What kind of yogurt is everyone eating on Nutrisystem?

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I usually eat Fiber One yogurt but I just found out that it does not have enough protein. I have been looking at the store and can not find one with enough protein, nonfat, low calorie yogurt. Greek yogurt fits the bill but it is so expensive. Any ideas?..

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Your question was: What kind of yogurt is everyone eating on Nutrisystem?.

Dannon Light & Fit: the carb & sugar control version meets the guidelines if you have 2 - 4oz containers..

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Our Wal-Mart doesn't carry the Oikos brand, but Target & Whole Foods have it. I LOVE the Caramel...

Comment #2

We get the Yoplait Light on sale at the grocery store, usually 10 for $10, or $1 each. At 100 calories (110 calories for the "indulgent" flavors) and 5 grams of protein, they are both tasty and reasonable in calorie count..

Yoplait isn't the lowest in calories, or the cheapest, but it is our favorite.....

Comment #3

I thought yogurt was supposed to be at least 7 gms of protein? I switched yogurts because my usual one was only 5. Now I've gone to Greek yogurt because it is so delicious and has much more protein...

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You are correct. Your dairy/protein should be up to 100 calories (up to 120 for yogurt 1x/day), 3g of fat or less and and a minimum of 7g of protein. Greek yogurts are so much better - thicker, creamier, no added sugars (if you use the plain) and jacked up with protein. Good for you for making the switch!..

Comment #5

Hi all, I have been eating the fat free Light&Fit 7 grams protein. Hope this is ok???..

Comment #6

I have let success be my guideline, rather than worrying over a gram of fiber here, two grams of protein there, or a few calories difference on a food item. I want my nutritional program to be a long-term, sustainable prospect, and for me, if I prefer and enjoy an item, and I'm losing weight healthfully while incorporating it into my diet, then it works...

Comment #7

I buy the Greek (non-Yoplait, theirs is...really nasty), it ends up costing more (the Chobani at Target is $1.35) but the protein is so high in end, it keeps me full longer, and I feel like I actually ate something when I'm done. Something I never could say in the past about Yogurt. That makes it worth it for me. I just eat less of them then I used to. But. yes... yummy!..

Comment #8

Usually Fage 0% Greek yogurt (yeah, it's a bit spendy, but I really LOVE this stuff). I supplement that with an occasional Target Archer's Farms ff - great flavors, nice protein count, and very reasonably priced. DH likes the Fage as well, and sometimes buys our store brand ff when it's on sale and either adds some whey powder or just ups his other proteins for the day...

Comment #9

Fair enough. For me, regular yogurt does not work as it has too little protein and too much sugar leaving me hungry as soon as I eat it. The important thing is learning how to listen to your body and your food triggers...

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Chobani's Buy two get one free coupon (each person can print 3 copies of it) can be found here:.


(target typically carries this brand)..

Comment #11

I just bought Chobani ff plain at Giant 10/$10. It's my fav. Add your fresh fruit and it's great...

Comment #12

I buy the weight watchers brand. I tried the Dannon Greek and did not care for it...

Comment #13

Chobani~ YUM and I love the fruit flavors (im not opposed to the sugar thing..)..

Comment #14

Fruits and sweet flavorings in yogurt is good, but have you tried a variety of spices and used it for a veggie dip? Or stir in some thawed frozen spinach (drained) and some chopped celery for cruch and make spinach dip. I also use the ff plain yogurt to moisten tuna or chicken salad. The Nutrisystem versions of the chicken salad is way too sweet for me...

Comment #15

Greek yogurt, Target's archer farms, and Kroger carbmaster all fit...

Comment #16

I buy Target's Archer Farms.....they fit the bill and taste great!!..

Comment #17

I use the small container available at Wal-Mart...

Comment #18

I buy the dannon greek yogurt at wal-martit's $1.00/each. it has 12g of protein and 120 fits the stats. I eat it about 2 or 3 times a week...

Comment #19

I use the Publix store brand, 100 cal and 7 grams of protein.....

Comment #20

Costco has the best buy on the Greek Yogurt. Otherwise the Dannon nonfat is good. I get the plain and flavor it the way I want. The Stoneyfield is also good. If there is one thing an Nutrisystem member can talk about, it is yogurt. Oh my goodness we can talk about yogurt...

Comment #21

I buy the Fat Free Archer Farms from Target...

Comment #22

Dannon Light & Fit: the carb & sugar control version meets the guidelines if you have 2 - 4oz containers..

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