What is the Medifast Diet and is it effective in losing weight?

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Question I have... What is the Medifast Diet and is it effective in losing weight? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Yesterday I had the first off program day in a long long long time..... I sit here this morning with my coffee sooooo angry at myself for letting go of my power. I let emotions, I let other people's problems get me soooo fired up that I lost control. funny thing, it was about my grown daughter who has an eating disorder....

always works out, never eats, anyway that isn't the point, my point is I got too worked up about it...

But I have to let go.... plus I also think being sooo close to goal is a bit daunting for me... I am scared to get off of the plan.. I have maintained the first 100 lb loss but did that followng WW...yeah WW is a not a diet for me, just makes me stay the same, but this time, having finished, well after yesterday I am probably now 7 or 8 lbs from goal rather than the 2 lbs I was from goal.... I am scared but I want to T & M the medifast way..

I got the material for T & M and honestly, it is confusing and scary..

I am going to call NI after I lose the gain from yesterday... probably wont weigh in on wednesday this week..

I wish I had begun to prepare myself for T & M mentally a month ago. Ya know, get all the questions answered, plan out what the days food looks like, etc. I remember before beginning MF, I read and read these boards and made notes, and studied the program. Guess I will be doing that now and after yesterday I probably just bought myself another few weeks on the weightloss portion of the program. UGH !!!.

Have a great OP week everyone, I am determined to make mine that way !!! more than ever now!!!.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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It is not uncommon that reaching goal and preparing for TM is a bit overwhelming..

LOOK at what you have accomplished!.




Today you have the opportunity to continue on fulfilling the promises you made to yourself,.


You are worth it!..

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Kay, I'm sorry to hear of your angst! I feel for your daughter too. I don't know how old your daughter is, but I certainly understand your concern for her, because my own daughter was bulimic for a while, and at her wedding looked like a toothpick. She finally opened up to her aunt, and somehow got over it (thank God!). When I was a girl I had a distorted view of myself, always thinking I was overweight even when I wasn't. Back then I hadn't thought of binging & purging, or starving myself (good thing) but I remember trying a low-carb diet back when I was about 13-14. I don't know if I lost any weight at it, but just the fact that I had this notion that I was too heavy, so early in life, is disturbing to me.

I'm in Maintenance, at 144 lbs., and have been for the past three years even though I'd rather get down to my original goal weight of 134. But I just turned 60, and I might look kind of scrawny at that weight, now! Anyway, I too felt scared to get off Medifast. I had felt so good, and disciplined, that I was very reluctant to go back to regular eating. Now I'm not advocating what I'm about to say, just saying what I did: I didn't go through T&M. I think I should have, because of my fears. I just decided to switch over to regular food, but try for 1100 calories per day.

Steve Parker. (Not sure if I can mention other books here, but the moderators can delete that sentence if they want!) I wrote down everything I ate, every day, and added up the calories. That was a good discipline for Maintenance, which I will do again. I recommend the book, though, for a balanced diet at different calorie levels, once people are on Maintenance and aren't eating any Medifast meals anymore..

OK, guess I haven't said anything profound; just wanted to share my own experience. And just to say, don't give up on doing T&M; I wish I had done it myself, and once I am back at a comfortable weight this time (I'd gained about 10 lbs. over the holidays, that's why I'm doing Medifast right now) I am planning on doing T&M the right way..

Keep the faith; try to think of the big picture instead of focusing on the cr@p! Best wishes to you, I hope you have a good day!..

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Hi Kay,.

I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday but like others have said - today is a new day. Today is the day to get back on plan and let yesterday be history. It's very normal I think especially when you get close to goal that you have some inner anxiety which can lead to a slip. But it's past and now you can just learn from it..

T&M is different for everyone and the best time to start is when you are mentally ready to -whether that be above, at, or below your weight goal. I started T&M when I was 0.2 above goal weight but I had been thinking about T&M for 2-3 weeks before that (I was about 2 lbs above goal weight). I would think about it and decide I wasn't ready yet. Don't rush yourself and you'll be fine!.

Have a great day!..

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Honey, do you realize that you've lost the weight of a healthy grown man?.

The woman who's powerful enough to do *that* can do anything she sets her mind to. Only a strong, determined adult woman could manage such a feat. You've already proven what you're made of and that is steel. You are no longer a girl who's controlled by food. *You* control food..

And yet, all of us have a three year old Inner Brat and sometimes that brat gets the best of us. But you've proven that you can manage her just fine most of the time. Don't beat yourself up. Every mama gets tired and gives in to a whiny child's demands from time-to-time. Then she gets some rest and reminds the child, "who's yer Mommy?".

Yes, you *can* do T&M. You may have to ask for help and guidance from people who've already been exercising the proper tools, but you definitely can figure this out and stick with it. You may need love and support while you figure it out, but you are definitely capable..

Remember what you've already accomplished. YOU don't have to wonder if you can work yourself through something. You *KNOW* what you can do. What a gift you've given yourself!..

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I am sorry that yesterday was so rough for you. Life does get in the way of our best intentions sometimes. Our fear does too. I too was somewhat frightened of leaving the "safe harbor" of the 5 and 1. I worried that I would lose the control and the structure of the 5 and 1. It seemed a little overwhelming at first BUT, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

And just think how exciting it is that you are going to reach this new place!!!!.

You will be in transition for 16 weeks. During that time, you will add back foods in a very controlled way and see how your body reacts to them. It does require more planning (which is a drag after the simplicity of the 5 and 1.

) but you will monitor and adjust and reinforce the habits you learned on the 5 and 1 and learn more new habits. You'll continue to eat every 2-3 hours, eat nutritiously and you'll do it a day at a time..

The transition period gives our brain a chance to form new neural pathways about our eating. I allows us to gain even more control and become stronger mentally. If we do our full transition, that period prepares us for maintenance and to keep the weight off..

So, Kay, you can do it. You are one strong gal and you have what it takes to get to goal, transition and maintain. Take it a day at a time, an added food at a time and look forward to your future..

PS You don't have to transition immediately after getting to goal. I stayed on the 5 and 1 for 2 weeks (instead of 1) after getting to goal because I wanted more time to prepare mentally. Also, there is a Transition and Maintenance board here. People there can give you lots of advice and help too...

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Kay, I am so sorry for the struggles with your daughter. Eating disorders can take various forms, can't they? I wish the best for you and her..

As to the issue of transition. the plan is pretty simple. You simply add the foods as suggested each week. It has been so long since I did transition, that I forget the order in which, except for first phase is extra veggies, fruit is second phase( I think?) and then dairy and grains,,but I forget which comes first there. anyway, simply follow the amounts and suggested meal plans concerning the Medifast meals still used..

After you have completed transition, many find that they do well following that plan for maintenance, IF they are not dropping more weight in it. If you continue to drop following last phase of transition, then you need more calories. What I did, was to add 100 more calories a day, followed this amount for a week. if I lost, then I stepped up another 100 calories the next week in maintenance, and so on, until I found my magic number for maintaining. I settled into a range of so many days at 1400 calories and so many at 1600. it has worked for over 4 yrs for me..

I have learned though, that even watching calories, that certain foods lead me to have a rough time with cravings. I know I can't do breads, even the low calorie whole grain type. I can't do rice, noodles,,,any "white" carb. The only grain I can use is old fashioned or steel cut oats, and these only occasionally..

You will have to play a bit with foods in manitenance to find your comfort level with calories and food..

For right now though, just read and re read the transtion plan,,,,,it is amazing how that light bulb will click on by the time you get to maintenance. Stay focused and mindful,,,you will do fine!..

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Shay,, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


"Honey, do you realize that you've lost the weight of a healthy grown man?",.

May go down in history as the best sentence - ever!!!!!!!!..

Comment #8

WOW, I am in awe !!! thank you, thank you , thank you all oh soooooooooo much !!! all your reponses and PM's made me smile, cry and made me more secure in this journey. Once I hit goal, I will stay with the 5/1 or 4/2 and when I am ready, I will transitition. I won't over think it, I'll do it, as written when I am ready..

Again, you all have no idea what your responses mean to me !!!!.

Big hugs to you all,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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