What is the Medifast 4 and 2 plan?

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Hey guys, What exactly is the 4&2 plan with MF? I maybe a lil slow or something but I jus don't get it...Help a sista out?.


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It is eating 4 Medifast meals and 2 lean and greens, instead of 5 Medifast meals and 1 lean and green = 5&1..

I sometimes do this if I am really hungry and if I am busy, eating out...etc, or if I need to get the scale moving...

Hope that helps.....

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It's exactly what she just said, 4 Medifast meals + 2 full l and gs. The Healthy fat is just once a day. This program is recommend if you have more than 50 lbs to loose or if you exercise more than the recommended 45 mins a day. I did it when I started for 3-4 weeks then switched to 5/1. Now I am doing it on training days because I am doing a lot of working out and the 5/1 is not enough food to support my activity level...

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The 4&2 plan is a slight modification of the 5&1 plan. It provides a few more calories than the 5&1...1000 - 1200 calories, and depending on your choices, carbohydrates can be kept to 100 grams which should allow you to stay in fat-burning. Only add healthy fat to 1 of your Lean & Green meal..

The 4&2 will provide more calories as mentioned, likely a bit more protein and fat as well. If you are able to log your meals and keep your daily carb intake to less than 100 grams, you should remain in fat-burning...

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I'm doing the 4/2. It's recommended for people with over 50lbs to lose or if you're extremely active. You follow all the same guidelines such as condiments and serving size as 5/1 but instead of 5 Medifast meals you get 4 Medifast meals and 2 L&Gs. Even though you are eating 2 L&Gs you only use healthy fat for one L&G. The diifference is a couple 100 calories depending on what you choose for your meals. 5/1 is typically 800-1000 cals where 4/2 is 1000-1200 cals.

Hope this helps...

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Ok gurlies, I got it thanks soooo much..

Smooches Lady bugs..

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