What should I order from Netrition?

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Since they have a flat shipping charge, what should I order?.

Galeo dressings.


Have been suggested..

What else?..

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Your question was: What should I order from Netrition?.

I agreeeeee!!!! All the Joseph's breads. Kay's Chili Nacho Chips, high protein, texture like cheese it's. NICE snack..

Ostrim Sticks. As you already know Galeo Dressings!..

Comment #1

Chocolite Protein Turtle bars. Chef Jay's Lite Bite Cookies. Da Vinci sugar-free syrups..

Of course, Galeos and PB2 as you mentioned...

Comment #2

Big Train Low Carb Pancake and Waffle Mix...that way I can order more Nutrisystem Granola and Cinnamon Buns!..

Comment #3

Thanks Katie...I love their site...I see something that sounds good, I don't even make a list anymore, I just add it to my shopping cart. I just think they are a top notch company...great customer service...

Comment #4

I order a lot of Kay's Natural Products...

Kay's Naturals Protein Chips, Chili Nacho Cheese.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Pretzel Sticks, Cinnamon Toast.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Pretzel Sticks, Jalapeno Honey Mustard.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Protein Cereal, French Vanilla.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Protein Cereal, Honey Almond.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Protein Cereal, Apple Cinnamon.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Pretzel Twists, Golden Butter.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Pretzel Sticks, Original.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Snack Mix, Sweet BBQ.

Kay's Naturals Protein+ Cookie Bites, Cinnamon Flavored, Almond Filled.

Kay's Naturals Protein+ Cookie Bites, Honey Flavored, Almond Filled.


Doctor's CarbRight Bars & GeniSoy tortilla chips - they outshine any Nutrisystem product...

Additionally -Joseph's Lavash Bread is MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper at BJ's and you get MUCH MUCH MUCH more.

Lastly(whew) - diet direct has some fab products as well - I get the oatmeal, bbq protein chips and the protidiet cookies - yippee!..

Comment #5

No BJ's here. Nobody here has Josephs. Publix has it sometimes but that is an hour away. But gotta go there soon for Jennio turkey bacon so will buy some Josephs too. How many in a pack at BJ's? The ones from netrition and Publix have 4 flats which is 8 servings...

Comment #6

I LOVE the PB2. It is so good - I think I will try ordering some other stuff from there. Thanks for all the info...

Comment #7

Although I like the PB2, my favorite by far is the Walden Farms calorie free pancake syrup. In my opinion, it's their best product (or best out of the ones I've tried)..


Comment #8

I love their HUGE selection of Da Vinci sugar free syrups. I bought a large bottle of the "toasted marshmallow" to mix with my is so delicious!..

Comment #9

I see they now have SF Mrs. Butterworth's syrup. Has anyone tried it?..

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