What kind of drug tests does Target retail stores administer?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What kind of drug tests does Target retail stores administer?.

My next question is: Wow this was great, I followed the directions on the box, then sauted some mushrooms with a splash of worchestershire sauce, then put the mushrooms on the burger and topped with law fat swiss cheese. light whole wheat bun, fat free mayo, you all have to try it. oh yeah fresh cracked pepper and alittle garlic powder too..

Good luck..

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Your question was: What kind of drug tests does Target retail stores administer?.

What brand of light whole wheat bun did you get and where did you buy it? I'm having a really hard time finding these. Thanks...

Comment #1

I used a regular wheat bun and it was only 60 calories! It was Stop and Shop brand............

Comment #2

I chop up all the bits and roll ir up in a high fiber flout tortilla. Yummo!..

Comment #3

Yeah, I got lots of burgers in my last order...

Comment #4

Sara Lee makes a wheat bun that is 110 calories. Also, you can use a light English muffin...100 calories. Or you can crumble it on a tortilla and make a wrap...the tortillas from La Tortilla are 50 calories each.


Comment #5

Wonder bread LIGHT whole wheat bread is 40 cal a slice...I use for a patty melt...Grill it with the burger and fixings....yummmm..

Comment #6

Try rehydrating the burger in some hot low sodium beef broth - it enhances the flavor and makes it even better.

My grocery stores here also make their own brands of light whole wheat buns that are 70 calories or so - and they are the perfect size for these burgers because they hang out over the edge of the bun, making them look the way you want a burger to look. But I also buy one of the several brands of light whole wheat bread and toast it - works just as well if not better...

Comment #7

Hi I found Merritta hot dog and hamburger 80 calories each. I found them at our local Walmart,I looked long and hard for them..


Comment #8

I am going to make a pizza burger for dinner..

NS burger rehydrated.

1 tbsp pizza sauce (free food).

I saved a lunch protein so that I can have some turkey pepperoni, which I will put on the burger. Plus a tablespoon of shredded low fat cheese. Pop under the broiler. Yum!..

Comment #9


I never thought of the pizza burger idea but thanks for the tip, this should be good..



Comment #10

I use Pepperidge Farm whole wheat hamburger buns. They are 120 calories...

Comment #11

Healthy Life makes a wheat bun for 80 calories...

Comment #12

These are great tips... I am having a difficult time adjusting to this food. Since cooking is not something I like or want to do... these are simple tips that I think may help. Thanks...

Comment #13

Thomas' Hearty Grains are 100% whole wheat muffins and are good toasted..

They are 130 calories...

Comment #14

How many cals. are we allowed for the bun and how do we count it. Same for the hot dogs, some people rave about Hebrew national hot dogs. How do we count the buns??? Thanks..

Comment #15

The buns are part of the meal. You want something that is 120 calories or less, preferably whole grain..

There are lots of choices - you could use bread, buns or wraps. As long as the calories work..

I use a brand called Country Kitchen, which has a light wheat hamburger bun with 5 grams of fiber and 80 calories...

Comment #16

I'm very happy I came across this board. I'm new, just started last week, and I was kind of scared to try the hamburger. Now I think I'll try it tonight. Thanks for all your tips!..

Comment #17

The hamburgers are great with alittle red wine vinegar and garlic salt..

I would think you could use your bread serving with a serving of pasta too..

Alice in Texas..

Comment #18

That's the bread I use,too. I just had the burger for lunch a little while ago. Toasted the bread, then less than 1 Tblsp of Miracle Whip Lite, 1/2 cup dark green salad mix, slice of onion and a shot of really tangy mustard. Really thick & satisfying sandwich..

Enjoy reading all the other ideas. That little hamburger sure gives us a lot of creative choices!..

Comment #19

Yup, one of my favorite dinners. You can make these in with so many different toppings that you can eat them very often and not get tired of them. I'm fixing one right now...

Comment #20

What brand of light whole wheat bun did you get and where did you buy it? I'm having a really hard time finding these. Thanks...

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