What is the best skin care product i can buy in any Vitamin Shoppe. I can use to wash my face at nig?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What is the best skin care product I can buy in any Vitamin Shoppe. I can use to wash my face at nig?.

My main question is: I am honestly thinking that I have ADD. I cannot seem to focus on more than one thing at a given time. I started NS and did very well at first. I was totally focused etc. However, my other duties in life went by the wayside (housecleaning). Now, I am trying to dig out of the mess that I have let go, and am not following the NS program well. What's with this? Any suggestions?..

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Your question was: What is the best skin care product I can buy in any Vitamin Shoppe. I can use to wash my face at nig?.

Nila, How old are you? Maybe you are just approaching menopause? What you described sounds symptomatic of that. You might want to take a multivitamin...

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I'm old (49 - will be 50 in March) - - LOL! I take the NS vitamins. I just seem to go in circles. We own our own business and all I was able to accomplish today was the monthly billing, which has to be in the mail tomorrow. No beds made, dishes done and I nibbled on chips :-( while sitting at the computer working. It is just so frustrating sometimes. I cannot seem to get ahead...

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Nila, PLEASE don't say you're old! I'm just a couple of years behind you!.

Of course, my house looks like a tornado hit it, and there are 15 different things on my to-do list.....

Sometimes I just have to set a timer for 15-30 minutes (depending on what chore I need to work on) and work on that thing and only that ONE thing for that time. If I start to drift, I remember that my time's not up yet. There are days when I just can't stay focussed on one thing for any longer than that, but 15 mins is usually do-able. (It also keeps me from sitting in one spot like a stone for too long.).

The most important part is taking care of YOU, though. And that includes eating right. If you don't do that, then who'll take care of everything else?.

Be well,..

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I was really in the pits because of holiday parties and eating. Talk about focus...I was focusing on food and guilt. I went to the counselling tab and got some live help.

As far as the stuff around the house that gets piled up: it helps me to turn on a good movie and tackle one chore painlessly at a time (I can do anything with a good movie to watch). So,I'll do a pile of paperwork while watching a movie...or clean out one drawer (I take the drawer out and sort it on my bed...while I'm sitting on that bed watching a good Christmas movie..

Or wrap a couple of presents...etc etc..

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OK, so I have been on NS about 3 months now. Lost 18 lbs. But it seems the more often I work out the less I lose (in pounds). Have been doing 45 mins of cardio 4 X week & Weight training 3X, but instead of losing, this week I actually gained a pound (so far anyway, I way in on Tuesday). I don't want to get discouraged. Anybody know anything about the 3 day boost?..

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I have been but never really knew I was add until my DD was diagnosed and it was like a rock smacked me in the side of the head (the questions they ask really hit home for me). I go in spurts and sometimes hyperfocus on some things, but there are alot of good books out there, one called "Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom: Sensory Strategies for Living with ADD by Roland Rotz , Sarah Wright is on my list and it supposed to have some really good tips. I am in the process of finding a Dr. to get an official diagnosis and possibly do some kind of meds. My GP put me on some and it was like night and day. It was really wonderful not to feel like I was not accomplishing anything and actually get things done for a change. Good Luck!..

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Hi, Nila-.

I'm right there with ya! The big five-oh comes next week. Some days I have terminal CRS, others are etched in my brain forever..

My issue, I think, is that I feel overwhelmed by all that I need to accomplish, and subsequently I don't accomplish a thing. In the meantime, I wander aimlessly through the house wondering where to start, and snacking releases whatever calming and feel-good chemicals that make me feel less inadequate..

Trust me, my house is a pit and I totally understand what you're up against. I make to-do lists and prioritize them, then work on just that one thing before going to another. I have post-its all over the front of my fridge with lists and notes..

As for NS, I print the blank daily meal plans and tape them to the cabinet door in the kitchen. I have pens in the drawers, so when I'm standing at the cabinet getting food, I write it down right then. Anything other than that, I get lost..

After a while, the NS plan becomes second nature. But until then, maybe the trackers in plain view will help..

Trust me - if I can do it, you can do it!..

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Hello there GRAN_ANNIE. I had to respond to your post because the name brought me to it... We both joined NS last month it seems. I am the 16th? You? I want to wish you an early birhtday greeting. I past that point 18 yrs ago. You must catch up....

Have a fantastic NS day. Lists are good but I forget where I put them. hahahah byee for now Pic isnt me. My oldest grand daughter 16 yrs old...

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I just started with NS, but I know while I was on the Body For Life plan, I plattoed after losing 17 lbs. I had gone from 172-155 in about 3 months and had the same problem you have. The way I took that last 10 lbs off was to take another look at my workouts and my hydration. I stepped up my water intake by almost a 1/2 cup with each meal (cut down my coffee *sob!*) and upped the intensity of my workout, ie I used slightly heavier weights on my training and a higher resistance or level with my cardio. It helped out A LOT! But keep in mind, muscle weighs more than fat so take a look at your measurements and know that those numbers can be much more telling than the numbers on the scale...

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I tend to be the same way. When I focus on one thing it's all consuming. That's why I'm so afraid to get off track even for a day. I know if I do what can happen...

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For those of you who THINK you may have ADD/ADHD you might want to try chewing on gum to help you concentrate. I work with kids and this helps sometimes..

Most likely though it is menopause or you are just too busy or under stress. Believe me when I went through menopause I thought I was losing my mind! It gets a bit better after you are done, but you get pretty forgetful...

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In my case it's definitely not ADD, but I understand completely. If I focus on weight loss, I can't seem to focus on anything else and vice versa..

Now that I've been on NS for a couple of months, though, I'm really not 'focusing' on weight loss. In fact, I'm not really focusing on food either. It's really helped..

Good luck!.


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Nila, How old are you? Maybe you are just approaching menopause? What you described sounds symptomatic of that. You might want to take a multivitamin...

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