What is the best woman's facial hair remover in a drug's store?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: What is the best woman's facial hair remover in a drug's store?.

My 2nd question is: OK kids! What did I do wrong???!!!.

I tried the cake today and added the water and put it in the microwave and it came out like little pebbles of goop...and I do mean goop..

Did it come out wrong because I tried to cook it in a paper cup perhaps?.

Any suggestions would help!.


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Your question was: What is the best woman's facial hair remover in a drug's store?.

The ramekins the lunch soup comes in works great! I did the same thing the first time I made it, so understand the dilemma. I keep the ramekins and make some of the cakes to have on-hand since they have a lid...

Comment #1

I cooked the chocolate cake this week and it was the best thing I have had yet! I mixed it as indicated on the package and cooked it in a very small glass bowl. I think the bowl might have made all the difference. It came out like a warm goo-y brownie in a bowl. I topped it with frozen fat free cool whip...yum!.

Try cooking it a small glass bowl (I got a set at TJMaxx for like $5 last fall) and mix it really well (so that it is like brownie batter) before cooking it..

Comment #2

I'm even more primative. I use a 1 cup glass measuring cup and add the water and then mix the cake mix in and then I save my fat from dinner and add a tsp of peanut butter and just push the pb into the middle of the cake and cook it that way. I then eat it out of the measuring cup. The pb in the middle is really good...

Comment #3

Hmmm, I just got my PB2. I'm going to try that this weekend. Thanx!.


Comment #4

Some make it with diet soda in place of the water and it comes out softer and lighter.......

Comment #5

I tried diet coke and it was ok but my favorite way is with coffee. I add some splenda, baking soda and cocoa to it. Nice deep chocolate flavor...

Comment #6

I love the microwave cake. I cook it with recommended amount of water in a small plastic container (like glad storage containers or tupperware)..

Comment #7

I save some of my dairy if I know I want cake at night. I add 1/2 cup skim milk and top with fat free Redi Whip and it is good. Much better then when mixed with just water...

Comment #8

I use a tiny souffle ramekin. Spray with PAM. Microwave slightly less than it calls for. And top with ff cool whip. I don't do it often because of lack of time but I do enjoy it...

Comment #9

Thanks all! I'll give it another shot or two with some of the ideas here!.

: D..

Comment #10

I add about a forth to a half tsp. of baking soda. Some use a tsp of baking powder...

Comment #11

Hi! I tried that too & mine was total goop. Is 2 ounces of water the correct amount? It was really bad!!!!!..

Comment #12

I cook mine in a lunch cup like the noodles with chicken and veggies come in. Just the right size.

It may come out slightly wet. It usually does. I have dumped it out of the cup before and then microwaved another 10 seconds before.

Some just do it for 70 seconds...

Comment #13

I've given up on the micro choc cake. Tried one last time last night, and it was bearable, but not worth ordering again for me!..

Comment #14

I use coffee & a little baking powder & my fat for the day - vegetable oil. This went from being the worst to the best dessert!..

Comment #15

It is my favorite dessert.

I mix and nuke mine in a cappuchino mug.

Then I frost it with either:.

FF Cool whip.

My peanut butter fat serving..

Or whipped cream cheese used as my fat serving..

If you can get it to cook to almost a brownie consistancy they are awesome!! at this point I just eyeball the amount of water, and add a little at a time until it looks about right..

Love these things...

Comment #16

I made this for the first time tonight..

Its ok.. Its no chocolate mint bar (yum!) but it wasn't bad. I did however take some advice from this thread..

1. I used left over coffee inplace of water.

2. I had saved my fat serving, so I put a dallop of peanut butter in the middle of the batter..

I cooked the whole thing in the small Pyrex mixing cup that I combined the ingrediants in..

I did find that I had to microwave it for 2 minutes in order for it to cake up. But I have a small under powered microwave, so that wasn't really a suprise..

I put some FF Cool whip on top.

My son came in while I was eating it, and asked what smells like brownies.

I have another one to try.. maybe tomorrow night.



Comment #17

I don't microwave it: After mixing it, I eat it like pudding. Okay, okay, I'm no Iron Chef......

Comment #18

Thanks for all of the advise about the microwavable chocolate cake. I don't know what I did wrong but I had it for the first time tonight and it was absolutely disgusting. Just vile. All I could taste was glue and artificial sweetener. What happened to the chocolate?... and the cake??.

I have 2 sachets left and instead of wasting them, I'll try your awesome suggestions!! Thanks!..

Comment #19

Yum! I just made the chocolate cake and it was great. I made it with the 2 ounces of water it requires along with a tsp of PB and cooked it for 70 seconds in a 6 oz glass dish. I then added 1/2 a banana with a little fat free cool whip. I will def add this again!..

Comment #20

I made it with water the first time and regretted having ordered 4. Like Birdie I tried it tonight mixed with coffee and it was better. I also cooked it in a larger bowl, making it thinner, and cooked it for an additional 30 seconds. I am going to try it next time with a teaspoon of peanut butter pushed in it. I am also going to get some of the fat free cool whip. Can I really have that? Thanks for all the great ideas!..

Comment #21

Yes, you really can have counts as a free food (a free food is anything with less than 20 cals. You may have up to 3 of them a day, but no more than 2 at a time)...

Comment #22

The cakes and puddings are the nastiest stuff I have ever eaten. I do not order any of those and if they substitute them for anything in my order, I call customer service and have what I originally ordered sent. What I do not understand is every time I call they have what I want in stock, so why do they do any substitutions?..

Comment #23

They have different warehouses...they could have shipped your subs from somewhere else...

Comment #24

I had the microwave cake last night-it was yummy! I didn't know that fat free cool whip or redi whip were allowed..... I'm new-today is day # 6..

Comment #25

Yep. Just FYI, from calling Customer Service, we get that low quantity red message when some warehouses still have the item but some don't, so you take a chance when you order that the warehouse packing your order may be out of the item, but you may get it if the warehouse packing your order still has it. When all warehouses are out of an item, they take it off the menu list til it's back. So if you get a substitution you don't like, call Cust. Serv. and they may be able to send it out to you from another warehouse.

By the way, Cust. Serv. also told me that the web site isn't always up to date, so we may not get that red low inventory message when we should...

Comment #26

I use the water, 1 tsp splenda, a dash of baking powder and mix well. Then cook in a glass bowl for 1 min 20 sec. and top with fat free cool whip. I love it!..

Comment #27

I have read that the cakes are much better baked in the oven...

Has anyone ever tried baking a bunch at once and freezing them? I have a whole bunch from subs. I just think preheating the oven and all the wait for a few bites of cake seems like alot of work. I thought maybe in muffin tins??.

I am trying peanut butter in it tomorrow though.....

Comment #28

Thank you. I used your advice and it turned out fine...

Comment #29

Check the recipe forum - there are several long threads about the cakes there.

And a couple recipes in the Update file of my collection..

Comment #30

The ramekins the lunch soup comes in works great! I did the same thing the first time I made it, so understand the dilemma. I keep the ramekins and make some of the cakes to have on-hand since they have a lid...

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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