What kind of fruits can I eat on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is What kind of fruits can I eat on the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... My boyfriend and me placed our order yesterday and decided to go through it together. i'm thinking doing it with someone whos with me daily will help up both. i'm looking for advice and will pluck through the recipe section for ideas there. since i'm just waiting around for our order to come how did you all prep for your order to come?!?!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Well i'll admit we are planning a possible little splurge this weekend. I feel like this whole process may be a little easier just because I have someone with me..

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Kelllsbells - the process will be much easier having your significant other with you. My DH and I did this together and without each others support I don't imagine it being as successful for either one of us. I did a different program on my own about 5 years ago, and gained it all back pretty quickly. I have been at or near my goal weight for one year now, I have never maintained for a full year before. It just helps that you both are eating the same things, and for me and DH (we don't have kids), just having no other foods in the house except OP foods is a definate plus! Congratulations on your decision and good luck. I look forward to seeing your success!..

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My wife and I are doing this together, and I have to say, it makes it so much easier. The one word of caution I would have is this: over the arc of this diet, there will undoubtedly be instances where one of you is doing better than the other. Maybe one person will have a temporary plateau, maybe one person will have a rapid drop, whatever, but you can count on it happening at some point. You'll probably both be on opposite sides of this at some point. Be aware of that now, and prepare yourself for when it happens, and remember to be supportive of one another regardless..

As for how to prepare, we basically did a tour of our favorite restaurants and foods we wouldn't be able to have, too. Not sure that's the best advice, but that's what we did...

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My Boyfriend and I are doing it together as well - it is amazing how having that extra support makes it so much easier!..

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My husband and I just started monday and we had spring break last week (oregon) and had some last hurrahs. we are on our third day and aside from tired and headache it's going good. the only things I did were get on these boards and learn fromt these people. they have been there and know what they are doing anf most of them will answer any question you have or direct you too it. it's so inspiring to read peoples journeys and look at their pics. you can really tell it's a lifestyle change, you are learning how to eat the RIGHT way, instead of what I was doing to get me here.

God bless.


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Go to the "Success Tools" tab and click on "eat smart" from the pull down menu. On the left hand side of the page that comes up, click on "Quick Start Guide" and download the PDF. Print it off and familiarize yourself with it, this is the program!.

Enjoy and good luck!..

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Like other people, I ate at a bunch of my favorite places. A friend flew up here for a few days before I decided to start Medifast and I introduced her to a lot of restaurants. You can still go out to eat while on MF, but it's good to get the foods you can't eat out of your system to avoid "missing" them..

Also before you start, weigh and measure yourself! Take some before pictures as well because when you've reached your after you will definitely want to see how far you've come..

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I'll join the chorus and say that I was at my favorite Mexican restaurant the night before I started in January. However, based on what I have read and observed, I think it's possible that if you started to make small eating choice changes before starting Medifast, you may not have that "awful three days" that so many people seem to experience. It seems that may be a result of low-carbs and using up glycogen stores. So, if you wanted to experiment, I'd guess that if you started lowering your daily carb intake now gradually, when you actually start Medifast you might not have that awful first few days (note: I never have had those awful three days, but I'm also someone who has never had a hangover regardless of how much I drink). Of course, you probably wouldn't have the initial first week big loss either, because it would have started already with your "easing in" period. Your choice; good luck either way!..

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I prepped by doing three days of low carb dieting. I was able to go through the worst of the transition while stuffing my face with meat, eggs, salad and cheese. The first few days of Medifast were still rough, but I think I saved myself a lot of misery by doing this. At least I was most of the way into ketosis by the time I started Medifast and I didn't have to deal with ravenous hunger on top of the headaches and other things. All I had was "the munchies", but that I was able to deal with. After a few days of MF, even that went away..

No, I didn't do a eating binge before I started. I was already miserable with the weight gain and I didn't want to punish myself with more weight. I'd already hit bottom and I needed action NOW...

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I did the same thing Shay....

I had about a week of reducing over all carb intake but I will admit to having a burger and fries the night before I started the diet..

I did order a diet coke with it though so it made it alright .. right? (I joke, I kid, I fend of flames)..

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As soon as I placed my order I started to cut out sugar and carbs and fat. While I understand the wanting to get in all the favorites before a period of deprivation, other than short term satisfaction, what good does that do other than create even more weight you then need to take off? I am not being negative or judgmental. I am asking a logical question..

The other thing I did was to get rid of all the crap food in my pantry, and went shopping the weekend before to stock up on L&G supplies. I realize that this is not the most popular way to prepare, but this journey is different for each of us and I wanted to maximize my Medifast results rather than have to worry about even more to take off..

Good luck to both of you. Medifast is the best...

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One thing that I wish I would have done before I got elbow deep in little white packets is pick up a box of herbal senna tea..

The diet can make you constipated..

(Make sure that this would not be contraindicated because of allergies or other health issues)..

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I did this, too! I dumped my entire food pantry. I must've given away at least $500 in food..

Hubby is deploying in a couple of days and I only kept enough to feed him full meals while he's here. As soon as he's gone, that's gone too..

My son is getting his own food. I'm even going as far as putting a pantry in his room. My stuff is my stuff - his stuff is his stuff. I'm not going to cook or shop or in any way manage his diet. (He's going to be living on his own in a year. It's time he learns how to do this anyway.).

I need a break from temptation!..

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LMAO!!! This is so HILARIOUS here!! I did the same exact thing and it's just to funny!!! We act like we wont be able to eat them junk foods again before we go on this diet HAHAHAHA....its just funny to me....but let me tell you, I ate like I thought it was going out of style haha..

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Ha Ha, I used to do that before the start of every, (many, many,many) diets. I used to call it the 'Farewell to Food Tour'. Oddly, I didn't do that this time, I don't know why. Something must have clicked..

Best of luck on Medifast, this will work if you let it. Follow the plan as written and be honest with yourself. Oh, and take before pictures, I didn't and I regret it so much..


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Welcome to MF! I"m glad you and your boyfriend are going to do Medifast together, because it IS easier when you've got a buddy. DH and I did it together too (although he got to his goal months ahead of me)..

We prepped by getting rid of non-plan foods, laying in a stockpile of frozen on plan veggies and proteins (Trader Joes and Costco are my friends for both, in most cases), put fresh batteries in the digital kitchen scale, decided on a meal schedule and posted that next to a clock in the room we use most often, and generally got our minds in gear. We also took "before" photos and measurements, and even got ahead on laundry because we knew we'd be unlikely to want to do it anytime during the first week when we were feeling grumpy and weak..

Oh, and yes - we went out to eat at one of our favorite off plan locations the night before we started ;-)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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