What Medifast foods good for diabetics?

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I am on the 5 and 1 Plan and am diabetic. I have just finished my first week and lost 4 pounds, but was a little disappointed. Any other diets I've been on resulted in a bigger weight loss, especially the first week. I have a combination of products daily (oatmeal, bar, soup, shake, Lean&Green, shake). This is a typical meal day for me. Would I be better off eliminating some of these products and substituing others? I'm not sure where my carb level should be or protein. If any of you fellow diabetics have any suggestions, please let me know...

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Your question was: What Medifast foods good for diabetics?.

I got my supplies yesterday and started last night ... so far so good, hungry but managable. fasting sugars were good 110... hard part will be this evening when I go home and have to do ranch work... sitting here at the office is easy no one else around to temp me.... home is a different story.

I am near 300# duh......

Lisa C..

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At the beginning of the plan I was having a problem with my BS spiking all the time (go figure - drop the calories by 70% and my BS went up?) Personally, I've been trying to keep my carbs below 70-75 which means no bars and not much oatmeal. My typical day is the broccoli soup, shake, chicken soup, shake, L&G, shake. Kinda boring but but my BS has leveled out except for a couple instances when I did some heavy work in the yard/house.

I've found that if my exercise tips my net calories for the day into the negative then I stop losing weight and I feel rumbling hungry the rest of the day. If I have a day when I've done a lot of physical work or exercise, I add a small amount of protein in the middle of the day, like a hard boiled egg, or an ounce or 2 of chicken or cheese (and I don't take it out of my L&G). I started this last weekend and I've already lost 2 more pounds, so it's right for my body, plus I feel better (I really hate it when my stomach won't shut up!)..

Actually - 4 pounds is a lot - just think - 16 sticks of butter - amazing isn't it?..

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I'm with Sandy. I'm not "diabetic" but I'm pre-diabetic and have hypoglycemia. I keep my carbs lower than 80-85 (recommended) For one, I was STARVING and really weak at that amount. My blood sugar was spiking too much. I keep my carbs below 70 most days and feel really good. My losses are averaging 3-5 lbs a week on that amount..

I don't eat any bars either. I find that I'm able to have things like chili and oatmeal (usually only one of these a day) if I eat salad for my lean and green and use a lower carb dressing like Kraft's 3 cheese Light Done Right or South Beach (both are only 2g carbs per serving).

If you cut out the bars and drop your carbs you might feel a lot better..


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Remember that too low a carb count will cause your body to go into starvation mode and actually stop burning fat. You'll generally feel listless, tired, and hungry most of the time..

If you're "hypoglycemic" your blood sugars are too low and you'll need to increase your carb intake. Hyperglycemia is excessive blood sugars... ie too many carbs. Expect your blood sugars to dramatically drop when physically active. It takes a lot of sugars to fuel the active body. I personally experience a huge drop in blood sugars during the activity, then rebound to hyperglycemia after resting approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Most of all, talk with your doctor. It's obvious I can't say that enough. He/she will be able to answer your questions and explain why you need to take in "X" amount of carbs for any diet to be beneficial.


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