What is your favorite Vitamin Shoppe foundation?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What is your favorite Vitamin Shoppe foundation?.

My main question is: Any suggestions for breakfast foods that are not sweet? Thanks to Nutrisystem, my craving for sweets is greatly diminished. All of the breakfast entrees are sweet except the eggs, which I just cannot bear to eat without a tortilla. How about an English muffin that could be topped with cheese, or, better yet, cheesy grits for us Southern girls?..

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Your question was: What is your favorite Vitamin Shoppe foundation?.

The Nutriflakes aren't sweet either. They are like corn flakes...

Comment #1

Cheesy grits?? Not on this program! Nice try though...LoL!!.

You could however have low cal whole grain bread toasted with 1/2c eggbeaters (I prefer Trader Joe's quick eggs), and maybe a couple of pieces of NS friendly turkey bacon. I eat omelets a couple times/wk. 1/2c quick eggs, with sauteed (in PAM) mushrooms, onion, green peppers. Top it with a piece of cheddar jalepeno veggie cheese...much tasty (and filling)...

Comment #2

Thanks great, I am gonna try that one!! I am new to this NS eating and not sure what, where, or when I can or can't have something. I don't understand the low carb list given, where and when can I use it or add it etc.....

ANy help is greatly appreciated...

Comment #3

If you are a woman with less than 100lbs to lose, you don't get to add carbs. Men, and women with more than 100lbs to lose get to add 2 carbs and 1 fruit each day in addition to the planned foods..

You do get to add a low GI carb to any entree requiring a roll/bread to complete the mealburgers, hot dogs, sloppy joes, chix patties, etc. When having those meals you can either add a low cal whole grain roll/bread, or any of the low GI carbs listed in the plannerbaked yam, brown rice, whole grain pasta, etc (doesn't have to be bread)..

I hope this helps..

You do understand that the breakfast example I gave was in the place of a NS breakfast,right? Also, the NS eggs are low carb as well as low cal. I don't see why you couldn't have them with a low cal/low carb tortillamaybe 50 calories? I buy LaTortilla Factory tortillas that are 50 cal/each and low carb. That would make the breakfast about the same stats as the granola bars, if I'm not mistaken...

Comment #4

It does indeed help, and yes I do understand the recipe was a sub for the NS. Thanks again for that. But can I like replace a veggie at dinner say for like beans?? That is kinda what I am looking at??.

Thanks you are very helpful..

Comment #5

Beans, like navy beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans? Unfortunately those (and others like them) are carbs in the land of NS. They would also be a low GI carb serving instead of a roll/bread...

Comment #6

The pancakes are not sweet at all. And so versatile. I made 12 mini banana nut muffins out of them this morning. They had no sugar, but I don't have a big sweet tooth, so I liked them just fine. The smushed up banana mixed in made them sweet enough. And pecans from my fat allotment...

Comment #7

I disagree, even the Nutriflakes and the granola are sweet, look at the ingredients, sweet stuff is added. As someone who does not like sweetened stuff most of the time for breakfast, my order is basically pancake mix, the flakes, and the granola because those are the best options. Even plain oatmeal is not offered and it should be. I really wish NS would get off the sweet kick, I am not a big sweet eater normally, sadly with NS I am eating more sweetened foods than I would on my own. But since portion control is my biggest weight loss issue, I need to stick with NS. Recently I got some Special K high protein and it seems to have better GI stats than the NS cereals with less sugars. Special K Protein Plus has fat 3g, sodium 110mg, total carb 14g, fiber 5g, sugars 2g, protein 10g, calories 100...

Comment #8

I wish they had plain oatmeal as well. I like to have plain oatmeal with some fruit added, but don't like sweetened oats...

Comment #9

When I first started the program in July 2006, they had plain oatmeal and I even still have a pkg. I was on it from QVC then; maybe it's only offered in the QVC packages? I was on Women Over 40.

I posted elsewhere that I wouldn't have been able to stay on this as long as I have if I'd kept it up with QVC - you can't pick your own foods; it's all prepackaged as a QVC deal. There were too many dishes I didn't care for, and only got one or two of the ones I loved, and I didn't like weekends off, so I switched to ordering it from here and it's been much better to pick my own favorite foods and not get any I don't like. Anyway, at least when I got it from QVC (for about 3 or 4 months) they had the plain oatmeal...

Comment #10

Great - there are people who actually agree with me that NS foods are too sweet! I thought I was the only one in the US..

I can't eat NS breakfasts. I just order the granola bars for emergency food, and use Bob's Red Mill 10-Grain Hot Cereal with flax and soy. I think it is 160 calories per generous serving, which is much lower than the NS maple oatmeal. When you add cinnamon, berries and LF plain yogurt, it's more than sweet enough, and I like the wholesome multi-grain taste. Lots of fiber and protein to carry you over to lunch!.

NS should just use the Bob's product, because if they try to make it themselves they will certainly ground it to a powder and add too much sweetner, and it just won't be the same..

BTW, only takes 2 minutes to cook (depending on how you like it). Fruit should not be cooked at high temps, so add it last. Yogurt also shouldn't be heated too much; it kills the cultures...

Comment #11

I also use Bob's hot cereal for breakfastused to eat it every day. I just add a little salt when "cooking" it. When I add (on the side) my 1/2c Fage total 0% fat yogurt with 3/4c frozen berrieswow, what a great breakfast! The 19g protein and 13g fiber has great staying power!..

Comment #12

I haven't heard of Bob's before, is it a health food store item, or can it be found in a typical grocery store?..

Comment #13

Bob's Red Mill products (huge line of products) are sold in regular grocery stores. They also have a website, that I believe you can order from...

Comment #14

Thanks for the info I will check the web out soon to see what they have. I need something more than what I am getting, I am still hungry after the NS breakfast. I like it fine, it's just not filling enough for me is all. The extra fiber and protien sounds like the ticket. THANKS!!!..

Comment #15

Jagivgm, I find the Nutriflakes I mentioned above (like corn flakes) much more filling that the Nutrifrost crunch (or whatever it's called - the sweet one)...

Comment #16

Thanks NSEater I will try those in the morning and see how it goes! Any and all suggestions are welcomed..

Comment #17

Jagivgm, please do let us know what you think of those flakes! I order lots of them each month because I think they are more filling than the other cold cereal breakfasts. And they are always fresh and tasty to me...

Comment #18

OOOPS I ate the wrong ones today, I ate the bran thingies I think it was. I will see in the morning if I have the sweet ones But I did like the bran ones, were like reg tasting ones you buy in the store to me and it did seem to last a bit longer in the tummy ...

Thanks so much, I will check back in tomorrow and give the update on my tummy..

Comment #19

As Scarlett said in Gone With The Wind, "tomorrow is another day."..

Comment #20

NSEater, I got it right today And yes, I agree it is good and it did seem to help me feel fuller most of the moring. It kinda reminds me of the Honey Oats I think it is.

Thanks for the advice!!..

Comment #21

The plain pancakes aren't sweet. You can do a lot with these in a non sweet way. Make the cakes, use an egg for your protein and make a mcmuffin type of sandwich with it - using the pancakes as a 'bun'..

Or do the same with a morningstar breakfast patty...

Comment #22

The Nutriflakes aren't sweet either. They are like corn flakes...

Comment #23

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