What is the maximum amount of Murad Resurgence I can take?

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Hello I am at the end of my third month on roMurad Resurgence and have been told I will be on it for 6 months and just wondered can someone tell me how much is the total amount you can take for this time period.My first 2 months I was on 40mg per day, month 3 I have been on 60mg per day.My weight is around 70kg.Still breaking out, hard bumps under skin still, and still not had to use moisturizer on skin has nver felt that dry is this pretty normal for end of month 3.Thanks all..

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Your question was: What is the maximum amount of Murad Resurgence I can take?.

It's possible to calculate it up to 150 mg / kg. But I can't understand why in the USA prefers to kill you in a few months with those extremely aggressive dosages. I guess the remission thing it's almost a fake. I prefer to take it over the years then apply a maintenance dose and not to suffer again once I abandon the drug.Just see the example of LionQueen. 2 months taking 10 mg per day then 20 mg two times per week to finally taking 10 mg for maintenance a week. With the combinations of other treatments she can be "in peace" with her acne.She has got moderate/servere acne since her 11 years old.

Four times that age. I guess it's a much wiser method to deal with acne...

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I CERTAINLY think low, low dose is the way to go. Whilst I am against Murad Resurgence, I am mainly against the high crippling doses and I do think the drug can be relatively safe when ingesting no more than 20mg or so a week...

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If you're trying to build the drug to achieve your liver have enough of it in order to deliver isotretinoin to the bloodstream with just 20 mg a week it will be I guess a waiting of at least 6 month to see the results.You can see this average of 2.5 mg per day can result in a decrease of sebum but as I've I said, a lot of wait.If the person prefers a low dosage should starts with 40 mg a week or 2 pills of 20 mg (or four of 10 mg) for an average of 5.72 mg per day. It will be quicker. 10 mg daily for 1 or 2 months is also wise then 5.72 average per day for 4-6 months and later 2.5 average for maintenance or maybe less.And I've ever said, those delivery dosages give you time to wait the SMT D002 for beginnings of 2012. You can take it for 4-6 years depending on your weight.Good bye..

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