What kind of energy bar is good before a race that you can get at your local Vitamin Shoppe?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What kind of energy bar is good before a race that you can get at your local Vitamin Shoppe?.

My next question is: For months we've been hearing about the new NS foods that are supposed to be coming out (and are supposedly the reason for all the food substitutions on our orders)..

So where are these new foods? When will we see them? I keep checking my lists of foods available for auto-delivery, and all I see is the same old same old...

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Your question was: What kind of energy bar is good before a race that you can get at your local Vitamin Shoppe?.

Oh, great. My next order ships on Dec. 12. I guess I won't see anything new till January...

Comment #1

I got my autoship Thursday this week and nearly the entire order was "new" foods. Love the packagingcolor coded! hooray! All of it looks great and tastes good too! Thanks NS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #2 can delay your order for a week or so if you want to see what/if the new foods show up...

Comment #3

I'm in the same boat, order ships the 11th. But that may not be a bad thing. It gives time for others to try out the new stuff first and post feedback before my January order...

Comment #4

Are you receiving the new packaging/better tasting food or "new" food, foods that have not been on the list before? The new packaging does not make it a "new" food...

Comment #5

When I got mine, they were the same but "new improved" with new packaging but no new items...

Comment #6

To our knowledge, there have been no NEW foods included in any orders, only the NEW ADVANCED packaging, period..

Believe me, the INSTANT someone receives a NEW food item (not just NEW packaging) or the MICRO-SECOND NEW food items appear on someone's Order Form, it will be announced by same person here on the Boards.

This is my 4th time through "NEW" foods being introduced, and they are 1) never when "promised" and 2) just appear..

We shall see about this 12/17 date....been there for the "promised" dates before...LOL..

Comment #7

This is what the note in my order said:.

" Dear valued NS customer.

In this order you have received a "sneak peek" of some items from our brand NEW NS Advanced Program set for launch in January 2008! Rest assured you are still getting the high-quality Nutrisystem food you've come to know and love-perfectly portioned and full of "good carbs" and protein..

All new Advanced lunch itrems are fortified with OmegaSol - Nutrisystem's new, unique blend of omega-3 fatty acids and natural soluble fiber designed to promote heart health..........".

And it went on and on about being so excited that I am trying their new program of Advanced foods.

Sounds like I got the new food to me.........but whatever, I am happy! ~M.

Edited to add this part of the letter:.

"So dig in and be the first to try this amazing new program, on tap for 2008."..

Comment #8

Yes, there is no doubt that the new Advanced Program has reformulations, and even new tastes, and different ingredients and different calorie counts (i.e. Fudge Graham Bar is now 180 calories vs. 210 calories), and new packaging (color-coded and BRIGHT). But, the food items themselves haven't changed. When I think of NEW food, I think of new items (i.e. when we had Salmon or Peanut Butter). But, perhaps they ARE only talking about the formulations of the same items??..

Comment #9

Three examples from my order.

Dinner-rotini with packaging.

Lunch pasta with formulations AND new packaging.

Dinner meatloaf & mashed pot....old packaging.

If you go to the food lists on the online order form/webpage, pasta parmesan with broccoli lists the reformulation notice on the order form...

Comment #10

Everything will be repackaged - but there will also be new foods..

I am not sure how many of the 60 supposed 'new' items won't just be reformulated - but there really should be new foods to replace ones that have been discontinued...

Comment #11

Lori: Where have they announced 60 "new" items (someone the other day said "110 new items") and I receive NO e-mails (after almost 2 years...grrrr), so just wondering what I'm missing? I received my order this week with all new packaging, but no new food items. (Does that make sense? It does to me, but maybe not??) Thanks!..

Comment #12

Pam - I am 90% positive it was in the Dieticians section. The 60 items was stated there.

I think the 110 items probably refers to the fact that everything will be repackaged LOL!.

I'll see if I can find the info for sure...

Comment #13

I found it!.


The Dietician notes that 60 new foods will be *added*, which to me says new products, not just repackaged..

Not to mention someone said they were getting a replacement food shipped of a Cinnamon Scone for the cinnamon granola bar subs...

Comment #14

You are welcome.

I, for one, am so excited to see what's new!!..

Comment #15

Hi all, I just got my auto ship friday and the peanut butter cookie was definately a new and improved version. I had tried the old version and threw that one out, it was awful. This new one is really good and peanutty and bigger. I am going to order more in my next order..


Comment #16

Ok, so the "cinnamon scone" I was promised turned out to be an apple strudel scone. Sounds good. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, since I just got it today, but it will be my breakfast for tomorrow..


Cal 160.

Total Fat 3g.

Sat Fat 1.5g.

Cholesterol 15mg.

Sodium 290mg.

Total Carbs 26g.

Dietary Fiber 6g.

Sugars 10g.

Sugar Alcohol 3.5g.

Protein 7g.

I don't see any fish products in the ingredients...

Comment #17

Oooooohhhhhhhhhh latinamommy you must let us know how it is... I luuuvvvvv scones... I just check my auto delivery's not in the choices yet :9(..

Comment #18

I was just told by customer service that the new foods will be out on January 7th...

Comment #19

I just got my order and I have two new desserts. A white chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate caramel bar (Subs for the nutricrunch bar)..

I will be eating the choclate caramel bar tonight..

Comment #20

Tonight I had wedged potatoes with sliced beef steak.....never had that for dinner before, is it new? Maybe I just have a memory problem, because every shipment I get seems likes Christmas! hahahahaha.

I will say that all the 'new' or 'new old' food or 'old food that just looks new' I have gotten tastes great!.

Thanks NS!!!!!!..

Comment #21

No, that's not new. If it's in the current list to order, then it's not new. They haven't started listing the new food for consumers, yet. I got my scone b/c I was calling about subs, and they still didn't have cinnamon swirl bars for breakfast. I asked the CS rep what they had that was similar, and she recommended the scone. I jumped all over it!.

Miketav, did the white choco chip cookie come in the old brown Nourish or new Advanced packaging? They did carry those cookies before, but it hasn't been on the list for months. Someone asked CS about if NS would bring them back, but the rep said no. That if people got it as a sub it was b/c there was a cookie laying around the warehouse. If it was packed in the colorful packaging, though, then that means they're bringing it back, which would be AWESOME!!..

Comment #22

Hi there, I just received my order and let me tell you that new chocolate carame bar is to die for too bad we only are allowed one! I also saw that another new item we can order is for maple brown sugar oatmeal. Plus I received in my box a $50.00 off coupon to be applied to my next order, I just called the number on my coupon flyer was quickly connected and they applied my discount, must say I am more than happy. The $50 was to compensate for all of the substitutions or something like that but since it was my second order most things are all new to me. I'm very pleased with my results, 11 pounds in my first 4 weeks!.

Hope everyone else has great success and a wonderful day!..

Comment #23

I really wish there would be some consistency about the food that is sent in our orders. Last month I had a lot of foods with new packaging (I had the flatbread pizza for the very first timeloved it). So this month almost everything I received was in the old packaging, and since I had ordered 16 of the flatbread pizzas, you guessed it, they got subbed for 16 of the old thin crust pizzas. Now mind you, I do like the thin crust pizza, but not enough to order 16 of them. Last month my chocolate cakes were the new advanced cakes, and this month they sent me 14 of the old ones. Go figure.... (Yes I did get the $50 coupon, and I appreciate thatjust want my ham and bean soup and flatbread pizzas.)..

Comment #24

Just received my auto-ship order yesterday. It came from the PA warehouse, which is a first for me. I usually get my orders from the GA warehouse. Happy to report that the order was 100% correct. Got all 10 of the flatbread pizzas that I ordered, so anyone who got subs for them should call NS. Also received the Advanced Peanut Butter cookies.

Can't wait to try the other two Advanced items that came in my shipment. If they are half as good as the Flatbread Pizza and the Peanut Butter cookie, they are going to be winners, too..


Comment #25

When my orders come from the PA warehouse, they are almost always accurate too!..

Comment #26

When I pulled the apple studel scone, it smelled SO cinnamony. It was a square block that had a line going down the middle that you can split to have 2 triangle pieces. I took a bite and it was soft and chewy and just as cinnamony as it smelled. I didn't really taste the apple. I popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds. This made the exterior almost melt in my mouth soft, while the interior stayed chewy. I am definitely putting a lot of these on my list once they're available! YUMMY!!..

Comment #27

It is in the advanced package. I have been on the program since July and have never seen it before-but it looks good. Tonight, I will find out..


Comment #28

Yes! I had one last nigh. If you like candy, this is just the ticket...

Comment #29

I got your bean soup as a sub!!! It was the only thing I am not too hot for..

I tis funny, but almost everything I got was in the new packaging (I ordered flatbread pizza but got the thin crust too..

Odd how that works...

Comment #30

Hmm...latinamommy...wondering what you ordered that got you the scones??? Can't wait to order these...

Comment #31

My order shipped yesterday from PA. All my previous orders came from Georgia so I am excited to hear that the PA orders are having little or no substitutions! My 40lb should be in there somewhere too!..

Comment #32

How can I get my 50 dollars off coupon?? I feel left out..

Comment #33

I ordered the cinnamon swirl bar. I'm not sure what they sent instead for a sub since they sent a few subs for my breakfast. I called them and asked if they had any cinnamon swirl bars in stock. The rep said no. I asked what was similar and the rep said the scone. I said it sounded great, and they sent it...

Comment #34

Welp, got mine.....

Was looking forward to a few new foods - got Pasta with Meat, two of em and that was all that was new. However, I am on the Veggie Plan. Will give em to my husband, who isn't. However, got the Mixed berry Drink as a sub, which I was thrilled about since I thought that was going away. The 50.00 off coupon will come in handy. Finances are rather tight now..


Comment #35

Did you guys notice that if you look at the food choices under "My Program," it's showing the new food? Some of it looks interesting...

Comment #36

Yes, so excited. I just posted a different thread with the new breakfast items (or what I think is new).

I'm relatively new here, so maybe they are old foods that are brought back..

I didn't see anything under the other sections, tho, did you??..

Comment #37

I delayed my auto delivery, but still don't see any new foods listed.....

Comment #38


I had ordered flatbread pizzas and got 6 of the thin crust pizzas - they don't have expiration dates on them, but the crust is sort of stale, and the cheese is kind of yellowed, but they are still edible. I got 4 of the old Mac n Cheese, and I don't see a date, but when I opened one, the ingredients were all hard and clumped together, and when I added the hot water, smelled chemically and I was afraid to eat it! I am going to see if I can return the 3 I didn't open yet and hopefully get a newer version!.


Comment #39

December 17th is the day that they are supposed to be available online, at least some of them...

Comment #40

Oh, great. My next order ships on Dec. 12. I guess I won't see anything new till January...

Comment #41

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