What lessons have you learned during Medifast plan?

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Had an unplanned slip this weekend and as I often say to my kids "you learn more from failure than you ever do from success." I am clearly human and still on a weight loss journey that I expect to deal with hourly for the rest of my life. I have a mental list going of where I went wrong and it all started to slide the moment I decided to make my famous tuna dip.

Note to self: Do not make your tuna dip again, you do not possess enough self control..

Do not plan, prepare and serve a meal to 35 people without eating your.

L&G beforehand, you do not possess the self control..

Do not think you have this under control until you have proven to yourself that.

You have this under control..

Do not bring off plan food into your house without a plan..

Anyone care to share lessons learned the hard way?..

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Do not let cocoa almonds enter the house. You cannot control yourself around them.

Do not buy any "new" foods for the family to try this season. You will have to try them too. (Unless they come out with a fancy new celery)...

Comment #1

I am having trouble today too... hoping that all of this cold weather and trips to the grocer's are not going to through me over the edge. At one point this afternoon I had myself convinced to stop Medifast and start new on Jan1.... WTH? I mean really! I am so not doing that. But the mere thought drives me bonkers..

I know ppl say that food does not make a celebration. And I say, you're are right... it does not HAVE to make a celebration... but in my world and all the ppl in my world... it certainly is a big part of it. I am trying not to let it effect me...

It's gonna be tough!..

Comment #2

I'd love for you to come back to the Holiday OPers thread, Sara, and take it one OP day at a time. Before you know it, you will have made it!.

I have learned the hard way - repeatedly - that a cheat, planned or otherwise, has the capacity to derail me for months. I can't have the first bite, or the food orgy monster will suck me in, chew me up, and spit me out days, weeks or months from my last OP day. I'll be all bloated from excess physically AND mentally and face the daunting challenge of starting again...

Comment #3

Fancy new celery, priceless and really not likely to be a problem..

Sara, I know the feeling as I was really struggling for days with "negative" thoughts. Be strong and librarygodess is right, just one bite can lead to a "food orgy"..

I forgot one note earlier: Do not stop drinking my water no matter how cold, busy, distracted or lazy I am. That full feeling it gives me really does have tremendous value...

Comment #4

No bagels. Ever. Period. Not now, not in maintenance. Never. If you want a bagel-like item, you're going to be making them out of Medifast soup. The end...

Comment #5

Do not buy peanut butter. Don't even buy the generic brand that you hate or the low calorie stuff. What starts out as...well, I'm allowed one tablespoon...turns into 3 or 4 or 5 tbsp and you feeling like crap the next day! The kids don't even eat it, so that is a lame excuse too!!!..

Comment #6

I learned to not bake a pecan pie! Ugh.. I can walk away from pretty much anything.. except pecan pie. I never knew this until two weeks before Thanksgiving. I'm not sure why, but a few min after one slice, I have to have another..and we can't waste it in the fridge..God for bid.. it could go bad..

That was my mental state. So sad. It's no wonder I was 240 lbs! Stay away amazing sweet goodness! (should call it badness). I was maintaining my loss for two and a half months (taking a break so I could have the calories I needed to train for a few runs I was doing. I'm not condoning taking breaks..this was my choice and a good one for me).

Then I made that darn pie..actually I baked one to see if I could. I've never really had one before so I didn't realize my addiction to it..ate it, minus 2 pieces, in three days! Then baked two for camp (the husbands elk camp) one for me.. 'it's only fair I get one too' (such a horrible thought. It was just me at home!). And again in three days it was gone.

I was up 10 pounds (granted I stopped drinking water as much so that was also water weight. I am thinking that's why it was so fast to lose it all again). I got right back on here and realized I have a problem with sugar that I need to get under control in order to live a long and healthy life. At least I realized this problem and I am working to correct it. Live and learn! In three weeks I'm now smaller then I was when I left..

Wow just reread that.. I tend to ramble.

Success and love!.


Comment #7

I've said this on here before, but it's worth repeating:.


They have no place in my life, as a snack or anything! I can't eat one, I definitely can't stop at the Medifast snack portion of 10...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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