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First question I got is What is the purpose of Medifast coupon? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... Today is my first day on Medifast and I had the maple oatmeal for breakfast. I have to say I did not like it at all. Can anyone suggest other breakfast options as in my package I got just the oatmeal. I am going to get some egg beaters after work. any help would be nice...

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I absolutely hated the oatmeal the fist day and I now I really enjoy it. I think one of the things that you go through on Medifast is getting used to your food not being so sweetened and salted and buttered etc. so at first the meals Noe it tastes very sweet and good to me, I think I had to just get over that hump. I have found that if I make it on the stove it's better than microwaved...

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Lyn, @ Escape from Obesity has a wonderful recipe for oatmeal muffins. She is great!! find her blog at:.


The thing I like best is that you can make them in the toaster oven...

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Sorry. I could never get thru the oatmeal by itself. I always had to make a cookie out of it. It was sooooo much better and I actually looked forward to it. If I had room, I spread a tiny bit of peanut butter over the top. It really kept me full..

On the weekends (when I could sleep in and miss my 1st meal), I'd make the tomato basil flatbread (MF eggs and Medifast COT soup, so this meal counts as two) and add a bit of laughing cow garlic and herb cheese to the top. Yum..


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Wow how would you make a cookie out of it , I could do that. I will keep eating it and maybe fix it in on the stove instead of the microwave...

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Here's the recipe I use. I got it off of the Medifast recipe board..

You can make one big cookie (like I do) or smaller ones..

Oatmeal Cookie.

1 packet of oatmeal ( I like the apple Cinn).

1/4 teas. Cinn.

1 pkt of splenda.

1/3 cup water (I use a little less).

1/8 teas. Baking powder.

1/2 teas. vanilla.

Mix all together, let stand 5 minutes.

Spray cookie sheet with butter pam, drop by spoonfuls ( I use a teaspoon) to make 6 small cookies, or one big dump to make a big cookie.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, ( I usually bake mine for 12 minutes).

Hope this helps. It sure did me..


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I did not not the oatmeal for the first couple of weeks and now I can not start my day without it. I buy every flavor and make sure my drawer is filled as I sometimes have it twice especially on night shift. It is warm and filling and that is probably why I have learned to like it. It may grown on you considering I used to gag on it..

Good luck!..

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Everyone is right about your tastes changing as time goes on. All the food will taste a bit "off" at first with some being better than others. I would say after the first week everything started tasting better and I got in a good grove of things. Learned how to mix it so I liked it (less or more water to the oatmeal), letting it soak, adding bullion to the soups as needed and I do very little altering to any of my Medifast foods. There are awesome threads on here that tell you "things I wish I had known when I started medifast". If you can find it in a search it will be a GREAT help..

Egg beaters were my best friend on 5 and 1. I had to learn how to work with them to be honest but now I eat them every single day almost!! Good luck and stick with it. IT IS SOOO WORTH IT!..

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I had this for my first meal on my first day and YUCK! It was a discouraging way to start for me. I was glad the rest of the meals where much better to me!.

I didn't want to venture into making any complicated recipes just yet with my meals. I wanted to stick to the plan until I got used to it then maybe I will do that! So I stayed away from the oatmeal all wk!.

Today I decided to try it with some splenda. And to my surprise, it did not taste anything like the bitter oatmeal I had the first day!!! It was yummy! I'm actually looking forward to having more! Give it some time and your tastes will change. You may like it in a wk or two!..

Comment #9

Keep your mind open as your tastebuds adjust to the food..

Keep in mind that Eggbeaters are part of your lean allotment, and don't replace the Medifast eggs/any other Medifast meal...

Comment #10

Also keep in mind that you get 3 condiments per day. I like to save my condiments to use with my L&G...

Comment #11

I agree with everyone I did not like it my first day but have grown to love it, and really look forward to having it in the mornings I do think that cookie recipe sounds good though! I think I will try that out tomorrow!..

Comment #12

I like it as oatmeal but often make a mug muffin - in a large coffee mug put pkt of oatmeal, 2 tbsp eggbeaters (subtract this from your lean), 2 tbsp water and 1/4 tsp baking powder. Mix well. Then microwave for 60-70 seconds. Pops right out of the mug. I slice in half and eat as is or it's good with a smear of cream cheese on top or a few quick sprays of ICBINB. Nice and filling...

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LOL it may not be the best but hey you will learn to get used to this powder food lmao...I like the oatmeal now..

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I was scared to order oatmeal after all the talk how horrible it was. Ordered it and I love it make it into muffins and cannot wait to have it anytime of the day...

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I really like it just as it is... or with a tiny dash of cinnamon! It is one of my favorite meals now!..

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