What is the easiest, best Medifast muffin recipe??

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Been on Medifast just 1 wk. What do you think is the Best, but easiest & quickest muffin recipe?? Would like your ideas?? (& where to find it!) or give it to me! Thanks!..

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Not that I've come close to trying them all, but I love the pumpkin spice muffins:.

There's also a scones recipie that's really good......

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This is the one I use, from these boards. My apologies since I can't remember who created it. I bought 6 non-stick mini bread pans and multiply the recipe by 6 and make 6 muffins. With the non-stick, I don't have to spray the pans, and after a few minutes out of the oven, they flip right out. Then I wrap them and refrig them, and nuke for 30 secs. to reheat before eating.

Preheat oven to 350 degs..

In a bowl:.

1 pkg Oatmeal mix.

1/4 tea baking SODA (Box).

1/8 tea baking POWDER (Can).

Splenda to taste (maybe 1/2 tbsp of the loose splenda - pkts would be different).

Spices to taste (Dry only) (I use cinnamon and powdered ginger, sometimes cloves or nutmeg).

In a 1 cup measure:.

1/3 cup water.

1 teasp. white vinegar (only use white vinegar, not cider or any other kind).

1 teasp vanilla (or to taste, or other liquid flavor) (I've used extract but lately use SF syrup).

You MUST have everything ready to go before you mix the wet and dry as the chemical reaction takes place quickly and we want to trap as many bubbles as possible..

Mix the dry ingredients well, and then mix the wet ones. Pour the wet into the dry and mix up to a smooth batter as quickly as possible. Pour into pan. Bake for 15-16 minutes. I test with a toothpick, when it comes out clean, it's done..

Hope you like these as much as I do...

Comment #2

Orangeblood-I looked at the Pumpkin Muffin Recipe, sounds good & easy - question - I think I may just have 1 Chai Latte just starting Medifast in the variety pak... If I don't is there anything else that would come close to working??? Also, This does go in the Reg. Muffin size tins??? 3 for 1 meal. Right? Thanks much. Judy.

Petlady- Thanks, I'll try yours too, sounds good, but the Pumpkin sounds a little faster throwing it all in at once - for my first ones, then I'll try yours.... In a hurry to try some & hungry for some!!!..

Comment #3

I guess you could use a vanilla shake and add extra cinnamon and pumpkin spice to keep with the general idea. Of course, you could always do a variation in a totally different direction. If you like coffee (I don't), try a cappuchino. Could even do the Swiss Mocha.

Just want to make sure you don't overwhelm any one flavor with the others, particularly if they don't match. I dunno how those spices would go with cappuchino - it's just a guess, since I've never touched the stuff...

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I use DDancer's muffin recipe in the little loaf pan and the scones when I just want 1 meal of muffins. I like the Cowgirl Starter Muffins when I have to bake a big batch 'cause I'm traveling..

My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Besides the original recipe, I have made these in various flavors by using peach oatmeal w/orange shake & orange extractBlueberry oatmeal w/vanilla shake & lemon extractMaple oatmeal w/vanilla shake & maple extractApple oatmeal w/vanilla shake & maple extractMaple oatmeal w/banana shake & banana extract.

I use different SF DaVinci/Torani syrups depending on my mood. Gingerbread or Maple syrup goes nice w/the Maple muffins. But I use Vanilla or Carmel or Butterscotch also..

Anyways, you get the idea: use whatever oatmeal and shake/drink you want and customize the spices, extract, & syrup to give you an endless variety. You can have fun and experiment!!..

Comment #5

Sue , do I use the same amt. of water, syrup & splenda & spice as the original Pumpkin recipe???? Thanks....

Thanks also Orangeblood for the reply...

Comment #6

Jewelspet...I love all the muffin recipes. They all have different flavor and texture. I am sort of with Petlady because the vinegar and baking soda make that muffin sort of more airy and cake like. Also, you only use one meal. I like it with all the oatmeals but really liked it with blueberry and then when it's still nice and hot putting some ICBINB and sugar free pancake syrup on it. Also, I have added my 1 TBSP of peanut butter to some of the muffin recipes to help with texture.


Comment #7

Yes, same amount of water, SF syrup & Splenda. I use less spices in my other flavors (usually just 1/2 tsp of cinnamon) as sometimes I don't like that heavy spice flavor dominating the orange or banana or lemon. Personal taste tho'.

I've been thinking of experimenting with the cappacino (maple oatmeal, capp, vanilla extract & Kalua or Coffee or Tiramisu syrup?) and the chocolate shakes (maple oatmeal, choc shake, vanilla or rum extract, chocolate syrup?) but haven't got around to it yet. I won't experiment with my puddings because I LOVE PUDDING!!! LOL.

Have fun and play around with the ingredients and see what you like!..

Comment #8

Look at my post More on Muffins,(from a couple of days ago) I tried this one because of the simplicity. I don't even put any flavorings or spices in, and I think it's great. I'm hooked on 'em now...

Comment #9

Here's a question...I used the original pumpkin spice muffin recipe and the muffins tasted great...but they were very small/short....more like hockey pucks....when you guys make your muffins do they get tall and "look" like a regular muffin, or are they on the "shorter, squat" size?.

I'm not complaining b/c they tasted great and still filled me up, but was just wondering..

I love the muffins so much I think I will live off of themthey are INCREDIBLY easy and portable, I too mix things up like banana shake/peach oatmeal, orange shake/blueberry oatmeal...all of them are great!..

Comment #10

No, they all come out like "hocky pucks"! I like to think of them as muffin tops. But you did right.they don't rise like regular muffins. I just make sure I cook mine enough so the insides aren't still "wet."..

Comment #11

I have no idea... With DDancer's recipe, mine actually taste like real muffins. I usually make one in a custard cup, instead of using muffin tins or mini-muffin tins. It makes one regular-sized muffin that has muffin-like consistency. I think the trick is baking powder AND baking soda. Also, I overcook them. Someone also (can't remember who, sorry) posted the trick that you turn the oven off, but leave them in there for about 10 minutes or so and it makes the outside kind of crunchy...

Comment #12

OOHH! That's a neat trick! I may have to try that. If I ever make muffins again. I kinda over did it there when perfecting the recipe..

Martha aka DDancer..

Comment #13

Oh my, I finally tried to bake something Medifast legal. The pumpkin muffins tasted really good. Yea, mine came out kinda flat and sorta damp in the middle. It could be because I used my cheesy toaster oven instead of the real one. I was lazy and didn't want to mess with pre-heating, so I just threw them in the toaster oven. I know better for next time. I'm gonna try OrangeBloods scones next!!!..

Comment #14

Bump - - how do we keep the recipes up & not get "lost" ?

Comment #15

So far, I've made the "hockey puck" version and the "doughy cookie" version. Can't seem to get the right consistency! The taste was good, though!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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