems with it. It cleans without over drying. I was thinking about switching to a more moisturizing face wash, maybe something from Dove or Oil of Olay or something that is over priced, but I read from another thread that too much moisturization is bad because Murad Resurgence is supposed to dry out your face, so I'll ask my derm. when I see her next week.Face Lotion: Dove Deep Moisture SPF 15 (Put on after shower in the morning) and Pond's Dry Skin Cream (I use this after I wash my face at night)I like the Pond's better because it leaves my skin less oily and I feel it moisturizes more, but I like the SPF during the day from the Dove.

I was using the basic flavored Chap Stick, little did I know how much that shit sucks, lol. I got this products' name from another thread about chapped lips. The girl swore by it. Nonetheless, I picked some up. My lips are still chapped, but it doesn't hurt, and the more you put on, the better it gets.

It's expensive, but it lasts and does your skin good. I got a coupon for it, only reason I bought it. I will continue to buy this stuff because it cleans and moisturizes like no other... Love it!Body Lotion: Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Skin Therapy Lotion With Shea ButterI was using the regular cheap stuff (Vasaline brand Men Lotion, smelled damn good too) but realised fairly quickly that that wasn't shit either. Switched to the $10 a bottle (that I go through in 2 weeks if I use it on my entire body every day) Gold Bond Ultimate.

I LOVE GOLD BOND!!!! The one I used first (Restoring) was the best lotion ever. It made my skin stronger and totally made my skin the smoothest it's ever been. Both are non-greasy too. The stuff I use now is just as good. I will NEVER buy another lotion again...

I don't see a problem with hair loss or dry scalp, I've just always used it. I like it.Vitamins: GNC Vitamin C 1000mg - Buffered - The buffered just means it releases slowly; easier on the stomach. Walgreens Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fish Oil Concentrate 1000mg - I take this because I am trying to prevent Joint Pain. I also used it when I worked out (have stopped since started Murad Resurgence and will start up again after my cycle) and because it is known to highten your mood.I guess that's it. So, what do you use? Why? Do you like it? Vitamins/Supplements?..

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Your question was: What skin products to use with Murad Resurgence?.

I believe that it's best to use water only while on Murad Resurgence + moister, cause the face gets so freakin sensitive. I have also heard that if you use anti-acne products while on Murad Resurgence, the cream etc. will work against the Murad Resurgence, and it may not be 100% effective (in some way)I don't know if it's the exact truth though. Ask your derm about it:)..

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Because of you, I just bought some Aquaphor Healing Ointment Lip Balm.Because of you, my lips are a lot happier right now!!!..

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I'm using the vitamin E line from The Body Shop. I don't really like the face wash, though, as it doesn't remove my makeup very well. The intensive moisture cream is great, though. I am also using an underlayer of aloe vera gel on any over sensitive spots, and about once a week, a coat of straight up oil on super dry areas I let the oil (I've been using straight olive, but the derm recommended vitamin E oil) sit for 20 or 30 minutes before I shower.Body wash Johnson's and Johnson's baby oil body wash. Lotion using Alba Hawaiian cocoa butter and plain baby lotion (if it won't irritate a baby, I figure I'm probably safe). Shampoo and conditioner from the Neutrogena triple moisture line.

Oh, and Alba lip balm or straight up petroleum jelly. My lips are dry, but not cracking (and it's cold and the heat is up high when it works, so that's good.But then, surface zits have not been much of a problem in years. I just get the cysts, so I'm not uber worried about pore clogging...

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Just a quick venting session........My face is freaking dry and I'm not liking this initial breakout!!!!!!! Not a big fan right now...Ok, I'm done venting...

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